Chapter 63: Returning to Steinbeck Fief (Part 1)

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, Adrian Empire’s capital Samuel City

Because of the assassination attempts, the entire city was under martial law. Princess Alyssa and her close girlfriends Anna and Sivia as well as those other ladies who had gone missing during the gentry banquet held by Prince Joseph smoothly returned to the palace the next day. They were escorted back by the people of Light Church. As for the concrete details, they didn’t speak of them.

“Clyde, you have to take responsibility! We already…”

“Princess Alyssa, I will think of a way. You don’t need to care about that Douglas Clan. As long as they are human beings, they are of no threat to me.”

After Clyde sent Princess Alyssa and the others back, he finally relaxed. Recalling the insane matters of this morning, he felt his brow furrow. He had almost been unable to endure and been forced to directly punish them thoroughly. That special service was truly very hard to withstand. Just as he had been about to erupt, Alyssa Princess had felt shy and moved away. Fortunately, her close girlfriend Anna had timely replaced Princess Alyssa and had that special experience.

With Anna taking the lead to set the example, the developments afterward were like opening Pandora’s box. Princess Alyssa and Sivia as well as those ladies of illustrious aristocrat families had basically all experienced that special pleasure. Although they were still virgins for now, after that special experience, they had, in fact, all already turned into his women.

As an Evil God with the background of a Great Old One, his physical power was unusually abundant, far above these beautiful girls of the Human Race. Even after all these beauties had been physically paralyzed by sheer orgasmic pleasure, he had still had a lot of energy left to squander. In the end, Clyde had gone to buy clothes, and after untying their bindings, he had personally stroked their bodies while putting the clothes on them. At that time, Princess Alyssa and the others had already tacitly approved of and accepted their new reality, letting Clyde put on everything from their new bras and panties to silk stockings and outer robes on them. Clyde thoroughly enjoyed this dressing project without a hitch.

For Clyde, his experience of that time was simply paradise. Princess Alyssa and the others took turns to give him special services. After the cloud and rain, their lips had been left with a special mark in addition to his white liquid, seemingly, he had marked them as his own possessions through his powers. Later, Clyde was also not polite, and he had kissed and caressed them simultaneously, thoroughly bullying Princess Alyssa and the others.

After sending off Princess Alyssa and the others, Clyde immediately returned to Bradley Cathedral to discuss with the Church officials. After he used the key to open his room, an amorous scene appeared before him. He saw various kinds of girl’s clothing from bras, panties and silk stockings to outerwear scattered on the woolen carpet. According to their measurements, he could determine that they belonged to Saintess Maria and Saintess Tiffany for sure.

The two saintesses seemed to have a habit of sleeping without any clothing, truly an inviting sight. Those two snowy-white works-of-art-like bodies hugged each other in a completely unguarded state. Originally, a quilt seemed to have covered them, but he didn’t know whether Maria or Tiffany had bad sleeping postures, but the quilt had been kicked away in the night, allowing Clyde to see the scene of their embrace. Clyde truly wished to cuddle with them.

Fortunately, Clyde knew them relatively well. He knew that these two weren’t lilies; otherwise, he would have generously turned away so as to not disturb their intimate time. Saintess Maria and Saintess Tiffany had no guards up against Clyde. They had clearly known that Clyde had a key, but they still hadn’t locked the door, and after Clydehad  returned, he had immediately seen this amorous scene.

Probably because the sound of door opening was too loud, Maria and Tiffany woke up with a start. When they saw Clyde, their faces instantly became bright red, and as if they were worried that he would misunderstand, they immediately separated before realizing their bare states and covering their secret parts. Clyde had already been satisfied by Princess Alyssa and the others, so he was not interested in these two saintesses for the time being. Otherwise, he might have slept together with Maria and Tiffany beneath the gentle morning sun.

“I disturbed you two! How about I leave first, and you two can continue?”

“Lord Clyde, wait, you misunderstood. I don’t have such a relationship with Tiffany!”

“Lord Clyde, don’t let your imagination run wild. There is truly nothing between us.”

“It’s okay. I was just joking, nothing more. You two should change first; otherwise, I will not be able to explain this scene to Bishop Nichols!”

Clyde accepted the explanations of Maria and Tiffany. Then like a gentleman, he turned around and left. After closing the door, he helped them keep watch outside. In a while, the two saintesses finally changed into their formal priest attires of Light Church and emerged. Their complexions were still slightly red, clearly, they had recalled the matter of Clyde seeing them completely bare while changing.

“Lord Clyde, just now, did you see everything?”

“It was unintentional. I can’t say that I didn’t see… However, there is no need to worry. I will never tell anyone else. This will be a secret between us.”

“Lord Clyde, you misunderstood. We have no other meanings. We just wanted to ask about whose figure did you think was better?”

The question raised by Tiffany placed Clyde in a dilemma. As he saw it, only an immature kid would make a choice. All adults had a standard solution to such a problem, which was to pretend to become an idiot. After giving a series of ambiguous answers to them, Clyde finally saw Bishop Nichols. Seeing the bishop, the two saintesses turned around and went to other places to busy themselves. Clyde and the bishop also left to a secret place.

