Chapter 190: Heavenly Empress Yang

“Everything’s set.” The red fairy announced.

Mo Zifei, Bai Wudi, and the rest were wasted.

The violet fairy went to Li Mo and found him sporting the same dumb look like the rest and asked puzzled, “Sister, why is this guy not drooling like the rest?”

Li Mo opened his jaw and slobber leaked out.

“That’s better.” The violet fairy left convinced.

The red fairy said, “He is Shenjing’s Li clan’s Li Mo as well as Mo clan’s grandson. He may be a hotshot out there, but here he is plain average.”

“Just ignore him and let’s get to work.”

“Which do we start with?”

The violet fairy pointed, “Young master Liu, of course.”

The red fairy stepped before him and swayed her finger in his face as she started questioning.

Young master Liu answered everything, even those regarding clan secrets.

Illegitimate child, assets, connections, shady deals, friends, enemies… 

With how renowned young master Liu was, every answer would be enough to shake the nation to its foundation if leaked.

White red fairy was doing the interrogation, violet fairy videotaped it all. They were so good at it, it was obvious they were veterans in this matter.

The violet fairy pouted, “Nothing new, the same as before.”

The red fairy said, “Young master Liu is a regular. It’s quite normal.”

The violet fairy turned to Mo Zifei, “Is Mo clan’s young master’s first visit?”

The red fairy gave a faint smile, “It sure is. With their clan’s tight discipline, Sir Army God wouldn’t have been here if not for Li Mo also joining.”

“Hurry up and question Mo Zifei.” 

The red fairy began moving her finger.

Mo Zifei yawned, cocked his head, and was fast asleep.

“Eh, why is he sleeping?”

“Did he drink too much? This wasn’t supposed to happen…”

Red fairy was downright flummoxed.

“Nevermind. I’ll do it later. The music has him out of it for five hours at the least. It won’t make a difference if he’s awake or asleep!”

“En…” Violet fairy bobbed her head.

The red fairy went to the next one, giving a recount of all she wanted.

This went on with everyone she turned to.

When the red fairy finished with all the guests, she returned to Mo Zifei and smacked him good to rouse him.

No dice though. Army God was off to dreamland, with snoring to boot. She even yelled, but nothing worked.

The violet fairy had had enough, “How is this guy sleeping like a rock?”

“He had to have had too much immortal wine! We’ll be careful next time and check their intake. Such a waste of time.”

“Next time skip the wine and have them dance to the music.”

“Sister, Li Mo is Mo clan’s grandson. Doesn’t he know their secrets?”

“What could he possibly know? He definitely knows nothing important. But since we have time to waste, might as well.”

“I’ll go this time.”

The violet fairy skipped over to Li Mo and flashed her finger.

“What’s your name?”

“Li Mo.”

“How big did you turn?”

“20 cm.”

“I’m asking you how big!”

“20 cm.”

The violet fairy was left gasping.

“Red sister, I asked him how big he is and he said 20 cm. What’s with that weird answer?”

“Your question is too vague. Just go ask him his age.”

Purple fairy resumed, “How old are you?”

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“I am sleeping right now~”(T/N: a reaaaaaly bad pun. Not even homophone words.)

Li Mo spread his arms and fell on the violet fairy.

“Red sister, red sister!” The violet fairy cried in fear.

The red fairy ran over and both barely got Li Mo off.

“What’s wrong with this guy? Damn, it hurt.”

“You’re doing it wrong. I’ll do it.”

The red fairy waved her finger before Li Mo, “What is your name?”

“Li Mo.”



The red fairy glanced at the violet fairy, who showed her admiration.

“What’s your relation with the Mo clan?” The red fairy asked.

“Mo Zhendong is my grandfather.”

“I thought Mo Zhendong had a single son.”


Li Mo spread his arms and fell over her. The violet fairy came to the rescue, only to get trapped under him as well. The two were by no means weak, but no amount of struggle could free them from under Li Mo.

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“Threesome. Me likey.”

Li Mo’s expert hands tore their clothes as the red fairy worked harder to pull him off while the violet fairy broke down in crying.

“Red sister, save me!”

“I’m under him as well!”

“Mom, mom, help!” The violet fairy wailed.

To keep the videotaping a secret, the two had their sisters sent away. The only ones in this lounge besides those young masters were them two.

“Something’s off about this guy! He doesn’t look out of it at all!”

“I told you he was different from the rest! Red sister, help! Waaah~! His hand’s moving, waaah~!”

The red fairy wanted to use magical arts but Li Mo wrested her hands so she couldn’t make even a sign. Her amazing skills proved to be moot now that her hands were in a bind.

“Grandmaster Li, I was rude to offend you. Please forgive me.” A sweet voice wafted followed by a rainbow of colors, dazzling and glittering.

Li Mo stopped, and the two fairies squeezed from his grasp.

“Shameless prick!”

The red fairy made a sign, but then she heard the sweet voice again, “Red fairy, stop. Your skills won’t hold a candle to Grandmaster Li’s.”

The red fairy paled from anger but all she could do was stomp.

“Baddie!” The violet fairy pulled a fierce face.

Li Mo spoke, “How am I bad? I’m not like you, charming them with music into spilling their secrets.”

The seven colors converged and turned into a slender and graceful woman. She bowed, “Grandmaster Li, we do this out of difficulty, but not with ill will.”

The beauty wore seven-colored silken clothes, and a mask made from seven-colored feathers. The face was hidden, but her figure spoke volumes of her charm, as well as her flawless white skin. 

The red fairy cried, “Mom, why are you so polite? He’s just a shameless prick!”

“Apologize to Grandmaster Li.” The beauty spoke.

“Forgive me.” The red fairy did so begrudgingly.

“That will have to do.” Li Mo chuckled.

The red fairy flicked her head away in anger, gnashing her pearly teeth.

Li Mo turned to the beauty, “Are you Yang Wanjin?”

“Yang Wanjin greet Grandmaster.” 

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