Chapter 1550 Talent

The bus was shaky. Ye Jian’s soft voice contained a calmness that made Xu Wen gradually calm down, “It’s normal to be worried. But Xu Wen, you are our comrade, so we will definitely want to help you if you are being bullied. We can’t stand by and watch.”


“We are comrades. We not only need to help each other in learning and training but also in Life. Didn’t our instructors, captain, and teachers often say that we are a group? No one will give up on another.”

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“Fighting together, in my opinion, is the same as assessing group results together. No one is allowed to say who is a burden to who, or who is holding back.”


Ye Jian didn’t want Xu Wen to be overburdened, so she changed the subject deliberately and stopped focusing on fighting, but referred to their regular training, “Since you know who is going to hold us back, why don’t you help him first? Knowing that he is inferior to others in some way, but not doing anything about it? This is not called a group; this is a rejection. In this case, we must accept the result of one person making mistakes and everyone being punished.”


Ye Jian’s speech was fast and gentle, but her words contained a deep meaning and could directly speak to Xu Wen’s heart, letting her listen earnestly and attentively, for fear of missing out on what Ye Jian said.


“Life, training, hygiene, study…all aspects must be taken care of. Whoever runs slowly during training, everyone must remember to give him a hand. If he fails in the exam, or fails in the physical training, or comes late to an urgent assembly, or what… We will encounter many things like these in the future, so while we learn to accept them, we must remember to help them as well because we are a group.”

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“I know what you are worried about. The military rules and regulations restrict your words and deeds. Fighting must never happen. However, we must help each other and care about each other. At the military school, even independent individuals must learn to get along. No matter how arrogant people are, they have to learn to obey.”


“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to us. If the Chief wants to ask anything, we can answer truthfully. You see, we did not cause trouble, we did not mutilate those gangsters, and there was no blood involved.”


Xu Wen was sweating a little on her forehead,…but she felt that those people were beaten so badly!


As if guessing what she was thinking, Ye Jian blinked her eyes and said meaningfully: “I just caused their joints to be misaligned, dislocated, and their subcutaneous tissues frustrated. They are all minor injuries.”



That’s bad enough already!


But Xu Wen didn’t expect that their Chief would just nod after hearing this: “This way of handling is acceptable, but you are not allowed to go out anymore, including you, Ye Jian.”


After saying a word, he waved his hand to let the seven students go.


The instructors and teachers all smiled and shook their heads after hearing the Chief’s retelling.


“Ye Jian, a female student, is courageous and strategic and has a great general style. And she had a strong sense of being in a group. Her comrade was bullied outside, instead of standing idly by, she chose to take action directly and knew how to score, at the same time also remind them to protect their faces, hahaha, this kid is quite interesting.”


The instructor was a soldier, and he certainly didn’t like students who stand by idly when someone was in trouble.


They were all still young; as long as they knew how to take a punch and teach those rascals a lesson, it was not a big deal, “Also, don’t you think Ye Jian has commanding and mastering ability? I’m rest assured if it was her coming forward to deal with things.”


In the end, Ye Jian explained their reason for going out clearly and returned the three permission slips.

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