Chapter 57: A Big Chaos in Adrian Empire’s Gentry Banquet (Part 1)

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, Adrian Empire’s capital, Samuel City, palace area

Halfway through the banquet held by Prince Joseph, Princess Alyssa greeted Clyde. After extending greetings to Clyde, she left with her close girlfriends. Although Clyde had given a very good first impression, Light Church’s people were often superficial, thinking so, Princess Alyssa politely smiled and withdrew.

“Clyde, Alyssa is also known as Princess Sapphire. Although she is very beautiful, she seems to have a very big prejudice against our Light Church. Don’t think about it too much.”

“Clyde, your family’s those beauties, Saras and the others, are not any inferior to Alyssa. Don’t be promiscuous!”

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“Eh, Maria, Tiffany, when did you two… By the way, this banquet seems fishy. There are many hidden people.”

Before Clyde had the time to ponder over the details of his conversation with Alyssa, “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria returned to his side and used half-joking tones to ridicule him. For a moment, Clyde was unable to tell if they were truly jealous, so he could only use the tactic of changing the conversation’s subject to shift their attention.

“That doesn’t matter. Even if there is an assassination, as long as you wear Light Church’s attire, it will all be fine.”

Maria and Tiffany were quite confident. According to their explanation, assassinations within any of the human nations wouldn’t involve Light Church. In Human Race, Light Church belonged to the fourth power. In the political assassinations conducted by Clark Alliance, Victor Alliance as well as Neutral Alliance, they wouldn’t usually attack Light Church’s members.

As light-class priests, both Maria and Tiffany had already cultivated to a very high rank in their professions. They had a certain level of perception ability against assassins, thieves and so on, counteracting these professions’ habitual sneaking skills. They might have even noticed the issue of this banquet site before Clyde. Merely, they didn’t bluntly point it out, nothing more. In any case, they wouldn’t be implicated, and that was enough.

Princess Alyssa was a magician. However, she didn’t have Maria and Tiffany’s abilities from the priest profession and was unable to see the potential threat. She stayed in the dedicated seats for the imperial family together with her few close girlfriends. As the dancing music played, the aristocratic men and women at the scene began to invite each other to dance together. Nevertheless, the people of Light Church didn’t participate. They just sat in their designated seats, continuing their own matters like bystanders.

Although Princess Alyssa received a lot of inviters, she ruthlessly refused the invitations to dance with those young masters of the various illustrious aristocratic families. The rejected young masters also didn’t pester her. They were very polite and just turned to invite other ladies. There was no shortage of opportunities, and it was not necessary to hang oneself on a single tree.

Unlike Princess Alyssa, her big brother, Prince Joseph, however, had already danced with many beautiful dancing partners. All of them were Misses of illustrious aristocratic families. Princess Alyssa had almost no talent in politics. She wouldn’t follow even the most basic rule of playing along according to local conditions. From this viewpoint, her big brother Prince Joseph obtaining the throne was natural.

Just a moment ago, Maria and Tiffany hadn’t been randomly chatting. They had sought to invite priestesses and clergywomen to assume offices in their soon-to-be-built cathedrals. Light Church’s saintess enjoyed certain privileges in appointing human resources to be dispatched to their cathedrals. They didn’t need to wait for Light Church’s appointments and could personally choose their personnel. Like this, it would be much better than the personnel appointed by Light Church. At least, they didn’t need to worry about the danger of Light Church planting a spy.

Whether it was intentional or not, all the priestesses and clergywomen these two saintesses had invited were very beautiful women. On the basis of that mysterious black notebook, they definitely belonged to the price range of at least 100,000 gold coins. With the saintess statuses of Maria and Tiffany, no priestesses and clergywomen refused.

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“Clyde, the washroom is over there. Don’t mistake the men’s for the women’s!”

“I won’t. I will return soon. Please excuse me for the moment.”

Because he had competed with Bishop Nichols at drinking just a moment ago, Clyde had also drunk a lot of fine wine. Nevertheless, he was not a human, so he had barely felt the effects. Merely, he had to go to the washroom. After confirming the directions of the washroom with Maria and Tiffany, Clyde got up and left. The aristocrats were busy dancing, so no one paid any attention to Clyde’s movements.

Those assassins lurking in the dark still hadn’t shown any signs of making a move. Clyde couldn’t wait for them to take action, his anticipation put him on edge. When Clyde reached the washroom, he discovered that the reminders of Maria and Tiffany had not been without reason. It turned out that the washrooms of this banquet hall had no signs distinguishing which were for men and women. In addition, the doors for both were also exactly the same. Little did Clyde know that the signs were actually specially designed illusions that sat on the small notice boards attached to each door. Due to his power, he unconsciously glossed over it. 

Clyde was unsure whether the principle of the left was for males, the right was for females was also applicable in this different world. He could only wait for someone else to come and thus determine the allocation of the washrooms. Although Clyde didn’t have good opinion about Light Church, he now wore attire symbolizing a high-level personnel of Light Church. In addition, he had been brought along by the Saintesses Maria and Tiffany, considering their faces, he couldn’t let other people misunderstand him as a pervert.

Not long after, Princess Alyssa along with her few close girlfriends appeared. Regardless of whether it was on Earth or in this different world, girls seemed to have the habit of chatting while going to the washroom together. Very likely, this was universal. Clyde stood by the window and happened to face his back toward them. Princess Alyssa didn’t look carefully at his appearance, she just entered the right washroom together with her close girlfriends.

Clyde was finally able to determine the correct washroom, but just when he intended to go, several shadows fell from the sky. Upon seeing the Light Church attire of Clyde, those several assassins who were wearing black clothes retracted the daggers they had originally planned to pull out. Afterward, these shadows flashed into the women’s washroom.

“Mister Priest, sorry to disturb you! You saw nothing!”

An aloof voice resounded beside Clyde’s ear. The assassin who had flashed by Clyde’s side was a girl. At the moment she passed by Clyde, she whispered in Clyde’s ear, and he could smell an enchanting fragrance. Looking at the perfume grade, it was absolutely a high-end good, on the level of the perfumes used by Saintess Maria and Saintess Tiffany. Because their interaction time was too short, Clyde didn’t have the time to reply. That female assassin had already left in the direction where Princess Alyssa’s party had gone.


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