Chapter 1555 Wait For Your Revenge

However, the difference was that in Ye Jian’s previous life, Ye Ying went to study in France and became the first girl from a small town to study abroad.


To curry favor with Ye Zhifan, the town officials put up banners in the town. Since then, Ye Ying had truly become a celebrity in the entire Fujun Town, becoming like a golden phoenix flying out of the ravine.


In this life, with Ye Zhifan’s help, although it was a bit messy, she still went abroad in the end.


Sun Dongqing muttered something, and Ye Ying’s expression changed drastically as if she was so wrong that she almost cried.


“That’s enough. Your mother is like this. You should learn less from her.” Ye Zhifan didn’t want her daughter to be unhappy on the eve of studying abroad, so he spoke out to his wife for his daughter’s sake. He glared at the self-conscious Sun Dongqing and pursed his lips. Then he instructed Ye Ying again, “If you want to bring down Ye Jian and step her into the mud again, going abroad is your last chance to do it.”


Perhaps Ye Zhifan was going to talk about something big and severe. Hence, his voice became softer, and his expression was so fierce that his expression looked poisonous, “Also, you must remember, Ye Ying, torturing someone alive is better than letting the person die fast. It’s even more enjoyable. Don’t simply say you want to deal with her and make her disappear from your eyes. You are not her opponent at all, even I am not her opponent.”


There were too many people guarding Ye Jian. Initially, he wanted Sun Yaozhu to remove her during the National Day. As a result, in a blink of an eye, she saw her standing upright next to the country’s leaders, boarding the tower to watch the big celebration together.


His attitude of taking only half measures made her idea of ruining Ye Jian instantly disappear.


A person who could appear next to a national leader meant that she had attracted attention and had become even more important than him as the Director of the Provincial Construction Bureau!


“Remember what I say. If you don’t have enough strength, don’t try to provoke Ye Jian. Once you lose your breath, you will only bring yourself a devastating disaster. In the end, you won’t get anything, and Ye Jian will still have everything, and she will always be in a position where you have to look up all your life.”


“Ye Ying, do you want you to look up to an orphan girl who was inferior to you in all your life?”


No, no, she definitely didn’t want to have such a day!


Ye Ying, whose lips turned pale instantly, shook her head, and her watery apricot eyes became cold. “I will not let her stand on my shoulders. I will let her kneel on her feet obediently and never want to stand up forever.”


Ye Jian, who had been paying attention, smiled. Her bright eyes were bent into crescent moons, and the waves in her eyes were like black pearls falling into the blue waves, showing the purest beauty.


So Ye Ying wanted to kill her this time. Okay, Ye Ying, I’ll wait for that day!


Let’s see who will lie on whose feet in this life!


No wonder she was teased by Ye Ying in her later life so much that living felt worse than death. It was all because…it was all because she was taught by Ye Zhifan!


It was he who taught Ye Ying to torture her living self in her previous life! Just as what he said, real torture is making a person’s living life worse than his or her death!


If it was before, Ye Jian would be uncomfortable hearing their conversation. But now, things were different. Ye Jian deeply understood what she wanted and what was important. Ye Zhifan, Ye Ying, Sun Dongqing, Old Mrs. Ye, Ye Zhixiang, Sun Yaozu… you guys just wait!


Ye Jian closed her eyes slightly and suppressed the hatred in her heart. Things were different in this life. One day she would ruin Ye Zhifan!


One day, she would do it!

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