Chapter 62: Martial Law Enforced Night in Adrian Empire’s Capital (Part 2)

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, Adrian Empire’s capital Samuel City

Because of the assassinations in the palace, the entire city was in a sealed state. Clyde had no way to leave, so he was trapped within the capital for a day or two. Thus, he could only observe the changes in the situation and plan his next moves. Bishop Nichols invited him to temporarily stay in Light Church’s branch in Adrian Empire, but Clyde let Saintess Maira and Saintess Tiffany use his luxurious suite before leaving.

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In the luxurious suite of Austin Hotel, Clyde carefully arranged the ladies there. Including Princess Alyssa and the others, there were over ten aristocrat ladies here, and their attractiveness indexes were also all very high. Although Clyde’s way of doing things was somewhat wicked. If he hadn’t saved them, these beauties would have still been in the washroom, and their fates might have been even more wicked.

The other ladies let Clyde gather them together. They already had completely given up on struggling. Clyde placed them in the bathtub and washed them clean, one by one, before gathering them in the bedroom. After their entire bodies had been touched by the other party, they didn’t dare to struggle in fear that they would stimulate the other party, making him immediately put his hands on them.

“Princess Alyssa, are you awake? Don’t be nervous. It’s safe here.”

“It’s you! Mister Priest, how come you’re here?”

At the last moment, Clyde suppressed his wicked impulses and didn’t put his hands on Princess Alyssa and the others. He just got rid of their black blindfolds, making Alyssa clearly see his appearance. After seeing Clyde, Princess Alyssa felt relieved, but her complexion quickly turned bright red. She had been seen and touched everywhere by the other party; moreover, Clyde had yet to untie their bindings.

“At that time, I just happened to find you and took you all away to safety. The palace was too chaotic.”

Princess Alyssa’s close girlfriends, Anna and Sivia, also looked at Clyde with bright red faces. Their current positions truly tempted him to commit a sin. If this handsome guy couldn’t restrain himself, then they could only comply. Just when Clyde planned to untie their bindings, the sound of footsteps from downstairs floated up the stairs..

“Lord Brian, an honored guest has booked the entire floor above. I truly haven’t seen any suspicious individuals!”

“Shut up, Princess Alyssa and the others are missing. The assassins are still inside the city, and the entire city is under martial law. Now, I want to search this place.”

Clyde was in an awkward situation. Just upon returning, he had run into an inspection to crack down on his current pornographic scene. This was troublesome. If Princess Alissa and others were seen in this terrible appearance, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself. The complexions of Princess Alyssa and others were also burning hot. If they were seen in this appearance, it would truly be harmful to the dignity of their families. However, in such a short time, Clyde was unable to find them any clothing. Thinking quickly, Clyde took out the black blindfolds and small balls and put them on to Princess Alyssa and the others again before they could protest and attract attention.

“I’ve offended you. Princess Alyssa, please believe in me!”

The complexions of Princess Alyssa and the others were bright red like ripe apples now. At this moment, they could only choose to believe in Clyde’s judgment. They were not only restrained, but they also lacked energy now. Their everything was under Clyde’s control. Thinking this, they cooperatively opened their little mouths to let Clyde use the small balls to seal their ability to speak.

On this floor, many Corpse Kings and a Corpse Emperor hid in a dark corner. If Clyde ordered it, they would make a move without any restraint, and that military troupe would be eradicated. However, Clyde didn’t issue any order. It would be even more troublesome if he killed these soldiers because that would only attract further investigation.

Clyde quickly made his preparations. The hotel that had received his huge rent was very sincere. An attendant continuously tangled with the soldiers who wanted to search this place, stalling to give Clyde enough time. Clyde first carried the aristocrat ladies and hid them in the big wardrobe before locking it up. These ladies didn’t dare to move randomly. They were feeling very conflicted in their hearts. If they made the sound, they might be discovered and saved, but the reputations of the patrolling troops were not good. If by chance they saw them in their current appearances, it would certainly be even more tragic than their current hopeful situation.

Now, they were just being dominated by a single person, nothing more. However, if the patrolling troops discovered them, they would be dominated by a group of people. There was no third choice. Thus, the aristocrat ladies chose to cooperate with Clyde and let him hide them in the wardrobe and lock them up. There were quite a few large wardrobes in the room, just enough to hide these ladies.

Princess Alyssa didn’t need to hide. After Clyde threw off his clothing, leaving only underpants, he climbed into the big bed. Then, he extinguished the magic lamp that illuminated the room and hugged Princess Alyssa and her two girlfriends. Princess Alyssa and the others were so scared that they trembled, thinking Clyde was unable to restrain himself and wanted to do that to them. When the two sides came into intimate contact, Princess Alyssa and others noticed that Clyde had already removing his clothing, allowing their naked bodies to touch.

Clyde held Anna on the left and held Sivia on the right. Princess Alyssa was bent over in front of him. After they were covered by a quilt in this position, looking from a distance, it looked exactly like they were in the process of doing a wicked deed. At that time, the patrolling troops forcibly burst in only to see several figures on the big bed. A handsome youth held three beauties, seemingly in the middle of doing a bad deed.

Because of the dim illumination, the patrolling troops couldn’t clearly see that the beauties Clyde was holding were Princess Alyssa and others. When Captain Brain who had entered first wanted to give the orders to search the room and make the men and women on the bed get up, he saw Light Church’s priest attire resting beside the bed. His complexion immediately changed greatly. Before Clyde had come, he had not changed his clothing, and he had still been wearing Light Church’s formal attire, leading to this situation.

