Chapter 61: Martial Law Enforced Night in Adrian Empire’s Capital (Part 1)

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, Adrian Empire’s capital Samuel City, Light Church’s Branch Bradley Cathedral

Because of the ambush incident in the palace, martial law was enforced on the entire imperial capital, and the whole city was in a sealed state. According to imperial reports, this sealed state would last for approximately three days. During this martial law period, no one was allowed to enter and exit the city without express consent. Even the privileged class, those members of Light Church, had to wait at least one day before they had the privilege to exit the city.

Clyde could only accept the Bishop Nichols’s invitation. Together with “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria, he became a temporary guest of Bradley Cathedral. After waiting a day here, he had to think of a way to discreetly leave the city. Clyde was somewhat unaccustomed to staying in a cathedral. As an Evil God with a Great Old One background, the sacred atmosphere made Clyde feel a little uncomfortable.

“Your Excellency Clyde, this cathedral is blessed by the goddess. Even a Demon King would find it hard to set a single foot in here, and the forces of darkness absolutely cannot enter here.”

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“I see. It truly is an amazing cathedral.”

Bishop Nichols led the way while boasting about the various good points of Bradley Cathedral. With regards to his boasts, Clyde couldn’t agree and could only reply in a perfunctory manner. When Bishop Nichols was busily bragging, he never even imagined that the person behind him was actually an even higher-level existence than a Demon King. In just this fashion, Clyde openly entered this Bradley Cathedral that the Bishop claimed “even Demon Kings would find hard to enter”.

Bradley Cathedral’s internal decoration and layout outclassed that of Adrian Empire’s imperial palace. At every side golden walls glowed brilliantly with a dignified air. In terms of financial resources, Light Church crushed most of the human empires. In other words, only a few empires could even be considered on the scale as Light Church in terms of financial resources.

Bradley Cathedral enshrined a Valkyrie statue. It was not Cynthia, who Clyde was familiar with. He had treated Cynthia with sincerity, so he knew Cynthia’s figure like the palm of his own hand. The Valkyrie statue here was the statue of another with a figure very different from Cynthia’s. It was basically impossible for them to be the same person. On the name section, there was no sign. Normally, a Valkyrie’s real name was not easily divulged to outsiders. Even Light Church might not know the names of all seven Valkyries.

“Your Excellency Clyde, your room is already prepared. It’s fine to choose any as you please. There are a lot of free rooms here.”

Bishop Nichols was busy, preparing the data to report to Light Church’s headquarters. After arranging for a nun to lead Clyde to his room, he turned around and left. Clyde followed the nun and arrived at the room prepared for him by Bishop Nichols. The standard of this room’s decorations completely surpassed presidential suites of five-star hotels. That big bed was big enough for several people to lie down simultaneously.

The presidential suite built by the rich and imposing Light Church was higher grade than the presidential suite of many grand hotels outside. This room was normally prepared for special guests. Usually, it was not lent out, and its frequency of use was very low. Looking at this luxurious suite, Clyde was somewhat worried. If by chance, Bishop Nichols, that profiteer, charged him money afterward, he would certainly be defrauded. The price of the presidential suite of outside hotels per hour was charged in gold coins.

“Mister Clyde, if you need anything, just ring the bell. This suite is for receiving important guests. In Bradley Cathedral, this suite is even grander than the room of Bishop Nichols! Eh, is it too hot?”

“No… it’s fine. I am just sweating a bit, nothing more. Is this suite for rent?”

“Not for rent. It is used for receiving important guests. It was last used several months ago.”

Learning that this suite was even more luxurious than Bishop Nichols’s, Clyde was so frightened that he profusely sweated in fear that Bishop Nichols would overcharge him when calculating the rent. Fortunately, that nun clearly explained to him that there was no need to pay any rent here. Only then could Clyde temporarily stay here in ease.

However, not long after the nun who had shown Clyde the way left and before Clyde had time to close the door, two familiar figures entered the room and quickly closed the door for him. Saintess Tiffany and Saintess Maria had taken the initiative to come here. They were still wearing that formal evening wear, and their somewhat ambiguous movements of closing the door could easily make other people’s imaginations roam.

“Maria, Tiffany, you two… did you two come to the wrong room?”

“Clyde, the bed is very big here. Why don’t you let us stay overnight? Rest assured; we can sleep on the floor.”

“Clyde, the beds in our rooms are inadequate, and there are no luxurious bathtubs. Please let us stay overnight.”

As it turned out, the rooms of Saintess Maria and Tiffany couldn’t hold a candle to Clyde’s special luxurious suite; thus, they wanted to lodge here for the night. In addition, they had never been in this luxurious suite, and they wanted to experience it. After realizing their thoughts, Clyde blushed with shame. These two saintesses were too daring and seemed to be completely unguarded in front of him.

