Volume 3, Chapter 2-7: Shopping

A month has passed since that event with Liz.

It was now mid-June. I was now relaxing in the footbath of the mansion after finishing my classes for the day.

“Ah~, the footbath really is the best….”

Soaking in a footbath can really heal my entire body.

This is the only thing from my previous life that I can enjoy in this new world. It has a similar magical effect to resting with your feet under the kotatsu.

I still need to help out Liz…even though it’s been a month, we still haven’t found anything she’s suited to.

Well, ever since her failure on the first day we’ve only been trying one new elective a day. There’s still a chance we can find something she’s good at.

If she tries hard at something, I’m sure she’ll be able to become better than the average person at it. Although, I’m still not sure she’d be able to improve enough to impress her family before she graduates.

…hmm, well, if it’s necessary, I could just offer her family new technology straight up….though, I’d rather avoid doing that if at all possible. As I was thinking about this, I could hear footsteps running towards me.


Alice sat down beside me and hugged my arm. She slightly raised her skirt and put her feet in the bath.

“Alice, you just got home now? It’s quite late.”

“Hee~, I was practicing cooking with Sophia.”

“I see. So that means Sophia….”

“Sophia is also here~”

Sophia came up to my other side and copied Alice’s actions.

Two girls with their skirts rolled up are sitting on either side of me….their white thighs are amazing.

“Do you two want a towel to cover yourselves?”

The moment I said that the two of them noticed where I was looking. They both let out small laughs.

“Leon onii-chan, you don’t need to be worried. These skirts are enchanted so you can’t see anything.”

“Of course I remember that.”

Due to Alice’s inscription magic, whenever the inside of the skirt is visible, mysterious white lights appear to cover it. As for me, I just see darkness if I’m able to see under their skirts.

…this was all Alice’s decision. I definitely didn’t tell her to do it.

“There’s no one else here anyway, so I’m not worried about it. I don’t mind if you’re the one to see it.”

“Hmm~, does Leon onii-chan want to see what’s under Sophia’s skirt?”


S-Sophia’s as straightforward as always.

How about it, Leon onii-chan?”

“No, umm…it’s not about whether I want to see it or not, it’s the fact that I can see it.”

“In other words, it can’t be helped that you’re able to see inside our skirts. It’s fine, you don’t have to hold back.”

Aah, I was hit with an attack from the other side now. What can I do when I’m being tempted by two girls on either side of me?

— But, why are these two being so forceful to begin with….

“I’m really sorry to both of you.”

I looked at them both apologetically and they were surprised by my words.





“…Leon onii-chan?”

“We were supposed to be going to school together and I’ve been so busy with Liz lately. I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to spend time together. But, that’s no excuse for me to not spend time with you two.”

I really do want to help Liz, but the entire reason I’m going to school is so Alice can live an enjoyable life at school.

However, if Liz is left alone, she may continue to feel depressed and that could affect Alice’s school life.

That is the main reason for me to help Liz.

“…you don’t need to be worried about that.”

…what is she saying? If I do something wrong, or even if I did something right, they both seem to be okay with the one they love doing something wrong.

Aaaahh, I inadvertently thought of something embarrassing! Even though they’re acting rather forceful, it’s not due to their own anxiety. They’re really just playing around. I was just overthinking everything.

“I’m sorry. Forget about what I said.”

I became embarrassed and tried to move past it. Then I said, “I want the three of us to spend more time together.” After hearing my words they looked at each other, then Alice spoke.

“Three people…just the three of us?”

“I really want to spend more time with Claire as well, but that’s just impossible as long as I’m a student here.”

Although I do feel bad for Claire, I have something else planned for her.

“We understand that you have to look after Liz-san.”

“That’s right. After all, Claire onee-chan was the one that asked you to.”

“I’ll be sure to look after Liz properly, but I can still take occasional breaks to spend time with you two.”

I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be able to resolve Liz’s problem soon or not based off the difficulties we’ve had finding an elective for her, but I can’t dedicate all of my time to her and neglect these two.

That’s why I decided to take a little break with just the three of us.

“Leon is so kind.”

“…because I’m kind to everyone, doesn’t that just mean I can be taken advantage of?”

I looked at the two of them with suspicion and Alice just showed a mischievous smile. And the two of them leaned in closer and placed their lips close to my ears.

“You definitely are friendly to everyone. However –”

“Leon onii-chan pays special attention to Alice onee-chan and me.”

“And that’s why –”

““– I love you.””

Sweet words were whispered from either side of me.

The blood began to rush to my head and I was starting to get dizzy. No, that’s not it. I’m just dizzy because I’m soaking my feet in the hot footbath. It definitely has nothing to do with these two….

And so, we were now on our mini-vacation. We decided to do it on the first holiday break from school. Alice, Sophia and I were all here. And we had now become four with Liz here.

…don’t misunderstand. I didn’t invite Liz to come along. She wanted to come along and Alice and Sophia extended an invitation to her.

I told them about her situation and they wanted her to come with after they found out that she still was unable to find anything she was good at. That’s why they wanted her to come with so she could relax.

Well, I still don’t really get it. In the end, I decided to just go along with them.

“Thank you for inviting me along today. I hope to get along with you two.”

Liz bowed her head to Sophia and Alice.

“Nice to meet you. I hope Leo isn’t too much of a bother to you.”

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“Yep, yep. Onii-chan is always troublesome.”

Would you stop already? Why are they acting like my mother? And I’m the one that’s supposed to be looking after her.

But Liz doesn’t really seem to take notice of their comments.

Liz just panicked and said, “No, I’m the one that’s indebted to him.”

