Chapter 1552: This Is An Ill-Fated Relationship

Ye Jian’s classmates didn’t know that she was leaving school for training. On December 12th, it was past five p.m, and the students were still having their meals. Ye Jian, dressed in plain clothes, sat in a car sent by the school to the airport. No one came to send her off this time; she must rush over by herself.


During the afternoon class, Ye Jian’s seat suddenly became vacant. Her classmates were surprised. He Jing even wondered if Ye Jian was so tired that she fell ill.


The teacher only said, “Ye Jian has some tasks to do outside.” The whole class suddenly realized that no one felt surprised that Ye Jian, a freshman, went out on a mission.


On Saturday last week, they had comprehensive training with their seniors. Ye Jian directly defeated the most powerful senior in each subject and became a nightmare to their seniors.


She went out to perform tasks that seemed quite familiar.


At this time, Ye Jian walked into the crowded airport, went through her check-in procedures, flew directly to China’s southernmost city, and then took a military helicopter to an island to complete the match.


Xia Jinyuan led the Elite Platoon members, and Li Jinnian’s storm amphibious frogman commando had already started combat training and then completed their confrontation. From there, after discovering problems, they ran the combat training together again.


Ye Jian, who did not participate in the early stage, had only ten days of combat training with them together. Then she has ushered in a five-day confrontation, and finally, another one month of combat training.


Amidst this, she not only had to train but also had to review her homework, and besides Xia Jinyuan, Li Jinnian had also tutored her.


Both of them were soldiers with excellent grades and could be qualified as teachers.

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Ye Jian, carrying only small luggage, entered the terminal and waited for the flight to Hainan on time at 2:40 pm.


It was still early, so Ye Jian took out the textbooks she had brought from her luggage and began to review what she had learned this morning.


Sitting alone in a remote corner, her mobile phone was adjusted to vibrate, and she concentrated on studying. She looked up from her book when she heard a familiar sound less than three meters away.


She and Ye Ying really were quite fated. The world was big, there were countless domestic airports in this country, and yet, she actually met her here; this kind of fate was really too crazy.


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Ye Ying didn’t see Ye Jian. She was talking with someone on her small white mobile phone, “Qin Shao, you really don’t need to come to pick us up. My parents and I only landed in Beijing for a transfer, and we will stay for three hours. How could we have you pick us up? That’s too embarrassing.”


“Really, I am not lying to you; I am really only staying here for three hours. Yes, the plane flies to France at 8 o’clock in the evening, um, confirmed, I will be studying in France.”


There was obvious impatience on her face, but her voice was gentle. Ye Ying’s eyebrows frowned slightly at something Qin Shao said, and it took a while before she replied: “It’s because I am not healthy. Can’t join the army, how can I blame you.”


“Foreign medical skills are well-developed, so let’s see if it can be cured abroad. I don’t blame you, Qin Shao. Why should I? If I were really to blame, I would blame my own health.”


Ye Jian couldn’t help raising her eyebrows when she heard that. She couldn’t join the army, and yet she continued to use her health to find an excuse for herself. This is really the method Ye Zhifan’s family loves to use.


Ye Ying didn’t seem to be angry during the call, but in fact, she was so mad that her hands were clenched into fists, but it was a pity that the other party was someone she couldn’t provoke for the time being, so she could only endure it.


After talking for about five minutes, Ye Ying hung up the phone, and the smile on her face immediately faded away. She turned to Ye Zhifan and said, “That illegitimate child actually dares to pretend to be a Young Master in front of me, Dad, you should ignore him! Such useless rubbish! He even dared to say that he knew people in the Beijing Political Group. I was blind to believe him!”

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