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The current actions of these two saintesses was no different from taking the initiative to deliver themselves to his doorstep. Clyde considered for a while and finally suppressed all sorts of impulses. Bradley Cathedral was one of Light Church’s branches. In this place, putting a hand on Light Church’s saintess was not a very wise choice. In addition, Clyde didn’t know whether Saintess Maria and Saintess Tiffany had truly come to freeload or had secretly come for “entrapment.” In short, regarding this meat-pie that had fallen from the sky, Clyde decided not to accept it.

“Maria, Tiffany, I will give you two this room. I just happened to rent a luxurious floor at Austin Hotel. I will not return tonight.”

Clyde said this and quickly left Bradley Cathedral like he was running away. Since he had been seen together with Bishop Nichols before, Light Church’s holy knights on duty as gatekeepers outside thought that this dashing youth was a trusted aide of Bishop Nichols and were extremely respectful to him. When he left, no one bothered him. He was able to easily get away from Bradley Cathedral.

Left in the luxury suite, Saintess Maria and Saintess Tiffany looked at each other in blank dismay. They had never expected Clyde to be so gentlemanly. He actually didn’t have any thoughts on their two beauties who had delivered themselves to his doorstep. If it were not for seeing those female companions around Clyde in Stanley City, these saintesses would have misunderstood Clyde, thinking he didn’t like women and was a philosopher like Prince Elvis.

“Clyde truly is… I was thinking of giving him some benefits tonight, but I didn’t expect him to run away like this. Did he go to look for…”

“Tiffany, don’t have such improper thoughts. If Clyde truly wanted it, he would have already made a move on us. Why would he run outside to look for other people?”

“You are right, Maria. We don’t need to worry about the nuns we chose. Choosing those beautiful colleagues should be fine.”

Clyde had already rushed to the top floor of Austin Hotel, entirely unaware of two saintesses’ discussion afterward. This floor had been booked by Clyde in advance, so he didn’t need to worry about other people coming here. After that big event in the imperial palace, the entire capital, Samuel City, had tightly enforced security. Soldiers tirelessly patrolled everywhere, and almost no one else walked outside.

Because Clyde wore the exclusive formal attire of Light Church, he didn’t encounter any cross-examination while moving about the capital. The privilege of Light Church’s members could be seen from this. He also didn’t know whether the disappearance of the princess was noticed. All along the way, Clyde heard even more rumors concerning the deaths of various aristocrats. Among the various political forces of the Adrian Empire, because many aristocrats had been assassinated, there was the possibility of a complete power reshuffle.

Prince Joseph’s official status as the successor to the throne didn’t have the support of all aristocrats. The aristocrats that had participated in this banquet were all from the faction that supported Prince Joseph. In the assassination, that faction had suffered heavy casualties, making people wonder whether this assassination was the secret scheme of those against the faction that supported Prince Joseph.

Clyde had no interest in Andrew Empire’s political situation. For Steinbeck Fief, this name-only mother empire bore an empty title. Other than collecting taxes, there was not any exchange between the two at all. Steinbeck Fief, this novice place, had not received any support at all. Between the human nations of Ximengsi Continent, there was no such thing as absolute loyalty. If Clyde felt like Adrian Empire was dying, then Steinbeck Fief, which he controlled, would look for a new mother empire.

Austin Hotel’s top floor

After Clyde entered the room, he saw Princess Alyssa on the big bed. After hearing the sound of the door opening, Princess Alyssa’s snowy white body trembled as those footsteps approached her. Because she was not covered in a quilt, from a glance, Princess Alyssa’s entire scenery was plainly visible to Clyde.

Princess Alyssa’s two close girlfriends, Anna and Sivia, were also in the room. They too trembled upon hearing Clyde’s arrival. After they had been left alone for so long, they were quite afraid of being imprisoned like this for their entire lives. Looking at their red complexions, Clyde didn’t immediately untie their bindings but rather he walked over and picked them up, one by one, and placed them inside the bathtub in the bathroom, helping them to wash their bodies.

Princess Alyssa and the others couldn’t move. Their entire bodies were under Clyde’s complete control. They just squeezed in the bathtub and let the other party help them wash. Those hands wandering about their body clearly felt like a man’s. After the other party washed them clean, the next step would very likely be the bad deed. Thinking of this, Princess Alyssa shook her head as if begging the other party to not tease her.

The fragrance acted like a strange drug. When coupled with the ambiguous atmosphere, Princess Alyssa and the others were quickly unable to persist. They shook their heads and shakily nodded their heads. It was unknown whether they wanted Clyde to stop or keep going. Just a moment ago, the saintesses had seduced him, and he now had to vent it off on Princess Alyssa and the others first. After the bath was over, Clyde removed the small balls sealing the mouths of Princess Alyssa and others, making them able to speak for the time being.

“Don’t, don’t do this. I beg you. You can do whatever you want, but don’t…”

“Spare us! We will pay money. We will never speak a word about this.”


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