Chapter 1551 Obey Absolutely

As a clerical teacher, he did not raise any objections this time. “It is true. She has a strong, commanding ability and convincing ability. But students can’t be allowed to do whatever they want to do. Rules that should be followed must be followed. Ye Jian can handle it well. But I’m still observing the other students.”


This means that he believes that Ye Jian will always be good, but he has a question mark put on the rest of the students.


“I agree. Although this matter is handled properly, it must never be advocated.” The Chief added.


Although the seven students who fought in the fight were not punished or expelled, the teacher told them that there were many leaves on campus recently, and the cleaning aunty is too busy, so the seven of you will help her to sweep until winter vacation this year.


So the seven students helped the cleaning aunty to clean up the place. The other classmates felt weird, but the seven students wouldn’t tell them the reason at all, so no one asked again after one week.


He Jing knew on that day and was immediately fuming in anger: “If I was there, I would throw some punches on those rascals too!”


Thinking that she didn’t go to help, He Jing still took the initiative to join in the cleaning. No one could persuade her otherwise. She said: “Blessing is shared, and so is a hardship!”


Simple and pure comradeship is like this, day after day, year after year. They fight together, train together, eat, drink, sleep together. They are not separated, and even if they are separated later, they will always care for each other.


After this incident, Song Zhiqiu, Xu Wen, all 6 of the students were absolutely obedient to Ye Jian. As long as Ye Jian said anything, they would listen to her and believe that what she said must be correct.


Not only did they believe in Ye Jian, but after a long time, the other classmates were also affected to a certain extent. They no longer felt resentment because of who did wrong, and everyone was punished because of that one person. They no longer deliberately warn the person who made mistakes to not make any more mistakes.

Whoever ran slowly during training, someone would immediately stop and pull him to run together. If they were punished because one person failed in one of his internal affairs, no one would threaten the person in private. They would resolve the matter together and complete it together.


This change had surprised the teachers and instructors. According to their experience, it would need at least one semester for a class to be integrated into mutual help, mutual supervision, and mutual care.


Unexpectedly, their class had such a harmonious atmosphere, even before a semester, that the teachers and instructors felt refreshed when they entered the class.


Once again, it was confirmed that Ye Jian did have certain leadership, cohesion, master control, and command ability.


In addition, she had excellent physical fitness in various aspects, and she had not fallen behind in her studies…All the commanding teachers and instructors felt that the “excellent student” title definitely belonged to Ye Jian.


In December, Ye Jian became busier. She was going to leave school for training in about half a month. She relied on self-study for her studies. If she didn’t understand something, she would ask the teacher immediately. At the same time, she went in and out of the laboratory more and more often, sometimes even late at night, like 12 a.m., and she still would be in the laboratory.


Because she must complete all the experiments that would be conducted during her training period, and she must complete the reports and submit them.


As for physical training, in addition to the few kilometers run and participation in group events, she did not go to other individual training anymore.

Only allowed on


When they first entered the military training, their Senior Brother said: As long as you can be excellent, you can watch your classmates train.


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Now Ye Jian belonged to this category.


However, she really didn’t have time to watch her classmate’s training. She devoted all of her time to learning. She needed to compress what others would be learning in the 45 days that she would be away when she left school on December 12.

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