Chapter 1553: Won’t Let Go

After He Ying hung up the phone, her voice changed to another tone. She was no longer charming and gentle. Instead, she was cold and gloomy, having no trace of fondness, “He really wasted so much of our time, and yet he still had the face to call me every day!”


As if having thought of something, Ye Ying gasped, “No way, dad, how did he know that we will be stopping in Beijing for a transfer to France today? I didn’t even mention it to him!”

Ever since Ye Ying knew that Qin Yi was actually an illegitimate child, her attitude had undergone a 180-degree change. She also felt fortunate that she came to Beijing. Otherwise, she would not have known about it!


Sun Dongqing’s eyes flickered upon hearing this.


“I didn’t say it, you didn’t say it, then what’s left is your mother.” Ye Zhifan glanced at his wife coldly, and then said to Ye Ying: “So that’s why I keep reminding you that you should not talk to your mother about your affairs. Your mother never takes her mind. She does everything for her own sake.”


Back then, if she had treated Ye Jian slightly better, less having her daughter bully Ye Jian, things wouldn’t get to this point!


After knowing that her mother did it, Ye Ying’s anger that rose in her heart could only be held back. This person was her mother, after all.


She couldn’t get angry, but she still had to say something. Her apricot eyes that were similar to Ye Zhifan’s looked at Sun Dongqing, suppressing her anger, she said: “Mom, are you still thinking about getting Qin Yi and me together? He is an illegitimate child. He only knows how to play. Do you really want to see me suffer?”


“I’m miserable enough now. If Qin Yi also entangles in this matter, then I don’t have to think of having a peaceful life. Mom, I beg you, don’t bother about my affairs. After I go abroad, you should dress up and act properly, don’t embarrass dad, can you do that?”


Ye Jian had gone far enough. She didn’t want to be surpassed by an orphan anymore; she had to work hard from now on.


However, she can’t let her mother hold her back.


Sun Dongqing did act according to her own sake and temper. She always thought she was right, even if she was wrong.  

But when her daughter said that, she could only bear it. She complained: “I better not listen to your father. Although Qin Yi is an illegitimate child, his dad is the only son. They are all sons of the Qin Family anyway. Isn’t it a good thing that I’m looking for a way for you to get into a relationship with him?”


Besides, Qin Yi has a good family background and good looks. Seeing that he is very caring of her daughter. If her daughter wants to marry the Qin Family and become the Qin Family’s daughter-in-law, her daughter will definitely stand out, judging by her capabilities!


Sun Dongqing did not dare to say this out loud.


“He is nothing in the Qin Family. I had inquired about it when Dad and I went to Beijing.” Ye Ying faintly guessed what her mother was thinking. She couldn’t help being a little bit frustrated, “His status in the Qin Family is so low. What’s so good to be in a relationship with him!”


Ye Zhifan glanced at his wife and said sternly: “Our daughter will focus on her studies in the future. You better not say any nonsense to her, and you are not allowed to contact Qin Yi privately. I have my own arrangements!”


Ye Zhifan and Ye Ying found out Qin Yi’s identity by coincidence.


Ye Ying made Ye Zhixiang hospitalized and ran into Ye Jian again. These two things happened at once made Ye Zhifan, who had always been calm, panic.


Suddenly he thought of Qin Yi and wanted to see if he could take advantage of the Qin Damily’s power to get his daughter into the army as soon as possible.


So while he asked his colleagues who went on a business trip to Beijing to help inquire about the Qin Family, he stayed in Yunnan Province to appease Ye Zhixiang. Ye Zhixiang still clamored to report the case, file a case, and sue Ye Ying, but she was willing to discuss the conditions the next day.


Her condition was for Sun Yaozu to take over the provincial government project. Otherwise, she would not give up the report.

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