Chapter 12: You’re Disgusting

Ye Jian refused to give in, making Sun Dongqing slightly panicked. Her tone became even harsher, “Stupid lass, regarding my goodwill as malice! Fine, we’ll wait for the teacher to come and find us. When that time comes, I wonder what else can you say!”

Sun Dongqing felt that she must not stay any longer. Otherwise, a beating might come at her anytime soon.

Damn lass, her character has become all so different overnight. To even know how to pull the villagers into this, and what… be her witnesses!? Forget it!

Knowing that the tables had turned against her, the shrewd her dusted her hands clean from the scene and cursed as she left.

At this moment, the villagers who had already gathered understood what was going on and pointed their fingers at Sun Dongqing for being wicked. To have such an aunt, Ye Jian truly was unlucky.

But that did not last long as a few mindful villagers gently nudged those around them, gesturing to them to silence their mouths.

After all… Sun Dongqing had a husband who was Fu Jun Town’s deputy mayor. There were even mentions that he might be promoted to become the mayor.

In no time, Ye Jian quickly absorbed the sight in front of her before lowering her head. Her long eyelashes gently covered the cold intentions in her eyes.

She knew whom the villagers were discussing about.

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Having a deputy mayor as her father was also part of Ye Ying’s fortune. No matter what happens, the school would definitely not put too much fault on her.

As for herself… After the villagers left while sighing, Ye Jian gently raised her palms to look at those lines. They were just like the rough journey she’ll have ahead of her… Everything would be fine once the ending was within her grasp.

Uncle Ye Zhifan was not someone whom she wished to go against at the moment.

She was well aware of his pursuit of power; a man who could abandon all else just for it.

But he had a weakness… and that was his face!

Although she could not go against Ye Zhifan temporarily, she could still exploit his weakness to take down Sun Dongqing first.

All alone, Ye Jian raised her head and revealed a smile at the mighty sun in the sky. There’s nothing to fear, and there’s nothing to worry about!

Her future lies in her own hands. And for her, now was a good beginning.

The vigor the fourteen-year-old girl had in her smile was both bright and cheerful, and her vision for the future was not covered in haze but filled with hope.

Her smile, in the eyes of Ye Ying who was heading in her direction, was instead extremely glaring —to the point where she wished to pounce on her cousin and rip her face apart!

Ye Jian could feel the malicious intent sweeping over her from behind, and she quickly kept her smile.

Turning, she was glared at by Ye Ying’s eyes. The edge of Ye Jian’s mouth hooked upwards as she returned the glare with cold malice.

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Ye Ying, who stood a few steps away, was no doubt meticulous because she immediately saw the expression on Ye Jian’s face. Her face immediately took a change, and she rushed ahead furiously.

“Ye Jian!” Ye Ying gritted her teeth and grunted. And just like how she was at home, she forcefully gave Ye Jian a push.

From the corner of her eye, she spotted a few villagers looking over at their direction, and she quickly acted in appearance to show her sisterly love by reaching out to catch Ye Jian’s shoulder.

“Ye Ying, you disgust me, and I shall do the same for you.” Ye Jian gently deflected her hand, not letting her disgusting conduct touch her body. She sneered, “I’m sure you’re well aware, so stop acting in front of others.”

In the eyes of the villagers, the deputy mayor’s daughter Ye Ying had always been a good girl blessed with both looks and smarts. Even her conduct was good as well…

Feeling frustrated once again, Ye Ying frowned. Gazing into Ye Jian’s fierce yet cold eyes, no doubt her mother was right! The lass’s character had definitely changed!

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