Chapter 134: Breaching the Foundations of the Earth (5)

The young girl released a smile, the pair of scarlet irises displaying a proud look.

An Fei rubbed her chin while displaying a triumphant smile towards the infinite darkness that surrounded her existence, a lazy look on her stunning countenance.

An indeterminate length of time in mindless experimenting had permitted the young girl to realize that she could manipulate information to create, destroy, and manipulate.

Create artefacts, entities, and life. Destroy creation, and manipulate nothing that constituted the infinite void.

The experiments had revealed to her that her attempts in creation were futile as they instantly crumbled into fragments of nihility, and her ability to manipulate the void served absolutely no purpose for she couldn’t grasp a reference coordinate to enact the action.

The odd dream presented a series of divine, godlike abilities, but An Fei was unable to enact upon them, not even for a single instance.

Her creations equated to nothing, her ability to destroy creation equated to nothing, and her ability to manipulate nothing, equated to absolutely nothing whatsoever.

Thus, when presented with the notion of escaping from the dream, why bother to escape?

There was little point in attempting to portray herself as an omnipotent creature in a nonideal environment, so why bother wasting the effort?

The young girl pursed her lips as she puffed her cheeks, displaying a fiendish, taunting glare towards the darkness that encompassed her from all directions.

An Fei’s eyelashes blinked in an exasperated manner, quickly drifting into a sentimental daydream to await the dream’s conclusion.

The young girl had the time to dream within a dream, but the Sanctum did not…

The young girl had made her choice, and the bead, ring, and golden sea were to obey.

The bead, after an extensive period of abrupt and unusual silence, reengaged its abrasive behavior, pulses of light expanding from its surface to permeate the ring of tempered divine essence and the sea of golden light.

The ring responded by resonating at an equal frequency with the bead, creating a dense network of light and divine essence.

The young girl’s heart, blood vessels, and meridians finally received their long-awaited answer.


The sea of golden light unwrapped itself from the surface of the tempered ring, unfurling and expanding within the young girl’s heart at an incomprehensive speed.

The heart soon found itself submerged within a dense ocean of golden light, surrounded on all sides by cold indifference and disdain.

The young girl’s heart palpitated in fear, its rhythm beginning to distort askew from its already warped state. Unfortunately, not a single entity gave much face to its cries for help, observing the sea, ring, and bead with a gaze of interest.

The bead of infinitesimal mass released a final shockwave in response, the wave of golden light suffusing the ring of tempered divine essence until a brilliant radiance swarmed forth.

The ring increased its rotational speed once more, the reforged inscriptions spanning its surface erupting with an indomitable aura.

The golden light appeared to be compressed back underneath the ring’s surface, forced to retreat the instant it attempted to escape.

A tremendous pressure began to build up within the channels of the tempered ring of divine essence, until –


The freed golden light exploded from the ring’s surface in abject rage, expanding outward in all directions possible to escape its ruthless captor.

The golden sea quickly parted way for the streams of light to blaze through, not daring to interfere with its enraged stampede in the slightest.

Regardless of whether it was the heart, a blood vessel, or a stray meridian, they all trembled upon glancing towards the unstoppable wave of divine essence.

The meridians in particular attempted to shift themselves away from the stampede inviting death, only to realize…

The stampede of golden light and death’s inviting smile seemed to be headed towards them…

The streams of golden light did not permit a single sound to escape as they ruthlessly invaded into the eight extraordinary meridians of the young girl, permeating the delicate channels and scouring the sides of its walls to remove the instilled impurities.

The cruel and vicious conqueror charged through the meridians with breakneck speed, its lance piercing through the toughest defenses with a lighthearted smile.


Some of the nearby meridians tore from the onslaught’s aftershocks, thin rivulets of blood gushing from the wounds to dye its channels.

The Governing Vessel, Conception Vessel, Penetrating Vessel, Girdle Vessel, Yang-Linking Vessel, Yin-Linking Vessel, the Heel Vessels of Yin and Yang…

The eight extraordinary meridians that served as the deepest reservoirs of the vitality that surged through a human’s complex meridian system to establish a living being… tore from the raging impact of the berserk golden streams.

The delicate meridian channels had been ruptured and severed into four equilateral portions, the tubular structures disassembled as though an infinitely sharp knife had pared through the fragile tissue.

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Thin rivulets of blood seeped into the interior of the channels, throwing the trepid vitality stored within into chaotic disarray.

