Chapter 189: Seven Fairies

Zhao Risheng glared at Mo Zifei.

Young master Liu said, “You’ve fought and nagged enough, Zhao Risheng. Do you still want to keep going?

“Let me give you a piece of advice. Not even I can offend the master of the Jade Lake Club. But if you keep going on this path, you will drag your clan down with you.”

Zhao Risheng froze.

He was so haughty before since he was certain nothing bad would happen, but young master Liu’s words were a wake-up call.

With how important young master Liu was, not at all beneath Mo Zifei in status, he knew those words weren’t a threat, but fact.

Mo Zifei smiled, “I forgot to mention something. I may be the host today, but this place was booked thanks to young master Liu. If I had requested it myself, I wouldn’t have received it.”

Zhao Risheng shuddered.

He was clear how hard it was to book Jade Lake Club’s most lavishing room. He tried many times himself, but nothing worked. 

He thought Heavenly Empress Yang was showing respect for the current Army God to let his party take place today.

If not even the Army God held sway here, what kind of power was behind her then?

“Was it him?” A soft voice asked.

“That’s him, wu~” Cried Cai Die, the one Zhao Risheng maltreated.

Two persons were standing at the entrance. One was Cai Die, and the other was a fairy in red.

“Little violet? Why did you change clothes?” Bai Wudi watched her in shock.

The fairy in red looked the same as the violet fairy Bai Wudi chanced before.

The red fairy said, “Guest Zhao Risheng, being vile and despicable to our fairies, with my power in Jade Lake I sentence you to one year in the foul pit to make an example out of you!”

Zhao Risheng laughed, “Red fairy, you think this place is the real Jade Lake? Isn’t it more like a first-rate whorehouse? What’s with the acting? I admit you’re backing is strong, but you don’t have what it takes to sentence me!

“I am TS’s sixth team’s vice-captain. Try anything with me and you’ll have all TS breathing down your necks!

“Moreover, none of you can best me!

“Red lady, I’m in a sour mood today, so why not join me to liven me up instead?”

Zhao Risheng saw her dazed over there and threw all her background and consequences out the window. He chuckled over to the red fairy ready to grab her close.

“Your crass actions against this fairy earns you two years in the foul pit!”

The red fairy was angry. She flicked her sleeve and a red ribbon tied Zhao Risheng firmly.

Zhao Risheng couldn’t budge an inch.

The red fairy’s ribbon was akin to the legendary immortal rope, impossible to break out of no matter how much Zhao Risheng tried.

The red fairy said, “Take him to the foul pit!”

To maids dragged Zhao Risheng away like a dog. 

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“No~, I’m from TS! You can’t do this to me!

“I am from the Zhao clan. Zhao clan will make you pay!

“Let me go, let me go~!” Zhao Risheng’s shrieks thinned out until silence reigned.

The red fairy gave her respects to Mo Zifei and the rest.

“I have let this matter trouble you, guests. Forgive me for being late in  accompanying you.”

The red fairy spoke softly and tenderly. The best way to describe her voice was a lullaby.

Bai Wudi sized her in shock, “You’re not little violet?”

The red fairy smiled, “She is my junior sister. Does ascendant wish to see her? I will call her for you.”

In a blink, Bai Wudi was reunited with ‘little violet’.

When the red and violet fairies stood abreast, Bai Wudi went slackjawed.

The two fairies had different clothes, but everything else was identical.

“There’s seven of you?”

The red fairy smiled, “Yes.”

“This is stranger than fiction. The last time I saw the white and blue fairies, they also looked the same as them.”

Young master Ning added, “I saw yellow and green fairies and they were also the same.”

The red and violet fairy smiled at the same time, “All seven of us are identical.”

The guests coming to this grand room would have only two fairies to keep them company. The guests could pick any at will but never had there been a third here.

Mo Zifei smiled, “Maybe a disguise?”

Twins were common. Triplet and quadruplets, they also existed, albeit rarer. But septuplets, would anyone believe that?

“I got it!” Young master Liu clapped, “There are ever only two fairies at one time since a third does not even exist!”

The violet fairy quipped, “Ascendant is mistaken. We are indeed seven sisters, not only two in disguise.”

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“I don’t believe it.”

“Never will.”

Everyone shook their head.

Young master Liu saw their reaction and said, “Here’s a thought, let all seven fairies come and I will pay the bill seven times over.”

The red fairy said, “Young master Liu, you are our honored guest and we can acquiesce your request. However, for the seven of us to be present, mother will have to agree to it first.”

Young master Liu was downcast, “Let’s forget it then. Not even my old man can get Heavenly Empress Yang to come, least of all me.”

Young master Liu then laughed, “Come people, let’s all have a drink!”

Young master Liu was a man with status but was bereft of any arrogance. Li Mo had a good opinion of him the moment he saw him.

The guests took their seats and the two fairies sat three meters across from everyone.  

By Jade Lake Club’s rules, fairies could not sit close to ‘ascendants’.

The music resumed and the dancing fairies began again. Now that the mood was set, Mo Zifei got drunk very fast.

The same happened to everyone. They all began gesticulating wildly and making comical faces.

Bai Wudi looked dumbly at the violet fairy, more than a little charmed.

Li Mo drank the fine wine and could feel his head swoon as well. But only for a second before clearing. The music and dancing had no effect either. His mind was as sharp as ever, so sharp he faked dizziness when looking at the violet and red fairies. 

“Red sister, now?” The violet fairy spoke softly.

“Not yet. Young master Bai and Army God Mo are fourth level experts. They have a higher tolerance. We need one more hour if we want to control them fully.”

The red fairy proposed a toast.

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