Chapter 1543: The End Will Be Worse

Yuan Dabing panted and leaned against Song Zhiqiu, “I didn’t expect you to be able to fight like this! You totally don’t look like this in school, good fellow, you really know how to hide your talent well. You can read and fight, brother, next time you have to teach me.”


“You don’t need me to teach you to fight. After today, you will know how to fight. When you are in your junior year, I believe you will not have a problem fighting with three or five people.” Song Zhiqiu smiled and answered as if he was not injured at all, but in fact, he was in pain in every part of his body.


Know how to read and fight… Hehe, what kind of fight is this? He has been fighting and gaming since junior high school.


He had to pretend to be a good student in school, but outside of school, he was a little lawless. He was so used to switching roles inside and outside of school that even teachers did not notice anything.


If it weren’t for the time when he was sent to the police station, and it happened that Uncle Yang was promoted back to Yunnan Province, otherwise he and his cousin Yang Heng would still be fighting.


Director Yang, who was promoted back to Yunnan Province, brought his son and nephew back from the bureau and decisively separated the two brothers.


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Director Yang took Yang Heng to study in a high school in Yunnan Province during the summer vacation, while Song Zhiqiu stayed in the city and continued to study until his third year.


Although the two brothers were separated, the rebellion in their bones had not changed.


In high school in Yunnan Province, Yang Heng still went to Internet cafes to play games on Saturdays and Sundays, but he was not as arrogant as he was in junior high school. But he would still fight when needed, and his fists were still very powerful; that was why he could teach Luo Ran a good lesson and have him obey him.


Without his cousin by his side, Song Zhiqiu also constrained a lot. He didn’t play a lot of online games anymore, and he got into lesser fights. However, he would still dare to use his fists when he needed to fight.


His dad, a university professor, was so nervous that he might one day hear the news that his child was lying in the hospital.    

After thinking about it, he talked with his wife and decided to send Song Zhiqiu to learn Taekwondo, improving his fighting skills by several levels.


Once he showed off his fighting skill, almost all the gangsters had targeted him. Fortunately, Ge Jinglin was also able to suppress the gangsters.


Ge Jinglin is a native of the north side of China. He is big in size; standing among the students, he is like a tower. His height alone is intimidating.


Usually, he will eat an extra bowl of rice compared to an average boy. His hand is also very strong. He grabbed a gangster’s wrist, punching a fist under his armpit, causing the gangster to scream in pain.


“How dare you bully the girls in our class and still dare to be so arrogant! I will beat you to death today!” Ge Jinglin, who has the boldness of a northerner, raised his long legs and kicked the man violently, as he cursed nonstop.


Fortunately, Ye Jian triggered the enemies earlier, which caused most of the gangsters to throw away the steel pipes in their hands. Only a few of them were still carrying the pipes, including Brother Cheng.


Brother Cheng, who was accustomed to cheat, saw that Song Zhiqiu and Ge Jinglin were not easy to deal with, so he targeted Wu Bingcheng. Seeing how Wu Bingcheng had been punched several times, he picked up a steel pipe and slammed hard on Wu Bingcheng’s shoulder.


With this hit, the problem just got bigger. Even if the other party wanted a quick fight, Song Zhiqiu, Ge Jinglin, and Yuan Dabing would just stop fighting.


Although the three were angry, they did not lose their minds.


Luckily, after several months of military training and various assessments, even if Wu Bingcheng had been punched several times, the three of them could still remain calm, without turning into revenge envoys and beating simply.


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The three of them knew very well that if they fought without thinking, the situation would end up worse.

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