Chapter 1548: Need Talent

The male students blocked at the front, and Ye Jian blocked at the back. Brother Cheng, who was blocked, was not in a situation as bad as Brother Hui, who was beaten up by Ye Jian. He turned around and didn’t dare to say anything anymore; he immediately kneeled down.


It is said that a man’s ego is bigger than anything, but perhaps not for the arrogant Brother Cheng because once he knelt down, he immediately started begging for mercy.


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He didn’t dare to resist. His dozen brothers were kicked to the ground one by one, arching and clutching their stomachs and still complaining pain.

Fights like this often happen in cities. As long as no lives are harmed, basically, no one would interrupt. It was raining again, and the air outside was humid. Few residents came out of their homes.


People from outside also would not come in. It was even more unlikely that the construction staff would care so much to get themselves involved in the fight. The group fight ended after about twenty minutes.


Brother Cheng, who begged for mercy, felt pressured. It was not until Ye Jian, and the others left that he dared to yell, “All of you get down on your knees!” 


Twenty-three gangsters were quite unlucky today. They thought they could win, and there were many of them. As a result…, all of them fell one by one and even wailed in pain. Even the two so-called “big brothers” also had bruised noses and swollen faces.


“Ye Jian, you are my idol! Do you have a photo of yourself? I want to stick your photo on my wall!” Xu Wen, who was terrified at the beginning, was happily chatting like a sparrow. “I want to see you every day, I want to learn from Ye Jian! Study hard, fight hard!”


There is no need to learn to fight. Ye Jian patted her on the shoulder, jokingly: “Fighting requires talent. You? Without this talent, you are only suitable for sitting in the laboratory and doing experiments.”


“I think I have the talent. Just now, I’ve hit several people!” Xu Wen, who only had Ye Jian’s fighting figure in her mind, wouldn’t give up so easily. After that, she wrapped around Ye Jian, always staying by her side.

When Xu Wen was in her senior year, she entered the field army directly and became a famous female officer in her military area.


Song Zhiqiu didn’t talk much. He only listened to his classmates constantly asking Ye Jian. Compared to them, he knew a little bit more about Ye Jian through his cousin and knew that she had a tough uncle who abused her.


His cousin also said that Ye Jian did not have a good life when she was younger, so if she hadn’t made herself better, she might not even survive to this day.


Anyway, it’s good that Ye Jian made herself better. It was the reason why she had all this today. 


“I’ve learned about grappling and fighting before. Fighting isn’t a big problem to me.” Ye Jian smiled and answered her classmates’ questions. Things like these didn’t need to be a secret. Military school physical training is a competition, a place where the strong speaks.


You don’t need to hide the tricks you have or the talents you have, like in high school. In a military school, there’s no way to hide it. After several training sessions, everyone can see what talent you have. No need to be too humble; otherwise, it will leave a false impression.

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Xu Wen kept holding Ye Jian’s arm. She didn’t even look at other places, even if the male students were talking next to her. She had only Ye Jian in her eyes. Upon hearing Ye Jian, she immediately said, “Teach me, teach me! Trust me, Ye Jian, I will definitely be a good apprentice.”


If she had Ye Jian’s skill, she wouldn’t be a burden to her classmates like today!

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