Chapter 60: The Special Choice Ordeal in the Palace of Adrian Empire (Part 2)

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, Adrian Empire’s capital, Samuel City, palace area

The gentry banquet held by the heir to the throne Prince Joseph was attacked and in a chaotic state. The target of the assassins was not Prince Joseph but rather high-ranking officials at the scene. After the initial surprise, numerous imperial guards had immediately appeared around Prince Joseph. With them at the scene, the assassins couldn’t easily make a move against the prince.

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Those honored guests who hadn’t brought any guards suffered disaster. The assassins stabbed them from behind or their throats were slit. The originally lively gentry banquet turned into a bloody banquet. The guards outside the palace wanted to rush over here, but they needed time due to a detour, preventing them from protecting the guests.

In this big chaotic battle, the most secure place was the place reserved for Light Church. Bishop Nichols was still not awake from his drunken sleep. However, the two Light Church’s saintesses, “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria, were somewhat worried about Clyde’s situation. The other members of Light Church indifferently watched the mayhem around themselves. The Light Church’s attire on their bodies was the best amulet against such man-made disasters. They sat still in the same place without worrying about those assassins making a move on them.

No one cared about the whereabouts of Princess Alyssa. Because the banquet hall was in chaos, no one had the time to care about those matters. In the women’s washroom, Clyde pondered how to deal with Princess Alyssa, her close girlfriends Anna and Sivia, and the other golden daughters of other aristocrat families. They were completely in wickedly bound states and lacked the strength to resist, if Clyde wanted to, he could do anything he wanted pleased to them.

Clyde looked at the fragments of cloth on the ground for a while and felt a little awkward. Those assassins had completely destroyed the lovely clothes of these ladies. Their remaining bras and panties were also in half-damaged states. At this moment, he couldn’t find a cloth to give them to spare them embarrassment. The banquet hall outside was too chaotic. Clyde was worried that after he left, someone might really enter. If other men came over and saw the current appearances of Princess Alyssa and the others, they might truly not be able to resist the temptation to commit a sinister crime. 

The assassins had similarly attacked the next door men’s washroom, but no one had been there. It had been an empty attack. After the banquet hall suffered an attack, it fell into a chaotic state for the time being. In a short time, no one would come to the washroom here. However, it was hard to estimate the exact time because the assassins fought with efficiency and would not fight a protracted war.

Although Clyde had already exchanged the notice boards that he realized were actually the signs after watching what the assassins had done outside the washroom, returning them to normal, he couldn’t eliminate those lucky perverted existences who would, intentionally or not, take the wrong way. Thinking of this, Clyde walked over and tore off the remnants of the damaged bras and panties worn by Princess Alyssa and the others. Princess Alyssa thought that he wanted to further humiliated her and helplessly shook her head, seemingly begging for the invisible man to be stung by conscience and let them off as tears rolled down her cheeks.

The other ladies weren’t as firm as Princess Alyssa. Once the final pieces of clothing on their bodies defending their collective innocence were casually stripped off by Clyde, they were so scared that they directly fainted. Only the close girlfriends of Princess Alyssa, Anna and Sivia, could persist through this trauma. With tears in their eyes, they forced themselves to not faint.

Clyde then used brute force to get rid of the red leather collars around their necks. Afterward, he picked them up and walked outside. The other ladies were fortunate. Because they were already unconscious, they didn’t struggle. Princess Alyssa and her close girlfriends, Anna and Sivia, however, struggled even harder. Although their hands were bound behind their backs, they could still move their legs to futilely kick out at him.

From the moment they were held, both sides’ flesh came into intimate contact. Princess Alyssa was horrified to discover that the man carrying them was also naked. This time, she struggled even more violently in order to desperately save her integrity. Clyde had no choice but to take out a red rope and bind the thighs of these three girls together, making them unable to move.

Clyde could do nothing about it. Now, he was only in his boxer shorts, and it would be hard to explain why to them. Princess Alyssa and the others were already in states that easily tempted a man to commit a crime. If they continued randomly moving, their luscious skin brushing against his would simply increase the difficulty of this ordeal. Clyde feared that he truly wouldn’t be able to restrain himself at that time.

This time, Princess Alyssa was completely honest. Because of her worries and fears, her snowy white body shivered. She didn’t know what this man who was holding her wanted to do. Losing moral integrity was barely tolerable, but she feared the other party might directly kidnap her. At that time, she would be imprisoned for a long period of time and forced to suffer every day. That picture was something Princess Alyssa didn’t dare to imagine.

The palace was in chaos, and it was very easy to fish in troubled waters. Clyde used contract magic to summon a few subordinates to help him. He took advantage of the time when the palace was in chaos to summon a few shadows that were actually high-level undead such as the Corpse Emperor and a few Corpse Kings. Because Lord Evil God himself had personally summoned them, the undead legion attached great importance to this task, and Corpse Emperor who was over six thousand years old decided to personally lead the troops.