The pure vitality stored within the eight extraordinary meridians was incompatible with the feeble strands stored within the young girl’s bloodstream, erupting a civil war that threatened to besiege the young girl’s life.

Unfortunately, the indomitable conqueror continued to ravage the meridians, the streams of golden light stretching the meridians beyond their tolerable limits.

On the satisfyingly soft and comfortable bed, the young girl drooled in pain as her body continued to convulse in increasing agony.

Her throat had quickly become hoarse from screaming, yet neither the ring, bead, sea, or the enraged streams of golden light appeared to possess any intention of ceasing their actions.

The bead of infinitesimal mass provided the divine essence to initiate the brutal process of purification.

The ring of tempered divine essence compounded the incoming existence into a compressed and highly volatile derivative of its original, before releasing it in a concentrated burst upon reaching maximum pressure.

The sea of golden light served as an alternative source of vitality for the feeble and feverish heart to continue retaining the young girl’s life, and the enraged streams of divine essence ruthlessly purged the young girl’s meridians.

Centimeter by centimeter, at an agonizingly slow yet swift pace, the eight extraordinary meridians within the young girl were fully disintegrated into fragments of colored light by the rampant divine essence.

The stray droplets of blood were also vaporized into a dense scarlet mist, dissipated into nothingness by a curtail sweep of the golden light.

Following deconstruction was always resurrection.

Having vented its unearthly range upon the interior of the young girl’s delicate body, the golden streams of divine essence gradually dissipated, leaving behind a landfill of carnage and blood.

The meridians finally obtained a brief respite, shrinking back in horror and trepidation as they glared at the ring, bead, and golden sea.

The bead of infinitesimal mass quivered in dissolution, and the ring of tempered divine essence roared in jubilation, a brilliant azure and golden radiance erupting from its surface.

The golden sea trembled in response, the tranquil surface of the sea overturned by horrifying ripples that threatened to boil the sea alive.

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The sea of golden light contracted into a small sphere in haste, before flowing into the ring of tempered divine essence with great haste.

This time, the ring did not reject the advances of the golden sea, revealing a brilliant golden hue as the sea flowed into its channels.

The ring pulsed with a divine aura, the inscriptions on its surface glaring at the amassed meridians and blood vessels. The frequency of pulsation increased by each passing moment, reaching a peak that soared towards the heavens…


Eight dragons of colored light burst from the surface of the revolving ring, swimming into the complex forest of meridians without hesitation.

The dragons merely brushed past the injured meridians they encountered on their path, disinclined to perform anymore grievous harm than necessary.

Their destination was ultimately the eight extraordinary meridians, or the empty and open placements that once housed the eight extraordinary meridians.

Each dragon settled into their respective niches with a soft sigh, the emitted divine essence diminishing as they transformed into the shape and composition of the tubular meridians that arched and twisted a path through the young girl’s body.

Socketing themselves deeply into the placement for each meridian, the eight dragons of illusory, colored light, solidified their existence.

The new meridians of different colors flashed once in accord with the infinitesimal bead housed within the young girl’s heart, an astounding pool of divine essence stored within their channels.

With the gentle and suppressed urge from the bead and the ring, the meridians began to distribute a limited supply of the reserved divine essence to permeate throughout the young girl’s entire body.

A limited supply of merely a few strands of colored light, but it proved sufficient for a fragile and delicate physique as An Fei.

The injured meridians and blood vessels groaned in delight as the divine essence restored their structure and functions to their maximum, allowing for an endless sea of vitality to regain its course.

Several meridians soon began to emit a faint fluctuation of the instilled divine essence, signifying that their purity had risen to an unprecedented realm.

The bones and marrow stared at the rejuvenated meridians in envy, forgetting that they had once obtained a similar baptism of divine essence.

The eight dragons keened in reply towards the unceasing gratitude of the meridians and blood vessels, closing their eyes in lazy slumber as their divine essence reserved within their body pooled into a crystalline form.

The endless sea of divine essence gradually compressed into a small bead that resided at the bottom of the pool, a dull lustre reflected on its surface.

The Sanctum gently reverberated, and invisible streams of divine essence began to permeate the young girl’s pores, navigating through her recovering body to infuse themselves into the eight reforged, extraordinary meridians…

A pair of delicate eyelids gravitated upwards at that moment, a deep confusion reflected within as they gazed towards the ceiling of sky-blue crystal.

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