Chapter 1542 Lawless

Song Zhiqiu’s move really shocked Wu Bingcheng. So cool!

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“You… are so cool!” Wu Bingcheng grabbed the steel pipe and hurriedly blocked the other party while admiring his classmate, “Did you learn fighting before!!”


He still had the mood to chat while fighting, which showed that he had good psychological quality.


Song Zhiqiu repeatedly kicked a gangster man, who shouted while charging towards him; his face looked a little wild as he replied, “If you fight more, you will naturally have experience.”


Does that mean that he used to fight a lot?


“Don’t talk too much first, brother! Watch out.” Yuan Dabing saw that his classmate was still talking leisurely at Song Zhiqiu with a look of admiration, he hit him with his shoulder and reminded him, “Ye Jian is against eight people alone. Let’s finish up the fight here quickly and help her! Liu Yang is also fighting hard; what are you doing!”


Liu Yang’s eyes were red. He punched the opponent with his fists, but what he felt was not fear but excitement.


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Hearing the screams of the other party, he felt as if a wild beast had gone crazy in him, trying to rush out from his fist.


The more he fought, the more excited he was, the more strength he used, and the more powerful he felt!


Wu Bingcheng, who had never fought before, and had been strictly restrained by his parents, saw Liu Yang had already gone crazy, his adrenaline was soaring, making him breathe faster, his heartbeat and blood flow accelerate, and the weak blood in the scholar’s body suddenly boiled up. He waved the steel pipe and began to protect himself and his comrades.


The five boys formed a circle back to back against more than a dozen gangsters. The fight was unusually tough.


But no one cried or screamed in pain; even if their body was smacked by a steel pipe to the point that bones were broken, they still stuck tightly together with their comrades and continued to defend themselves with their fists.


They had not yet started learning close combat, but after several months of physical training, the weak scholars had changed a little: they were calm when faced with dangers.


Knowing that he was not as good as Song Zhiqiu, Wu Bingcheng directly waved the steel pipe in his hand, making strong winds, which made several gangsters who wanted to beat him cautious, for fear of being hit.


Among the five people, Song Zhiqiu’s fight was the most technical. The guys who were beaten by him definitely screamed the loudest, panicking other people.


Song Zhiqiu was indeed a frequent fight. In the past, he and his cousin Yang Heng were in the same junior high school. The two brothers often made appointments to play games in Internet cafes. Internet cafes were not really a safe place, so fights occurred quite often.


The two brothers were very good at playing games. They often form groups in Internet cafes, and because they often went to the same Internet cafe, people often invited them to play games.


Over time, the two brothers had gained a certain reputation in the neighborhood.


The problem then arose. Some people were unconvinced and brought their brothers up for a challenge. At that time, both brothers were young and naughty. They couldn’t help feeling a little proud once they had a little fame, so they accidentally offended other people.


The two brothers fought together from the second grade to the third grade. In the end, in one of their fights, the two brothers got sent to the police station.


It was a big deal. Their parents rushed from abroad to the police station. After cleaning up their mess, they investigated the neighborhood and found out what their children had done.


The parents of the two brothers were distraught because the brothers were really smart students; no one had expected the brothers to be so lawless!


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