Chapter 59: The Special Choice Ordeal in the Palace of Adrian Empire (Part 1)

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, Adrian Empire’s capital, Samuel City, palace area

The gentry banquet held by Prince Joseph was attacked. Mist filled the entire banquet hall. Before the assassins took action, they used expensive explosive chemical compounds purchased from alchemists to blow up the front gate of the banquet hall.

The imperial guards outside had no way to reinforce the struggling inner guards because they had to make a detour around the destroyed passage. Since the numbers of imperial guards inside the palace were limited, they were unable to stop the invading assassins. Displaying careful forethought, the number of assassins was very large. From their purposeful movements, they clearly knew the overall arrangements of guards in the palace.

The explosive chemical compound’s might was limited. It could only blow up a passage, nothing more. This different world’s human alchemists had not reached the level of the terrifying weapons on Earth. Otherwise, it would have saved these assassins a lot of trouble by directly blasting the entire palace. The mist wasn’t poisonous only because Light Church’s members were present, so the assassins didn’t dare to use poisonous mist, instead employing an ordinary, non-lethal knock-out mist. In addition, when going about their missions, they also refrained from attacking Light Church’s members.

In tXimengsi Continent’s history, Assassin Guild had once accidentally injured a member of Light Church. At that time, Light Church had directly sent armed forces against Assassin Guild, and the entire upper ranks of the Assassin Guild had been purged. In addition, the Church had directly announced that demons controlled Assassin Guild, so there was a need for their clergy to purify. Thus, all human nations had sent armed forces against the Assassin Guild. Finally, Assassin Guild had had no choice but to accept the excruciating terms that Light Church had offered to spare them.

After experiencing such a painful lesson, Assassin Guild didn’t dare to clash with Light Church. No assassin would provoke the people of Light Church. At the banquet, the people of Light Church sat in their seats, ignoring the commotion around them. They didn’t panic in the slightest. They were unperturbed as if the matters happening around them were completely unrelated to them.

“Clyde still hasn’t returned from the washroom? Will he fall into danger?”

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“Maria, you don’t need to worry. He is wearing our Light Church’s exclusive clothing; he will be fine.”

“Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria were curious and puzzled about why Clyde was taking so long to return from the washroom. Bishop Nichols was still not awake from his drunken sleep. Among the members of Light Church present, with the bishop unconscious, the statuses of these two saintesses were the highest.

Taking the Church’s usual practices into consideration, it was not proper for Saintess Maria and Saintess Tiffany to leave their seats and to determine Clyde’s situation. Before Bishop Nichols woke up, as the temporarily highest-ranking people, they had to take direct charge of the scene. After exchanging a few glances with each other, Maria and Tiffany could only helplessly sit here while worrying. Since they couldn’t see through his secrets, they had no clue about Clyde’s combat power of Clyde.

The two saintesses could only pray for Clyde’s safety. After all, they had brought him here. If something happened to him, Maria and Tiffany alone would be unable to explain this matter to Steinbeck Fief. Their cathedrals still needed Steinbeck Fief’s aid. If by chance Clyde had an accident, their plans would fall through.

In the nearby women’s washroom, Clyde was completely fine. Relying on the special effects of the black mist state, he hid in the ceiling of the women’s washroom, secretly observing the circumstances below. Those assassins never noticed the powerful lurker hiding above them while watching their every act and move.

Under the surprise attack, Princess Alyssa’s party fainted on the spot. Basically, all the ladies present had magic-class professions; not a single one had a close combat-class profession. When they had come to participate in this banquet, they hadn’t brought their magic staves, preventing them from mounting any resistance. After those ladies passed out, the assassins quickly examined the situation but didn’t carry out any assassinations.

The objective of these assassins wouldn’t be a simple assassination. If they had wanted to assassinate these women, they could have directly used a poisonous mist; there was no need for them to waste so much effort. The female assassin who had greeted Clyde walked over to the already fainted Princess Alyssa and checked her before gesturing at the others. 

The male assassins on the scene quickly left and went to reinforce the banquet hall, leaving only female assassins in the washroom. After all the male assassins had left, under the command of that female assassin leader, the assassins took out an already prepared red rope and walked toward those ladies. Then, they quickly brandished the daggers in their hands, cutting the fine dresses of these ladies into pieces. In the women’s washroom, pieces of beautiful cloth scattered everywhere.

When Princess Alyssa and the others woke up, they felt their entire bodies were chilly and noticed that their dress had been cut into pieces and scattered before them. Just an extremely thin bra and panties covered their final secret areas with great difficulty. They also discovered that their hands had been bound behind their backs with a red rope and that they couldn’t move at all. Their entire bodies were also bound by a similar red rope in a standard tortoise-shell binding. Their legs were spread open, and they half squatted on the ground, making an obscene “M” letter.

Princess Alyssa had blue colored undergarments. Her white and fair skin was completely visible with the gem necklace left hanging on her chest. That gem was lustrous, and in the women’s washroom where all light sources had been destroyed, it appeared especially conspicuous. On the left side of Princess Alyssa was Anna. That blond beauty wore red undergarments. Her well-developed build looked very sexy. In contrast to Princess Alyssa, the differences were obvious.

