Chapter 93 – No Need To Panic

Seeing Madam Huan not showing a reaction, the servant quickly left to follow her instructions.

It was Huan Qing Yan’s effort. Now, the servants within the estate would only act after reporting and obtaining instructions from their masters.

During the reincarnated girl’s time, none of the servants bothered to follow the rules after Huan Bei Ming passed away. Any official with a slightly powerful rank would be allowed in by the servants without permission from the owners. Especially those clan relatives, they treated the Huan Estate like their home garden, entering the estate wave and wave with no one stopping them.

Madam Huan looked at the entrance of the estate with a nervous heart.

“Mama, no need to panic, it shouldn’t be anything bad. Imperial Censor Wang and his entourage are all veteran officials of the government and are known for their upright and just characters, they will not come without reason or to bully us two widow and orphan. Their urgency might be due to another matter.” Huan Qing Yan consoled her.

She was also just guessing based on Bai Cheng Feng’s action of jumping over from the Wang’s Estate, she guessed that there must be something going on within the Wang Family, this led her to remember from the memories of the reincarnated girl that the Wang Family had filed a missing person’s report before…

She guessed that it must be related.

Madam Huan breathed a sigh of relief after she heard Huan Qing Yan’s words.

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She was just a housewife and truly had neither seen much nor broadened her horizons. All she knew was to listen to her husband and care for her children.

Now that her husband was gone, she had no one to rely one. Fortunately, her daughter had become much more mature and reliable than before.

Shortly, the assistant housekeeper, Duan Sheng, led a group of people into the hall.

The one leading the group was Lord Imperial Censor Wang, he was in his seventies with a long white beard and dispirited look, he said apologetically to Madam Huan, “Please pardon us for the disturbance madam, this old man and us are here to look for Lord Ninth. Lord Ninth was in my place to investigate the disappearance of my grandnephew but suddenly went to your back garden. After a long absence and receiving no word from him, we decided to come over to find out about the situation…”

“Lord Ninth indeed was at the back garden and it was because of him that Meng Yue was saved, I have also just learnt about the situation and planned to go over to have a look. My lords, let us go together then.” Madam Huan invited them.

Huan Qing Yan had received confirmation about her guess, what’s next… Yes, it was something she was looking forward to very much.

“What happened?” asked the puzzled Imperial Censor Wang.

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“My lord, my study companion servant accidentally fell into the water and was fortunately saved by Lord Ninth. We only heard about the incident just before all of you, respectful lords, please come.” Huan Qing Yan gave a bow and replied his query.

“You are?” Imperial Censor Wang sized up Huan Qing Yan and wondered who is this beautiful lass?

He only heard that Imperial Chef Huan had one daughter who was exceptionally fat, he had never heard of one that was so slim and good looking…

“To Lord Imperial Censor, I am Qing Yan! Qing Yan had awakened the spirit treasure and used the excessive energy stored within my body for cultivation. I looked like this after that.” Huan Qing Yan acted embarrassed as she replied.

A sudden realization hit Imperial Censor Wang, his wrinkled face displayed a rare relaxing look and said, “Oh, it is Princess Huan! Good! I heard that your star talent is Goose Egg level. Although your father is no longer around, he has a good successor! Unfortunately, this old man has urgent matters and needs to find Lord Ninth.”

The corpse with the missing heart that was brought by Lord Ninth has been confirmed to be his grandnephew. He needs Lord Ninth to continue the investigation and find out what had happened…

“If that’s the case, let us go together, my lords.”

Madam Huan led the way and head towards the back garden. All the lords followed closely behind.

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