“Your Excellency Clyde, I have already asked Archbishop Andrew. In the future, Needham Plains will be declared as a cursed land. At that time, as long as your Steinbeck Fief expresses the intention to buy it up, Andrew Empire will immediately shake hands with you.”

“I have troubled you, Bishop Nichols. After this is achieved, I will reward you again. Oh, that’s right, I wanted to ask. If I want…”

“Eh? Your Excellency Clyde, your appetite is too… In the matter of Princess Alyssa’s engagement with the Douglas Clan, our Light Church cannot help, but if you have a fief and an army, you can directly deal with this according to the way you like the most. Like next-door Clark Alliance, you can directly use military force to snatch a person.”

“Bishop Nichols, you are asking me…”

“Your Excellency Clyde, I am not saying anything. Light Church doesn’t participate in political affairs, and this is just a small branch of Light Church. That’s all. As for who controls this place, either Andrew Empire or Your Excellency, you can decide on your own. It has nothing to do with us.”

Crafty and cunning Bishop Nichols didn’t even bat an eyelid as he gave Clyde his answer, hinting that he could use force to end Adrian Empire. When the moment came, Princess Alyssa and the others would be under the control of the winner as people of a vanquished nation. This method of resolving things was the usual method of Clark Alliance. It was oversimplified and crude, but there was no need to worry too much.

The Adrian Empire’s imperial family was too stingy. This branch of Light Church couldn’t scoop out too many delicacies. Bishop Nichols had already had the intention of replacing the ruling party, wanting to let a new empire to replace the Adrian Empire. On the surface, Clyde and Bishop Nicholas were friendly, but in fact, each had evil intentions and were calculating against the other.

The number of current residents of Steinbeck Fief was just several tens of thousands. Attacking Adrian Empire that had a population of several million was no different from throwing an egg against a rock, the gaps in population was too big. Unless Clyde showed his true form and directly used demonic creatures to attack, there was no way it could succeed. In addition, Bishop Nichols had already revealed that Light Church would neither support nor interfere in this matter.

During his trip to Andrew Empire’s capital Samuel City, his gains had been truly great. Saintess Maria and Saintess Tiffany brought back a large number of priestesses and clergywomen to assume stations in Steinbeck Fief’s soon-to-be cathedral. In addition, because Clyde had passed their tests, these two saintesses felt he was reliable and had chosen priestesses and clergywomen with very high attractiveness indexes. All of them looked seductive.

As for the matter of Princess Alyssa, he didn’t need to worry too much. Her engagement with the Douglas Clan didn’t need her to get married immediately. Clyde had plenty of time to prepare and consider whether to overthrow Adrian Empire or wipe out the Douglas Clan. A peaceful negotiation was very unlikely. The Douglas Clan was the foremost aristocratic family of Adrian Empire. Its status was very high within the empire, reaching the extent that they could ignore imperial rules. However, they still gave face to Light Church, so the two sides didn’t interfere in each other’s matters.

“Lord Clyde, we are already at the city wall of Samuel City. Did Bishop Nichols discuss any bad things with you? That old man is crafty. You should be careful when dealing with him. If you don’t, you will suffer unexpected financial losses.”

On the carriage, Clyde was somewhat embarrassed while looking at Saintess Maria and Saintess Tiffany and slightly nodded his head to acknowledge their words. Merely, those words were a bit too late. He had already been scammed. Steinbeck Fief was no different from the time when Clyde left. Nevertheless, the territory that had originally originally lain in waste without any signs of human habitation, because of the influx of several ten thousands of residents, began to look somewhat humane.

In the vicinity of Stanley City, the wasteland was already being reclaimed for farmland, and Stanley City was setting up the necessary facilities for a functional city. The magical creatures wandering around nearby had already been driven out by the Bloodkin familiars summoned by Lucifer. In addition, there was an undead legion, guarding the territory in secret. As for the neighboring nations, although they had not given up on capturing the witch Ista, they didn’t rashly attack. All were waiting for someone else to lose patience first and become the vanguard to test the waters that seemed suspiciously deep after several failed expeditions.

Princess Saras and Princess Natalie welcomed Clyde at the entrance of the palace. It was daytime, and Lucifer didn’t like the sunlight, so she was probably still sleeping in the palace. The ancient Demon King Andrisno was for similar reasons in the imperial library. Meanwhile, the witch Ista and Princess Sigrid were hidden in a secret experiment area.

“Clyde, you are finally back. I heard the next door Needham Plains were declared a cursed land by the Light Church. Adrian Empire has dispatched several special envoys to ask whether we want to take it over,and also said that they would exempt the taxes for that place for one year. I have been waiting for your return to make the decision and haven’t yet replied to them.”

“Eh, Bishop Nichols and others’ efficiency is truly fast. Worthy of taking… Saras, it’s fine. We’ll take it over.”

“There is yet another thing. The construction of Light Church has already started. Merely, we lack skilled craftsmen and the raw materials. The neighboring nations seem to have made an agreement and sealed our borders to prevent traveling merchants from trading with us to force us to pay double the price to them.”

“Those guys are truly asking for a spanking. Princess Saras, I will take care of this matter, we won’t need to spend a penny.”


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