Chapter 1546: Too Exciting, Too Cool

That’s like full of momentum, but no gut.


Ye Jian laughed out loud, “The way you hold the steel pipe is so stiff then it’s hard to even straighten it. Brother Cheng, you’re so scared, but you still want to face me for your reputation’s sake. I just threatened you, what are you going to do to me? If you think you’re so good, come, PK with me. I am waiting for you.”


PK her alone? How would Brother Cheng dare to do it!


His head was going to explode in anger, “Who do you think you are! Why should I make a move for you!”


Hey, what an annoying guy.


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The fifteen gangsters who surrounded Song Zhiqiu heard their boss’ voice, and three of them immediately ran over. They originally wanted to come and help, but they didn’t even have a chance to get close because they were overthrown by Ye Jian within three minutes.


Brother Cheng suddenly felt cold sweat when he saw that something was wrong, so he didn’t dare to watch anymore. With a roar, he raised his steel pipe and charged towards Ye Jian.


“Brother Cheng, you finally dare to fight against me.” Ye Jian avoided it easily and verbally pressed Brother Cheng harder. “Since you’re so powerful, why don’t we learn from each other? Do you need another consent, whatever our fate is, life or death, how about that?”


Brother Cheng, who was forced until his face had become dull, spit out the betel nut residue that he had been chewing in his mouth and charged towards Ye Jian again.


D*mn it! I don’t believe I can’t teach this little girl a lesson!


He could rely on many people to teach others a lesson, but not Ye Jian; she was a special soldier!


Eleven men piled up in front; it’s no biggie to put another man there.


Ye Jian didn’t rush to beat up the other party, Song Zhiqiu and the others were besieged by twelve gangsters; she would help them first.

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The fight lasted for nearly ten minutes, and the gangsters who laughed arrogantly while fighting soon couldn’t laugh anymore.    

Liu Yang, who was weaker and was beaten the worst, opened his eyes unusually wide, and even his mouth opened in surprise. He looked at Ye Jian with an incredible expression as he watched her kick several people down. All of them lied on the ground, unable to get up.


“Oh…my God!”


Ge Jinglin watched Ye Jian’s hand grabbing the steel pipe from the gangster’s hand, and then locked his hands with the steel pipe, and twisted them like a square plate, “Ah…” Ge Jinglin gasped; he somehow could feel the man’s pain!


His arm will break if it’s being twisted like a steering wheel!


Without waiting for him to recover, Ye Jian grabbed another gangster’s sleeve and walked around to his back as if she was dancing, and took off his coat easily.


In the next scene, Ge Jinglin and Wu Bingcheng were shocked to their knees!


So cool!!


It was just like watching a movie on TV! She grabbed their clothes from behind and strangled the opponent’s neck, at the same time, lifted up her slender legs, and kicked another rascal to the ground.



What the ****!




This, this…, it felt as if they had not enough eyes to watch the entire scene! It was too exciting, too cool!


Their blood was boiling from watching Ye Jian fight.


Song Zhiqiu held his shoulder with one hand and shrugged his beaten right shoulder. He was so shocked that he could not speak, watching Ye Jian’s heroic posture.


His cousin said that Ye Jian was very skilled, and most people were not her opponents.


Seeing it with his own eyes today, the shock was greater than when he heard it back then, and it was even more incredible.


How could a girl be able to fight, such a fight!


Watching her fight, he felt that his taekwondo lessons all these years were in vain.

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