Chapter 10: Confrontation

The village’s two most well-known chatterboxes arrived ahead of others to inquire.

Both had the heart to know and were eager to spread the rumor, and in no time, the villagers who arrived had already understood what was going on.

“That can’t be, right? Seducing her teacher? Are you sure? Aihei, that thin lass, already know how to seduce people when hair hasn’t even grown on her various places yet?”

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Aunt Sun Dongqing seemed shocked to a point of exhaustion and she fell to the floor while bawling dryly, “I know right? Yesterday when they were home, my Ying Ying didn’t dare say a thing but there she went acting as if she had fainted. If not for Ying Ying leaking it to me by accident, I wouldn’t have known about it!”

“Like I said, a girl born with beauty would always take advantage of it. Just look at that, didn’t it happen? Just because she’s beautiful, she went out there to seduce others. Zezeze, beware of her influencing your Ying Ying.”

The two chatterboxes gossiped excitedly that after a few moments later, they had decisively nailed the sin to Ye Jian.

Later on, the villagers who were still unaware and came to hear of the matter were all somewhat dubious.

“You all should know that Ye Jian is a naughty child, unlike my honest Ying Ying who knows how to study! If something so big like this happened, all I wish is that the school would not send someone to come over to my house to have a talk.”

Aunt Sun Dongqing was bawling even more roughly as she poured all the dirty water over Ye Jian’s body.

“Aunt Yu, I’ve never seen myself as beautiful nor do I rely on it to obtain anything. The way you phrased it, I truly do not live up to it. For someone like me whose hair hasn’t even grown on my various places, what do I know?”

Ye Jian had walked over in front of them, blocking their path and spoke at the same time with a crisp and calm voice. “Also, Auntie Qiu, even you knew I haven’t had my puberty, yet you believe such a thing like me seducing my teacher? Your daughter is my table partner, whether or not I’ve seduced my teacher, go and ask your daughter, Wen Li.”

“Did the two of you witnessed me seducing my teacher? ‘Teachers are the closest to heaven’, I, who have no mother and father, know that a teacher is not to be taken advantaged of!!”

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Against a bunch of gossips, facing it head-on would be the best counterattack.

After the experience she had from her previous life, the fourteen-year-old Ye Jian finally stood up for herself in front of the mass.

Her eyes were as clear as the sun in the sky, the darkness now with nowhere to run were destroyed within her line of sight.

Aunt Sun Dongqing became startled when Ye Jian appeared in front of her from just after a sentence! Stupid lass who dares… dares to respond defiantly, what’s more in front of the neighbors!

After recovering from her shock, her heart cursed to herself, “This is bad, this lass might be a little difficult to handle!”

Being unreasonable and making a scene was her forte. Seeing that her audiences were escaping from her grasp, she quickly gave a cry, “Oh my sister ah, why did you leave me with a girl that only knows how to find trouble ah? Now, she even knows how to be defiant ah! She may even be the death of me!”

Aunt Ye and Aunt Qiu who were both entirely convinced by Aunt Sun Dongqing became a little wavered after what Ye Jian spoke. But after Aunt Sun Dongqing’s scene, the two finally released their conviction.

As she made her scene, Ye Jian watched her coldly. Pouting, she spoke calmly, “I became an orphan at a young age, that’s something the whole village people knew of, so my dear aunt, there’s no need to keep telling everyone about it every single day. And also because I’m an orphan, I should be even more careful than the rest of everyone else as I am unqualified to get into trouble!”

“All the youths, like Ye Ying and Li Wen, have their parents to cry to when they feel wronged. But for an orphan like me, I have no one to cry to! I’m not even qualified to cry, yet I’m qualified to get into trouble and seduce my teacher? And bring shame to my already-dead parents?”

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