This is a weird start, but they’re at least getting along. I really hope they can become friends.

“Now that the greetings are out of the way, where should we go first?”

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I casually changed the subject and asked this of everyone.

“I’d like to look at some clothes.”

“Sophia wants to go to the cafe that’s selling the latest sweets.”

“Actually, I wanted to…go look at the lingerie shops….”

Alice, Sophia, and Liz responded in that order. Some of those are a little awkward for me as a man, but I have my own places I want to visit.

“As for me I want to –”

“Go rest in a footbath?”

“Visit the footbath?”

“You want to rest your feet in a footbath?”

“– how do you all know!?”

I was astonished. For them all to respond with ‘footbath.’ How would Liz already know that?

“The places we want to go are all far apart from one another….”

“Not really. We can just visit each of them together.”

“Wait, you want me to go with you to a lingerie shop?”

“Well, that’s what I meant.”

“That’s what you meant….”

Sophia and Liz have grown up in a world where it’s normal for men and women to bathe together, but Alice has memories of our lives on Earth. She’s just showing little self-restraint once again.

— I guess I really shouldn’t expect any common sense from Alice.

“…are you thinking something mean right now?”

“It’s just your imagination. I’ll just wait outside for you, alright?”

“No…well, we can talk about that later. I’d like for you to help me pick out some clothes. Will you come with me to a clothing store?”

“It’s fine if it’s just clothing, but…I absolutely won’t go in the lingerie shop!”

And like this, we arrived at a large clothing store in the centre of town.

“I was fooled….”

I collapsed to my knees on the carpet inside the store.

A shop that was selling Alice brand clothing in the city of Muhle. It was a general clothing store that sold clothes, shoes, and underwear.

I really should’ve predicted it when I first saw how large the store was. The majority of clothing sold in this city are Alice brand.

If this store just sold clothing it wouldn’t be as large as a shopping mall.

“What are you doing, Leon?”

Alice came over to me as I was on the ground.

“Don’t call me Leon with Liz so close by. Anyway, just leave me alone. I just want to sit here in my depression for being so easily deceived.”

“Hmm? So, what do you think about this?”

“What do I think about what….”

I let out a sigh and stood up. I casually looked over at Alice to see her holding a light blue bra up to her chest.

“Does this bra look good on me?”

“Stop pressing it up to your chest like that. I can’t help but picture certain things if you do that.”

Besides, the tag is visible — actually, maybe she’s doing that intentionally. I could clearly see the tag on the bra that said ‘65E.’ So her bust measurement is around 85.

What’s with her ridiculous figure!?

— Wait! The unit of measurement in this world should be different from Earth. Doesn’t that mean that that number isn’t in centimetres?

“By the way, since the units of measurement in this world were so ridiculous, I’ve started using the metric system from Earth here in Muhle. Because the metric system doesn’t exist in this world I just had to base it on my best guess.”

“…is that so?”

So did she show me the tag on purpose?

So Alice guessed the length of one metre and has based all the other measurements off of that.

Alice’s guess? So that means one metre on Earth is probably similar to one metre here. In other words, the number on that bra is probably accurate…she is growing quite well.

“So, do you think this bra suits me?”

“…what are you trying to do? Asking me something like that.”

“Eh? Well, if I show you this underwear now, you’ll think about me wearing it, right? And that way you’ll feel even more tempted by me.”

“You were thinking such a terrifying thing!?”

I’ll definitely think about that if she says it so straightforward like that.

“So, I think I’ll buy this blue underwear and this black underwear with lace embroidery.”

“Like I said, you don’t need to show it to me!”

Although I said that, I can’t avert my eyes. I could look away from stuff like this when I was a child, but after hitting puberty I really can’t force myself to look away. I feel that my body is starting to affect my mind.

…that’s just an excuse.

“Leon onii-chan, listen to this! My bust has become 78!”

“Mine is 85. What do these numbers mean?”

Sophia and Liz returned with their own Alice brand underwear. How do I respond to this…?

“Umm, well…you shouldn’t reveal that information to a man so easily.”

These two pure girls are too much. Alice is aware of what that number means, but these two have no idea. So, having them ask me is a little embarrassing.

No, calm down. Just calm down.

Sophia’s bust is 78. It’s considerably smaller compared to Alice, but…Sophia is also only around 150 cm. Furthermore, the rest of her body is smaller and her hips are probably only around 60 cm.

In other words, she’s a D cup.

Since Liz said her bust is 85…that means she’s an E cup. And her hips are probably around 65. She’s a little thicker than Sophia.

How is the growth of girls in this world so fast? I’d probably cry if I found out the measurements of Akane and the rest.

…I wonder if there’s a way I could find out.

“Fufu~, what are you thinking about, Leo?”

Alice looked at me with a wry smile.

“You didn’t listen to me. I told you I’d only look at clothes.”

“…so you’re saying you didn’t enjoy this?”

A difficult question for me to answer.

As a man, it would be a lie for me to say I’m not conscious of Alice and Sophia as women. So, if you were to ask me if I enjoy the situation I’m currently in — I’d have to say yes.


“I think you should explain to Liz what that number means.”

“…that’s not a fair answer, Leon.”

“I don’t care. I’m leaving.”

I quickly replied to her and turned on my heel to leave.

However, just as I was about to leave the store, I knew the perfect thing to say to Alice. I turned to face her once more.

“…hmm? What’s the matter?”

“Alice, you’re already really cute. You can wear all black underwear and act like a dominating onee-chan or just wear pure white underwear and you’ll be just as attractive.”


Alice became bright red in an instant. I smiled at her reaction and hurriedly made my escape.

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