Chapter 1547 Definitely Fierce Enough

At the same time, he understood why his cousin had that expression at that time. He didn’t understand at the time and even wondered if his cousin liked Ye Jian.


His cousin smiled, and after a long time, he replied, “I like her, how can I not like her? How could I not like a girl like her? However, what I meant isn’t the same as what you’re thinking.”


Until he saw Ye Jian, he felt that his cousin did not tell the truth to him that time because his cousin did not see how gentle his eyes were when he mentioned the name “Ye Jian”, the edges and corners were gone, only left with gentleness.


Before meeting Ye Jian, it was hard to imagine how beautiful a girl that had great skill and was good in studies would look; at best, she perhaps would have fair and beautiful skin. At least that was how his cousin described her, saying that she had skin as white as a peeled egg.


Seeing her on the day of the military training, he really felt that it was normal to like Ye Jian because she was beautiful, tall, and temperamental. Whoever liked her definitely had good taste, and his cousin was definitely one with good taste!


Now he finally understood why his cousin said he liked Ye Jian, but it was not the love between men and women. He also finally understood his cousin’s expression at that time,…adore, grateful, admire…except that there was no love.


Ye Jian was the type of girl that you will gradually lose sight of her beauty, and you will only see her excellence, which is more shocking than her beauty.


He was lucky to be able to become Ye Jian’s classmate. Yeah, Song Zhiqiu suddenly felt that he was lucky.


“Do we… still need to help?” Yuan Dabing swallowed and asked quietly, “I don’t think we need to do anything; Ye Jian can handle these gangsters alone.”

Song Zhiqiu shook his head and denied, “Don’t need to think, it’s obvious that we don’t need to take action at all. She can handle everyone by herself.” It was really difficult to feel the love for her; one would only feel like worshipping her.


When Ye Jian came back, she didn’t think about letting her classmates make another move. They were already bruised and swollen. If they made another move, she was afraid that she would have to support them back to school.


Fighting is a way to vent your emotions. Every time Ye Jian threw a punch, she felt happy in her heart.

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She had never done it in her previous life. She dared not do such a thing. But in this life, she experienced and faced these problems like conquering another math question and ushering in a new life.


She had a good time playing; Brother Cheng, who was specially kept last by Ye Jian, watched her fight until he was already trembling. A girl easily knocked out a dozen of his brothers in a minute…he didn’t even dare to look at her. He just wanted to run away quickly.


He had really bad luck today!


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“The last person to be beaten up is actually trying to run away. Can you guys take care of him?”

Ye Jian, who felt really energetic, had been paying attention to Brother Cheng. Seeing him moving slowly and trying to slip away quietly, she reminded her classmates, “Brother Cheng said just now that I don’t deserve to fight him alone. He thinks he’s too skillful that he looks down on me.”


“I’m just warming up. Brother Cheng, come, let’s fight one on one. I think he must think I am qualified to fight him alone now.” Pushing down the last gangster, Ye Jian pulled out the belt on her waist, tying it around her hands; she smiled and looked at Brother Cheng, whose expression had already changed at this moment.


Song Zhiqiu and another five male students blocked Brother Cheng. They stood forward with bruised noses and swollen faces, looking immensely fierce.

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