Chapter 1554: Evil Heart

To make sure she didn’t do anything, Ye Zhifan had to use his power to give Sun Yaozu a project and told him that if he wanted to cooperate in the future, it was best that he made sure Ye Zhixiang stayed at home.


A large project with a cost of tens of millions fell into Sun Yaozu’s hands so easily.


Later, Ye Zhixiang did not cause any more troubles. Only then did he have time to take his daughter to Beijing in person, looking for Qin Yi to see if he could resolve the issue of his daughter’s enlistment as soon as possible.


Who knew that they had just arrived in Beijing? When they were still checking in at the hotel, their colleagues who were helping them to find out more about the Qin Family called and told them that Qin Yi was an illegitimate child.


In the Qin Family, he was the black sheep, and he was also a well-known playboy in Beijing. He only knew how to eat, drink, and have fun, and could not do any work.


At that time, he stood at the front desk of the hotel and took a few deep breaths before suppressing the anger in his heart. Unexpectedly, he was put up by an illegitimate child!


He had mistaken fish eyes as pearls!

Originally he wanted to ask Qin Yi if he had any thoughts about Ye Ying’s entry into the army. Well, he didn’t need to ask now. A person like Qin Yi who only knew how to have fun, how much could he do?


The colleague also said, “Although Qin Yi is an illegitimate child, he is also his father’s only son. Therefore, even though he is an illegitimate child, the people in Beijing still dare not simply talk about his identity.”


Ye Zhifan felt better after hearing this.


Then they mentioned Qin Xiu. He was a promising young man from the Qin Family who was in the upper circle in Beijing.


He spoke multiple languages, entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at a young age, and served as the chief interpreter. He had accompanied the country’s top leaders to attend meetings several times and had accompanied leaders on many abroad visits.    

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Ye Zhifan had taken the initiative to make friends with him before. On the day of Mr. Cao’s birthday, he deliberately followed Qin Xiu to the bathroom, but before he could talk to Qin Xiu, Qin Xiu left with an excuse saying that “he has something to do.”


From this, it is evident that Qin Xiu was very difficult to deal with, and he had the nobility and arrogance of a person of high status in the family.


As soon as he thought of Qin Xiu, Ye Ying also mentioned to him, “Dad, it’s all Qin Yi’s fault. He deliberately concealed his identity! Third Young Master Qin came to the room that night, and we missed knowing him because of Qin Yi.”


Just half a month ago, Third Young Master Qin changed from a translator to a diplomat. It was reported in the news. Two days ago, he accompanied the country’s top leader on an abroad visit!


Ye Zhifan didn’t mention that he actually went to make friends with Qin Xiu that day, but that man didn’t give him face. Hearing his daughter’s words, he said indifferently: “That’s enough. Let bygones be bygones, no point talking about the past.”


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After speaking, Ye Zhifan’s face became gloomy again.

At that time, he knew Qin Yi’s identity, so he didn’t think of staying longer. Besides, Ye Zhixiang was no longer making noise. He didn’t worry about his daughter’s file being stained again because he didn’t attend the activities in Beijing for activities. After staying for one night, he returned to Yunnan Province.


Thinking about it now, he should have stayed in Beijing for a few more days to get to know Qin Xiu through Qin Yi.

The voice of a family of three was not loud, but the waiting room was relatively quiet, and no one spoke loudly, so even if Ye Jian was a little away from them, she could still hear them clearly.


The Qin Family’s Qin Xiu from Beijing? That was the same Qing Xiu she knew.


She didn’t expect Ye Zhifan to do so many means to get Ye Ying into the army.


As a result, he still didn’t manage to stop Ye Jian from stepping into the army.


Ye Ying was going to study in France,…just like in my previous life, she still went to France in the end.

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