“This captain, do you have any matters?”

“Mistake, we entered the wrong room! Sorry to disturb you. We’ll leave immediately.”

Clyde was calm and composed, not nervous at all. Captain Brain, however, profusely sweated. He had never expected to encounter a Light Church member pursuing recreational activities here. This was so tragic, and he definitely couldn’t report it. The higher-ups of Light Church engaged in such matters a lot. Even if he reported it, it would be declared heresy. In addition, the one who had reported it would be directly captured by the Inquisition and burned to death while being declared guilty. In fact, Clyde’s literal word could spell his fate.

“Is it truly a mistake? Captain Brain, as I see it, you don’t seem to have made a mistake. Recently, the Inquisition…”

“Your Excellency, we didn’t see anything. You can continue. I will maintain my secrecy. I will warn other patrolling troops too. Please believe me. I am a believer of Light Goddess.”

“I can feel your sincerity. Then, I will not see my unexpected guests out.”

“Rest well. We will scram immediately.”

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Although Captain Brain was envious of this man’s luck with women, he knew very well that he had no such blessing and shouldn’t stay here any longer. He quickly retreated with his subordinates. He would never speak out this matter; otherwise, he might be executed and burned at the stake, truly a miserable way to end. The entire patrolling troops quickly left, saving themselves. If they had approached a bit closer, then those Corpse Kings and the Corpse Emperor hiding in the dark corner would have wiped them out without waiting for Clyde’s orders to attack. Thus, they could consider themselves truly fortunate.

After the patrolling troops left, when Clyde wished to get up, he discovered that Princess Alyssa and the others already couldn’t control themselves. Under the effect of the condiment, they were twisting around, clutching at him. In this state, he couldn’t release them. If he were to take off the blindfolds of Princess Alyssa and others, he would be able to see their yearning and bashful expressions.

“Princess Alyssa, I can help you all, but you all have to maintain secrecy. This will be a secret between us.”

Princess Alyssa had long been tortured by her instincts and would soon lose control. She meekly nodded her head and closed her eyes, handing herself over to Clyde’s care. On the other side, Anna and Sivia also did the same. They nodded their heads and expressed willingness to accede to Clyde’s arrangements. Only such a man could provide him with pleasure. Since they had already agreed, Clyde also no longer pretended to be a gentleman. He opened the wardrobes and carried those ladies to the big bed, then lowered his head to kiss them all.

After a long night, when the morning sun finally illuminated the bedroom, beautiful scenery could be seen on the big bed. There were snowy white charming bodies everywhere. Clyde got up from the midst of beauties. Beside him, Sivia, Anna and Princess Alyssa watched Clyde bitter expressions. Seemingly, they were discontented with this gentleman.

Clyde hadn’t taken the last step. He had simply caressed and kissed their entire bodies, lowering their internal frustrations and heat, nothing more. That condiment hadn’t contained a large amount of that special drug. They would be fine as long as they persisted for some time. However, kissing their entire bodies had truly been too wicked. Heaven knew how many times Princess Alyssa and the others had almost reached their peaks before being denying it. If it were not for the small balls sealing their ability to speak, they might have already begged Clyde to give them real happiness. Clyde’s attempt at maintaining their purity had simply been pure torture.

“Princess Alyssa, I offended you greatly yesterday. I… eh, why are you crying? I don’t have any ill intentions!”

“Can… can it be that you… you don’t want to take responsibility? Although you didn’t take the last step, you have already seen our everything.”

Princess Alyssa shed tears of shame. It seemed that she wanted Clyde to take responsibility for his actions. In the past, she didn’t have any good opinions about Light Church, but she had a good impression of Clyde. On the other hand, Anna and Sivia also had the same expressions; seemingly, they wanted Clyde to take responsibility. Basically, the other ladies on the bed had also experienced the same. Taking responsibility for so many people, it seemed very difficult. Those ladies were still asleep, and unlike Princess Alyssa, Anna and Sivia who were freed from the black blindfolds and the small balls, they were still wearing all the erotic lingerie they’d come in.

“We will obey your arrangements. For instance…”

Anna and Sivia whispered in the ears of Princess Alyssa, then the complexions of three women became red. Like they had made some kind of decision, they simultaneously lowered their bodies. Anna and Sivia then used their teeth to gently pull down Clyde’s boxer shorts that were in the way, and Princess Alyssa faced that standing, erect, ferocious thing. She turned redder, and slowly lowering her head, she used her little mouth to contain the wicked thing. Gently swishing her tongue, she provided vibrations that made Clyde moan.

Clyde was stimulated. In the past, when he had been with Princess Saras and Valkyrie Cynthia, the two had not been so open. Princess Alyssa and these aristocrat ladies, although they weren’t experienced in human affairs, actually knew a lot. After seeing Clyde had no objections, Anna and Sivia also got down on his left and right with red faces and stuck out their tongues, making Clyde experience three times the joy.

Clyde was not a person of virtue. He didn’t want to refuse this special service at his doorstep. He reached out and pressed Princess Alyssa and the others’ heads in response. The other aristocrat ladies were still blindfolded and didn’t see this wicked scene of Princess Alyssa, Anna and Sivia serving a man. The three people together gave Clyde a wicked service.


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