Chapter 1544 Look Down On The Weak

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“Beware of that skinny man with a steel pipe in his hand, he’s cheating!” Yuan Dabing comes from Zhejiang, he is usually gentle, but he indeed is a bit wild at times since he comes from the countryside. He is not afraid, and when it comes to throwing punches, he knows to hit people directly in the eyes and nose.


Fighting with bare hands and hitting the opponent’s face with his knuckles, the excitement from his face was indescribable.


Coupled with the fact that they had been training with heavy loads for so long in school and were restrained by strict disciplines, the boys who felt restricted seemed to have found a target to vent, punch and kick. They pulled the gangsters over and fought with them… In short, they fought happily, letting out their stress.


The gangsters relied on their large numbers to fight, so they really didn’t put the students in their eyes before, and threw away their steel pipes as if they were gods, and no one can beat them.


Now they knew that they had underestimated the students. Although fifteen of them surrounded five boys, they didn’t have much advantage.


However, Song Zhiqiu and the others also did not have much advantage. He and Liu Yang had changed into their casual clothes earlier, so they were not afraid of revealing their identities. Ge Jinglin, Yuan Dabing, and Wu Bingcheng still had to take care of their coats, making sure not to have it torn, and revealing their uniforms inside.


Ye Jian fought the guys but not forget to guide Xu Wen when she was fighting. “To beat a snake, you must beat its weak point; that’s the same for beating people. The abdomen hurts the most. As for men, the most painful part is the crotch. Just pick one to throw a punch, then kick the other one.”


Xu Wen was dumbfounded listening to her advice, this, this… she’s so cool!

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Soon she tasted the sweetness of her punch, just as Ye Jian said, the guys who were kicked at the crotch were in so much pain that their bodies curled into shrimp-like shapes, and their facial features were so distorted.


“Not bad, increase your strength a little bit, and hurt them so much that they can’t even stand up.” Ye Jian kicked a young gangster to the ground with a sidekick and praised Xu Wen as she retracted her foot, “Fighting is aimed to solve problems fast, and make a preemptive strike.”


“Don’t waste time; you can’t use your whole body strength with your hands and feet.” Ye Jian continued to guide while grabbing a man abruptly. She smiled and then turned him around, putting his arm behind his back and then, at the same time, strangled the man’s neck and kicked the man’s left knee.


The screams became louder. The man was in so much pain that when Ye Jian let go, he knelt down on his knees first, then a louder scream burst out of his mouth, and he fell to his left.


It turned out that the joint at his left knee was displaced, and his right arm that had been forced to his back earlier was also sagging softly. More “ahhhhh” screams came from his mouth.


“Brother Hui, I thought you were good at fighting but turns out you’re just so so.” Ye Jian laughed coldly, her eyes were like a blooming frost, and there was a dazzling and shocking chill inside and outside of her, “With this kind of strength, you dare to kidnap people in public? I think you better stay at home.”


After having so many broken muscles and bones, he indeed would have to just stay at home obediently.


One against eight, but Xu Wen didn’t have much chance to throw punches, and Ye Jian took less than five minutes to beat all eight gangsters.


All of them fell to the ground in all directions, everyone had their bodies twisted, and they were all screaming “ahhhh” in pain.

Ye Jian straddled across their bodies, cast a faint gaze downward as if she was looking down at those weak gangsters on the ground.

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