Chapter 58: A Big Chaos in Adrian Empire’s Gentry Banquet (Part 2)

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, Adrian Empire’s capital, Samuel City, palace area

Halfway through the gentry banquet held by the heir to the throne, Prince Joseph, Clyde took advantage of a lull in his conversation to go to the washroom. However, before he could use the washroom, he encountered an assassin group. Encountering an assassin in the washroom, his luck was truly too bad.

Because Clyde wore the attire of one of Light Church’s high-level priests, the assassin didn’t make things difficult for him. The leader female assassin even amicably reminded him to look the other way and pretend as if nothing had happened. Judging from that aloof voice, that female assassin wasn’t very old. Her attractiveness index also wouldn’t be low due to the pleasantness of her voice.

Now, there were a lot of beauties around Clyde. After listening to their voices for a long time, Clyde already possessed the gentleman ability to roughly judge another party’s attractiveness index just via her voice. However, Clyde didn’t care about the reminder of that assassin. With his strength, these assassins were not his opponent. They couldn’t harm him even a little bit.

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Just a moment ago, if it were not for that female assassin taking the initiative to greet Clyde, they would have been done for. It was very likely that Clyde wouldn’t have paid any attention to them, and a slight moment of carelessness would have thoroughly annihilated the opposite party. If he wanted to annihilate this assassin group, it was not anything difficult. Originally, Clyde had wanted to stay out of it. Now, he was under the guise of Light Church’s personnel, if he actively interfered, it would affect the image of Light Church.

Even if Clyde didn’t give any face to Light Church, he would have at least taken into consideration the two Light Church’s saintesses who had come together with him to this banquet. He would have given “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria face and not caused them trouble. If the two saintesses hadn’t been present, Clyde wouldn’t have minded burying Bishop Nichols.

Bishop Nichols, this profiteer bishop, was too sinister. They had just met, and he had scammed him out of 20,000 gold coins without batting an eyelid. If they met several more times, even a nouveau riche would go bankrupt. Although the money wouldn’t return, being able to make that bad old man suffer a bit would have made Clyde more comfortable.

Princess Alyssa had extended greetings to him before. Although it was out of courtesy, Clyde still had a decent impression of her. Basically, Princess Alyssa and her close girlfriends had magician, mage, and warlock, these kinds of professions. Without a magic staff, the combat powers of these professions were very low. Upon encountering assassins, a close combat profession that especially targeted weak points, they had no way to defend themselves.

Other magic items that could instantly cast attack magic without the need of a magic staff were available, but only a few human magicians possessed them. Generally, only a few, old, powerful, and rare existences could disregard the constraints on magic. Princess Alyssa hadn’t reached this level. She was very talented and was reputed to be a genius magic girl, but she still couldn’t reach the stage where she could launch magic attacks without the help of magic equipment.

Clyde recalled a little bit about the circumstances of the gentry banquet. He clearly remembered that when Princess Alyssa’s party had come to participate in the banquet, they wore formal attires without any magic equipment, so they were defenseless against those assassins. In the end, Clyde was unable to let it go. He couldn’t bear to see Princess Alyssa, who he had just met, fall near him, and he decided to personally interfere.

Of course, considering the face of those two saintesses, before going to help the next door, he quickly took off the attire symbolizing Light Church’s personnel. Like this, he didn’t need to worry about inadvertently being discovered during the fight and implicating Light Church. The only problem was that Light Church’s formal attire was too complete. Even the clothing inside had the emblem of Light Church.

After completely taking off Light Church’s formal attire, Clyde was left with only underpants, his only garment that was not part of Light Church’s formal attire. Originally, there had also been underpants in the set. In fact, when saintess Maria and Tiffany had first given him the outfit, it had included underpants. At that time, Clyde didn’t wear it in fear that it would be difficult later to return the uniform. After all, he was merely temporarily disguising as one of Light Church’s personnel, nothing more. Ultimately, the clothes would be returned.

Now, he was in an awkward situation. He had not prepared any spare clothing inside his storage ring. In any case, he was a Great Old One. Walking out in just boxer shorts, not to mention his Evil God dignity, if he went into women’s washroom in such attire to save a person, he would, without a doubt, be treated like an old hoodlum.

The men’s washroom was also insecure. From a certain angle, it was more dangerous than the women’s washroom. In the human continent of this different world, there seemed to exist many philosophical existences. The aristocratic and imperial families had even more philosopher members that the average population. Generally, many members of imperial and aristocratic families got tired of playing and toying with women and started to like playing with men.

