Chapter 1549 I’ll Go

For the first time, Xu Wen understood what her father meant before she joined the military academy.


Her father said that after joining the army, you are no longer an individual but a whole group. If you are not good, the whole class will be punished together because of you. Entering a group requires not only your own efforts to improve, but also remember to help your comrades to improve.


It is not just “you” nor “him.” It is “you, him, and me.” Every word and deed represents the honor and disgrace of the entire group collectively. You all must learn from each other, care for each other, supervise each other, and learn each other’s strength and improve your weakness so that you don’t drag down the group during a critical time.


Xu Wen felt that she had dragged down the group this time. Because of her, six classmates came up for her and fought for her. And every one of them was bruised and swollen. After thinking about it, Xu Wen’s eyes were red.


Her mood suddenly fell, “How do we go back to school like this? The guard will stop us directly, then…what should we do?” She finally knew to be afraid after fighting.


Song Zhiqiu glanced at Ye Jian. To be honest, only she could handle this matter. They couldn’t handle it.


“Don’t worry, as long as we arrive at the gate of the school on time, the Chief will pick us up.” Ye Jian said softly, making the six of them feel brightened as if they could see clear clouds in the sky.


Xu Wen was stunned, “…The… the Chief will pick us up?”


“Yes, didn’t I tell you before? You were bullied and blocked outside, so you hope that the instructor would let me, Song Zhiqiu, and Liu Yang go out together to solve the problem. Moreover, I told the instructor that we will not bring trouble to the school. “Ye Jian explained calmly, lest her classmates worry, “Now we have already solved the trouble, so there is no problem.”


“Really,…but they…they…” Xu Wen felt that the news was a bit untrue. They all had a fight! After the fight, their Chief was actually coming out to pick them up into the school. That sounded so unreal!    

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“Don’t worry about it. Since Ye Jian lets us fight freely, she must have a way to prevent us from getting into trouble; I believe Ye Jian can solve it.” Yuan Dabing laughed, totally having full trust in Ye Jian, he continued, “If Ye Jian says it’s no problem, then it must be no problem!”


Liu Yang, who was covering his face, nodded heavily, indicating that he also believed in Ye Jian.


He was beaten a few times in the face, especially the corners of his mouth were beaten so severely that it was bleeding. It was so painful that even his speaking wasn’t clear.


The happiest was Ge Jinglin; he laughed, “We really won today. You don’t know how enjoyable I was when I hit the guy’s face just now. Oh, I tell you, just now, I even saw his saliva splashed out after being punched by me. But…” As he said, he frowned and flicked his hand, “It was so painful at the time, I thought my knuckle had broken.”

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“Brother Ge was very mighty today. I was the closest to him just now, and he almost hit me with his elbow several times. You couldn’t differentiate   the enemy and me, Brother Ge, you’re such trouble.” Song Zhiqiu joined the chat, and the atmosphere became more harmonious, and not nervous anymore.


Xu Wen was a girl, so her mind was more delicate than that of boys. Although she also believed in Ye Jian, she could only be completely relieved when entering the campus.


Because she was involved in the fight, and she was the one who caused her classmates to be injured.


Ye Jian could see that she was not at ease. When she got on the bus, she whispered to her softly: “Don’t blame yourself, we are a group, we must learn to take care of each other and rely on each other. We won’t stay away from you just because we worry that we will be dragged down.”

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