Chapter 1545: Ye Jian Is So Cool

There were stars in Xu Wen’s eyes…Ye Jian…Ye Jian is so cool! Too cool!


Especially when Ye Jian raised her leg and kicked sideways, her leg was stretched straight, and with just one swept across on the enemy while standing on one foot firmly, she kicked the person away.


Cool, cool, cool!


Too cool!


In her close combat style, she grabbed the opponent’s shoulder and threw him over; her movements looked so flexible and easy!


“So amazing, so amazing…” Xu Wen followed Ye Jian’s footsteps, worshipping her deeply as if she would lose herself. She watched Ye Jian piling all eight people down; she didn’t worry about how she was going to explain to the school anymore at this moment; only Ye Jian existed in her eyes; she didn’t have time to worry about other things.


“You go to the front and rest for a while; if you see anyone play cheat, beat him.” Ye Jian didn’t rest after fighting off the right guys. She was done here, but Song Zhiqiu and the others were not done yet.


After instructing Xu Wen, Ye Jian jumped over the few fallen gangsters and joined the male students.


“You’re amazing; how can you be so good? This is the first time I see girls fighting, and it’s so cool!” Xu Wen was fascinated by Ye Jian.  When she ran to the side to stand, she only had her eyes at Ye Jian.


Ye Jian had experienced being besieged by others too much in her previous life. At that time, she couldn’t protect herself, so she relied on her two legs to avoid such situations.


In this life, heh, she had not escaped once.

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The faint sneer in her eyes gradually faded; Ye Jian touched the silver thread on her wrist and walked behind a young gangster who wanted to pick up a steel pipe without saying a word. As the light in her eyes gradually became dark, Ye Jian bent down, picked up the steel pipe, and hooked the opponent’s neck directly from behind.

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The neck is the most vulnerable part of the human body, and it is often the deadliest attack part.


Like beasts, they like to bite their prey on the neck when attacking because they can kill them with one move.


But Ye Jian wouldn’t kill anyone; her purpose was only to teach.


The young man whose neck was pinched by the steel pipe was so frightened that he was violently struck and reflexively grasped the steel pipe that had strangled his neck, struggling with his breathing.


Ye Jian didn’t do anything to him, but her actions were too dangerous, and she completely made the other person feel that his life was threatened. She strangled him backward until they reached Brother Cheng’s side, who was still fighting and laughing arrogantly. 


Then, she threw the person out, just hitting the gangster boss’s back.


The place where she was fighting with the other eight people happened to be around the corner. Brother Cheng, who had been fighting excitedly, didn’t even think that eight of them couldn’t beat a girl, so he didn’t bother to look at that corner.


As a result, Brother Cheng, who hadn’t gotten up after being pushed down from the back, turned his head vigilantly and looked back, and saw the girl who single-handedly singled out his eight brothers, standing in front of him unscathed.


“How are you still standing here!” His expression instantly looked as if he saw a ghost.


Ye Jian held the steel pipe and raised her eyebrows with a smile, “Why not?” Walking over, she simply stepped on his ankle and tapped the steel pipe on his knee. “Brother Cheng, which one do you want me to beat, your knee or your leg? Choose one.”


How could Brother Cheng be able to bear being so provoked?


He picked up the steel pipe in his hand and got up; his eyes burst into a fierce roar, “Come on, brothers, beat this woman! D*mn it! You dare to threaten me! You must be tired of your life.” He shouted a lot, but he didn’t dare to go up against Ye Jian alone.

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