After they were teleported to the vicinity of the palace via contract magic, they flew to Clyde and landed near the washroom. Using an oversimplified and crude way, they cut open the wall. Because the banquet hall was still in chaos, the cacophonous grating emanating from their efforts basically didn’t attract any attention. The attention of the imperial guards was focused in the banquet hall and the prince. No one even noticed that evil creatures had invaded the washroom area.

Clyde looked at the Corpse Emperor in front of him, and after thinking for a while, he discarded the idea of exhorting them to not use such a crude method of opening the door next time. These undead couldn’t be blamed for not knowing to gently open the door. After all, all of them were demonic creatures. Clyde didn’t need to open his mouth to speak; he could issue orders to these undead subordinates with just his thoughts. He didn’t need to worry about the possibility of Princess Alyssa or the others hearing his voice.

Corpse Emperor and his subordinates had brought several flying demonic carriages. Clyde put Princess Alyssa and the others one by one into a carriage before making Corpse Emperor use the demonic carriage to send them outside the palace first and leave them at a luxurious suite in Austin Hotel next to Robert Hotel, Light Church’s place of habitation. He wanted to temporarily send them away from the imperial palace due to troubles rife among its grounds. After the assassination situation resolved, he would find the right time to send them back.

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Clyde had anonymously booked an entire floor of Austin Hotel in advance. Usually, there were no customers, so upon seeing that Clyde wanted to book an entire floor, they happily rented it out to him. After receiving several gold coins as rent, Austin Hotel even exempted him from the basic review procedures. They neither verified the authenticity of Clyde’s identity nor examined his rental purpose as generally required by imperial rule.

When Princess Alyssa and others recovered a little consciousness, they felt that they were lying on a soft big bed. They don’t know where that mysterious man had brought them. In any case, they realized this big bed was not a good thing because it made things convenient for the other party to commit a crime at any time. Not even a single restraint on their bodies had been removed, so they could only lie on the big bed, waiting for their unknown fates. After they had been brought to this place, no one else came, and the atmosphere was unusually quiet.

Along with the passage of time, Princess Alyssa was gradually unable to endure this quietness. Compared to their current anxious states of not knowing anything at all, they would have been better off being directly humiliated. Like that, she would at least know the other party’s objective. But in her current state, she didn’t know what the other party was thinking. Clyde had inadvertently make Princess Alyssa and others experience a neglect play.

The Corpse Emperor and Corpse Kings under Clyde had intelligence and might have misunderstood Clyde’s true intentions. After arranging Princess Alyssa and others in the room, they locked the door from the outside and ignited a special condiment. That strange fragrance made Princess Alyssa and others enter half-dazed states, preventing them from concentrating on anything but the subtle feelings threatening to emerge from the depths of their hearts.  

Fortunately, these ladies all had magician-class professions, and their spiritual resistances were high, so they only entered a half-dazed state, nothing more. The dosage of that fragrance was not very high; otherwise, they might not have been able to suppress their own instincts. This condiment was something that was used in red mansions to liven things up. If ordinary girls smelt it, her ** instinct would be aroused, and she would let the other party do whatever he liked.

As an experienced behind the scenes manipulator, Clyde had long changed into the formal attire of Light Church and returned to the banquet hall. The assassinations in the hall had just ended. After the assassins had successfully killed many bigwigs, they smoothly withdrew, suffering hardly any casualties. Adrian Empire’s side, however, had suffered big losses. A large number of influential officials had been assassinated and the palace was wrecked.

Prince Joseph was fine without any serious issues. The moment the surprise attack occurred, the imperial guards had risked their lives to keep this heir to the throne safe, not letting any assassins succeed. After being unable to assassinate their main target, the assassins had vented their grievances on the other aristocrats. When Clyde had returned, the banquet hall was dyed red with blood, leaving just a few imperial guards and court priests standing. By the time the sorting and treating of the wounded began, Prince Joseph had already withdrawn under the cover of the imperial guards.

Because the hall was still in a chaotic state, no one paid attention to the whereabouts of Princess Alyssa and the others. They probably thought that they had already fled. As for the people of Light Church, they were readying to leave. They just seemed to be waiting for Clyde’s return. After seeing Clyde, the cloudiness on the faces of “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria cleared and smiles appeared. They came forward and respectively held Clyde’s arms just like how they had arrived. 

“Clyde, you went to the washroom for so long; did you have an encounter with a beauty?”

“Clyde, I worried you had fallen into the toilet. I was just thinking of sending some people to scoop you out!”

“Cough, cough, Maria, Tiffany, what are you two thinking? How could I have had an encounter with a beauty in the men’s washroom?”

Facing the intentional ridicule of these two saintesses, Clyde had a slightly guilty conscience because they had truly hit the nail on the head. At that moment, Bishop Nichols also woke up from his drunken sleep and looked at Clyde with a pondering look, seemingly confirming whether this nouveau riche had any plans to purchase a saintess.

“Your Excellency Clyde, now, the entire city is under martial law. Let’s return to Bradley Cathedral and rest there. It is a branch of Light Church, so it is absolutely safe. Everyone there is a person on our own side.”


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