Chapter 11: Resentment

Sun Dongqing could listen no further. In one quick action, and without wiping the dust off her thighs, she got up from the floor and scolded, “You still dare talk back? Stupid lass, do you even see me as your aunt?”

“With that mouth of yours, seducing your teacher isn’t something you can do? If you know how to talk back to your elders, then you should know when to give up!”

“Aunt, you accuse me of seducing my teacher, but have you gone to confirm it yourself? Have you gone to ask the school? Did the teacher come over to our house to have a talk? Have you asked Ye Ying just what had happened?” Ye Jian discreetly strung Ye Ying’s name into her words. If presence by itself didn’t work, then she shall play her next card by using her words!

A few of the villagers whom Ye Jian ran into this morning were also present. Immediately, they understood what was going on, and they began a discussion about what had happened yesterday.

“The Jian lass had an assessment, so what’s with this about her seducing her teacher?”

“Didn’t Ye Ying drag Ye Jian and even tripped her? So when did that become a case of her seducing her teacher?”

Sun Dongqing was already unable to keep up with Ye Jian’s rhythm. Especially when Ye Ying was now dragged into this. In her state of panic, the opportunity had long slipped away as she tried to come up with something to interject.

The villagers who were once gossiping were now comforting Ye Jian.

“Without wind, there’ll be no waves. If you haven’t done anything wrong, then others would definitely not deliberately accuse you of something you haven’t done!” Sun Dongqing’s anger exploded, and she separated a few of the villagers who were showing their comfort around Ye Jian. Pointing a finger at Ye Jian, she scolded, “Nothing happens without a reason. If you’re innocent, then no one would dare to accuse you!”

Ye Jian simply gave a glance and exposed a shallow smile on her face. “No matter how good an egg is, there’ll always be someone itching to dirty it! Aunt Sun Dongqing, if the uncles and aunties here have never heard of such a thing before, why is it only you who have?”

“Your niece simply wishes to ask you, where did you hear it from? In any case, why don’t we do a face off? You’re my aunt, my relative; I’m sure you wouldn’t wish for me to be accused of.”

Retreating for the sake of advancing —by playing passive aggressive, Ye Jian knew the villagers would not feel as if she herself was really going against an adult like Sun Dongqing.

Sun Dongqing was already out of ideas, and she let out a bitter cry, “Why would anyone accuse you? Only you yourself can be sure of whatever that you did, no? Stupid lass, until now you’re still reluctant to admit your mistakes! Even if I were to keep it a secret for you, do you think you can hide it from everyone else for long?”

As the villagers continued to listen, they somehow felt that something was not right. Such a thing… if not for Sun Dongqing then they would not have known.

“The child isn’t even old enough, so she would definitely not dare to do such a thing!! Seducing a teacher is a huge sin! Aunt Dongqing, I think you should call the one who passed such information and have a confrontation in front of everyone else!”

“That’s it, for such a matter that can harm a child’s reputation, the one who spoke of such nonsense should have his tongue sliced into a thousand pieces!”

Ye Jian stood firmly with no guilt in her heart. Her eyes were bright as she confidently took her stand. The gesture which she gave during the long pause after was already enough to clearly state that she was wronged.

But for a confrontation? How would that be conducted?

Sun Dongqing clenched her teeth secretly and glared fiercely into Ye Jian’s gloomy eyes, “Ye Jian, I see that you’ve grown up and your wings have become tough!”

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“I’ve only become more sensible, but I’ve not grown yet. I know how to identify whether a matter is heavy or light, and that something like this must be opposed! Seducing a teacher, there’s a time and place for that. If Aunt is so certain that I’m shameless, then isn’t something awfully wrong here?”

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“Dear Uncles and Aunties, for this matter, these are all claims by my Aunt which even I myself am not sure of. For that, I wish for your help to be my witnesses!”

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