Clyde looked at the mirror. His current male body was quite well-built, suitable for philosophers. Perhaps, at that time, Prince Elvis had been interested in this, so he had taken the initiative to greet him. Clyde quickly stopped these dangerous thoughts. His orientation was normal. The companions around him were all beautiful girls. There was no chance of him being a philosopher.

This sudden issue didn’t stop Clyde from taking action. He was one of the Great Old Ones. If he couldn’t deal with this small issue, then later, when he ran into his colleagues, and they learned about this, then the other Great Old Ones might laugh to death. He would absolutely be treated as a joke.

Clyde risked being discovered by Light Church and used the ability of a Great Old One to completely cover himself in a layer of black mist. With this black mist, Clyde didn’t need to worry about being seen. In addition, he could directly pass through the walls.

The materials used in Light Church’s exclusive formal attire were highly light-attributed fibers that repelled dark energy and various kinds of corrosion marks would easily form if their resistance was overcome. Removing all his attire was thus necessary to protect them. If he had not taken them off, the formal attire that symbolized the identity of Light Church would have for sure been ruined. At that time, he would have had to pay for damages and drawn suspicion. A set of such a formal attire allegedly cost over ten thousand gold coins. Clyde didn’t dare to be so extravagant.

In the dark mist state, Clyde passed through the wall. He didn’t directly pass through, but rather cleverly passed through the ceiling of the washroom. He wanted to observe the circumstances first before deciding how to act, like an old hand at committing crimes.

Fortunately, the Light Church’s members that came to participate in the banquet didn’t notice the appearance of his evil aura. The three who might have been powerful enough to notice were out of form: “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria were occupied by chatting with other Light Church priestesses and clergywomen. They weren’t paying attention to the circumstances of the washroom. As for Bishop Nichols, he was already dead drunk. Even if he awakened from his drunken sleep state and noticed the abnormality, he could do nothing in his drunken state.

In the women’s washroom, Princess Alyssa along with her close girlfriends, those few golden daughters of illustrious aristocratic families, washed their faces at the sinks. Other than them, there was no lack of ladies who had come to the washroom to avoid the countless toasts. Not all ladies enjoyed this kind of banquet. Many came here due to their families’ demands. Not participating wouldn’t do, and they needed to come out of political etiquette.

“Alyssa, that light priest looked very handsome. Compared to other people of Light Church, he was a lot more pleasing to the eyes. Do you have any special thoughts?”

“Alyssa, if you wait until the opening of Christopher Academy, you will be forced together with that fiancé from Douglas Clan. How about you consider that priest a little now? You aren’t willing to accept that marriage, are you?”

“Anna, Sivia, don’t talk nonsense. I… I don’t wish for that. Besides, you two are speaking like you two don’t have any engagements.”

Princess Alyssa chatted with the two beautiful girls nearest to her. The beautiful girl on the left was Anna with long golden hair and beautiful eyes. She was a standard western beauty with a well-developed type figure. She wore a pure-white formal attire that almost couldn’t support her assets. Anna’s profession was a light class magician without any connections to Light Church. Light class magicians could also stay in Magician Guild.

On the right side of Princess Alyssa was a beautiful girl named Sivia. She was a beauty with black hair and eyes. Her figure belonged to the slender type. She wore black formal evening wear that let others vaguely see the outline of her figure. She was an entry-level dark magician. The number of dark magicians was far less than that of light magicians. It was difficult to cultivate; in addition, they were discriminated against by the Human Race. Thus, few people chose this path.

Princess Alyssa still didn’t know that she was being targeted. She casually chatted casually with her close girlfriends. It went without saying that she planned to stay here until the end of the banquet. There were many ladies who had the same thoughts as her. Everyone gathered here in this spacious washroom waited for the end of the banquet.

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While Clyde wondered why the assassins had still not made a move, all the magic lamps illuminating the washroom suddenly shattered. Instantly, the washroom fell into darkness, and the hiding assassins burst out. Several strange bottles flew around the washroom, and the people inside the washroom couldn’t guard against them.

The surprise attack was carried out at the same time. Cracking sounds also came from next door, the men’s washroom. Probably because they thought that Clyde was gone, those assassins didn’t take any consideration for Light Church and straightforwardly made a move in the men’s washroom too. As Clyde prepared to make a move, he noticed that the mist was not poisonous, so he didn’t immediately move. He stayed at the same spot, waiting to fully understand what those assassins wished to do before deciding what to do.

“What a strange smell… Not good! It’s…”

Because the magic lights were broken, Princess Alyssa’s party was unable to clearly see their surroundings. After they first noticed the mist, they wished to cover their mouths and noses, but they were too late. They swayed a few times and fell to the ground one by one.


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