On the right side of Princess Alyssa was Sivia. Sivia wore black undergarments. Her slender figure was somewhat comparable to Princess Alyssa’s. Basically, the underwear styles the ladies here wore were not conservative styles. Formal evening wear was comparatively light, thin, and transparent; thus, when choosing underwear, they gave priority to light, thin and transparent styles to match their formal evening wear.

Now, Clyde felt like he was watching “Victoria’s Secret” or some other large-scale underwear show. The tastes of Princess Alyssa and others in underwear were too obvious. No one would believe it if someone claimed that this could not be described as appeal-type underwear. Because those female assassins had merely stripped them naked, Clyde avoided doing anything that might arouse suspicions and continued to stay in the same place and observe with a clear conscience.

Princess Alyssa and the others looked at those female assassins with unease. The mist that had made them unconscious was a common means employed by those of “Clark Alliance” when trapping slaves. The origins of these attackers was clearly a hostile nation. The mouths of Princess Alyssa and the others were already sealed by small red balls. They couldn’t even shout for help. The female assassins had taken advantage of the time when they had fallen unconscious to put red leather collars around their fair necks too. Iron chains attached to these collars tied them to handrails within the washroom. 

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“Princess Alyssa, your figure is pretty good. If it were not for this task, I would have treated you as a spoil of war and brought you back for my collection. However, you all will be nicely dealt with here! You guys, go outside and change the sign!”

The complexions of Princess Alyssa changed. Once the men and women’s washroom signs switched, if by chance, a man came in, then in their current appearances, they would be in great danger. Not to mention that their naked bodies would be seen, they might even be forced to perform strange things. The ladies trembled in horror and trepidation. In such shameful postures, if they stayed in a men’s washroom, many unspeakable things would happen if a man entered.

The female assassin leader took out a dagger and gently cut the upper undergarments of Princess Alyssa and the others. Her technique was proficient; she seemed to be accustomed to such actions. Two small holes were cut out, and those enchanting red cherries stood straight in the chilly air. But, the most wicked part was that she also cut vertical incisions at the centers of their panties. Even more than not wearing any clothes, it simply invited other people to enjoy.

After the completion of this task, the assassins restored the magic lightings within the washroom, and the entire washroom became bright once more. Princess Alyssa and others were blindfolded with a black strip, and they could only helplessly tremble while waiting for their miserable fates. The banquet hall was still in chaos, so no one noticed that the princess had gone to the washroom and hadn’t returned even after a long time.

“Well, I wish you all good luck. Princess Alyssa, I didn’t expect you all to still be… I wonder who will get to take cheap advantage of this soft skin and tender flesh.”

“Augusta Empire is too conservative. They wouldn’t use even the slightest bit of such despicable means. Princess Ophelia, that overbearing ghost, always looks down on me. This time, I will let her know who the true strongest princess of the Clark Alliance is.”

The female assassin leader gave her identity away. She was the princess of a certain Clark Alliance empire who was dissatisfied with Augusta Empire’s Princess Ophelia. It seemed that she wanted to prove that she was more capable than the other party. Clyde who had been enjoying everything from the ceiling was speechless. Although Princess Ophelia was overbearing and strong, she would at least not act like this person. Being a woman, why would she make things difficult for other women?

From this viewpoint, this assassin princess was no match for Princess Ophelia. After the female assassin took care of the matters here, they hastily left. Hearing the closing sound of the washroom’s door, Princess Alyssa and others felt nervous to the extreme. They deeply feared that a man would enter in the next moment, and upon seeing their current appearances, he would directly do some strange thing. Their current states were like  snowy white lambs offering themselves to be taken advantage of. Let alone resisting, they wouldn’t even see the other party’s appearance. Even if the other party did the deed, the other party didn’t need to worry about Princess Alyssa and others recognizing them afterward and having them punished.

Under these circumstances, only a few men would untie their bindings. With such a great benefit lying right in front of them, if they missed it, they would never have a second chance. After the washroom’s sign was exchanged, it was very unlikely that any lady would come in. Thinking of this, Princess Alyssa and the others shed tears of despair. In the next moment, the washroom’s door opened, and it wasn’t closed immediately. The other party seemed to have discovered this treat and were enjoying it with wandering eyes.

Princess Alyssa and others anxiously waited, praying that the other party would act like a gentleman. Many ladies were so horrified and embarrassed that their panties were wet and strange water stains could be seen on the floor. However, in the next second, their hearts sunk. They clearly heard the sound of the washroom door shutting and locking.

The person who had entered and locked the door without any restraint was definitely not a good person. Upon hearing the footsteps approaching, Princess Alyssa struggled against her bonds, wanting to cry out. Her close girlfriends Anna and Sivia beside her were in even worse states. They gave up all hope and didn’t plan to struggle and resist, like this they could at least refuse their rapist this pleasure. Clyde also didn’t speak. After the assassins had left, he had directly passed phased out of the ceiling and re-entered via the door.

Originally, he had locked the door for security reasons, but upon seeing Princess Alyssa and the others’ shameful appearances, Clyde didn’t immediately release them. Now, he was only in boxer shorts, nothing more. Should he untie them? Clyde had an arduous test before him.



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