Chapter 191: Chicks

The red and violet fairies were shocked.

Their mom, was someone not even a great official could meed, yet she was actually bowing? Unbelievable.

Yang Wanjin said, “Grandmaster Li, this is our only choice. We come from a poor background. To raise my seven daughters I had to gain secrets.

“My means are base, but there are all done in self-preservation.”

Li Mo said, “You don’t need to explain. But it is another matter when you implicate my friends.”

“Please forgive us, Grandmaster.” Yang Wanjin gave another deep bow.

The red and purple fairies were speechless. They never saw their mom so polite.

“I promise, Grandmaster, that we will never do it to your friends and the Mo clan. Grandmaster may punish me at your discretion if I ever fail to uphold my promise.”

Li Mo nodded.

“Girls, come offer jasper wine to Grandmaster Li!”

Two more fairies came in at her words. Despite wearing different clothes, their looks were identical to the first two.

Li Mo gazed at the green and blue fairies unaffected.

Yang Wanjin, who had always been observing him, said, “The rest of you, come out with the ephemeral immortal fruits.”

“Mom!” The four fairies already here cried.

No amount of regular visiting of Jade Lake Club had ever earned anyone the right to taste the real jasper wine. Li Mo not only had the honor to be the first to try it, but he was also offered the ephemeral immortal fruit, a hundred times more precious than the wine. The wine would cure one of every illness, and the fruit would allow one to absorb the purest spiritual qi regardless of environment.

The ephemeral immortal fruits were also called Dao comprehending fruits. With Earth’s spiritual qi at an all-time low, only two out of ten thousand people could actually sense spiritual qi. And that was still unclear if they could even take the first step towards cultivation.

The ephemeral immortal fruit simplified this. Taking one was the same as bypassing one’s talent and constitution, allowing him to easily begin cultivation.

To anyone on Earth, the ephemeral immortal fruit was not something money could buy.

Yet it was given for free, just like that?

‘Is mom ok?’ The four fairies were flummoxed.

Blue fairy, black fairy, yellow fair entered. The blue fairy held a tray with extreme care, presenting a yellow fruit the size of a pigeon egg.

Li Mo looked from the jasper wine to the ephemeral immortal fruit and made them vanish with a wave in his Star Ring.

The seven fairies were in awe.

Yang Wanjin said, “Grandmaster Li is our honorable guest. Tend to his every whim!”

The fairies went to Li Mo.

For one man to have all the seven fairies at his beck and call never happened since the founding of Jade Lake Club.

Li Mo said, “Heavenly Empress Yang, why do I feel something deeper when you gave me the fruit and wine so easily? Is it fear, or something else?”

Yang Wanjin was frank, “Fear.”

“I find that hard to believe when Heavenly Empress Yang is one of the few peak fifth level experts out there that could shake the planet to its core.”

“I will be honest with Grandmaster, I have a special gift. Sensing someone’s aura allows me to assess his power. Grandmaster Li may only be in the fourth level, but your body is tyrannical and holds enough spiritual qi as a sixth if not a seventh level would. I cannot compare.

“I do not know why you have such a strong body and vast spiritual qi, but my senses tell me to not make an enemy out of you, and befriend instead.”

Li Mo smiled, “Tell the chicks to leave so we can talk.”

The seven fairies were shocked. The violet fairy couldn’t hold herself and said, “How do you know I…”

But she covered her mouth in an instant.

“Why do you think I’ve been feeling you all over for?”


Yang Wanjin waved, “Withdraw.”

Yang Wanjin removed her mask to reveal a striking similarity with the seven fairies, “My intuition never failed me. Grandmaster Li, you are otherworldly.”

Yang Wanjin’s beauty wasn’t like the pure and spotless beauty the girl in white had. She was mature, understanding, and experienced.

“For you to take off your mask by yourself… Tell me, Heavenly Empress Yang, did anyone else saw you like his?”

“You are the first.” Li Mo smiled.

“I’m sure you can tell what I want to ask by now.”

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Yang Wanjin nodded.

With Earth being a backwater planet in terms of spiritual qi, and having not connected with the God Realm, only the very few who had talent exceeding a normal human could cultivate. While demons, they had no chance whatsoever, by themselves that is. Unless they had the fortune to had their awareness opened by someone – like Li Mo did with the panda – or stumbling upon a special treasure to kickstart their cultivation.  

“I and my daughters can keep our forms and power because of my sacred item. As it is a matter of grave importance, I’m afraid I can’t disclose anything about it to Grandmaster.

“It is this sacred item that allows us to maintain our power. But for reasons unknown, I have fallen to the fifth level, and my daughters can go no further after entering this level as well.

“I ask that Grandmaster would enlighten me.” Yang Wanjin bowed.

Li Mo said, “In the time long past, the human’s sages had severed Earth’s connection with the God Realm in order to escape death. From then on, Earth’s spiritual qi spiraled lower and lower, with nothing to replenish it. Ages passed, leading to today’s situation.

“As for the fifth level limit, it was imposed by the sages to keep their descendants safe. A tremendous power had established this law and only a tenth level can break it. This makes so that anyone coming to Earth will fall to the fifth level.”

“I see!” Yang Wanjin exclaimed.

“Are you truly an outsider from Earth? As far as I know, the sages didn’t flee Earth along with the Ephemeral Birds. The birds were close to extinction and hard to find in those times.”

Yang Wanjin stood up and bowed again.

She had not a trace of contempt for him.

Yang Wanjin sighed, “I am afraid we are the last of our race. We’ve been able to survive for so long only because of that sacred item…”

“Are you referring to that vessel made out of a Void Beast bone?”

Yang Wanjin shuddered.

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