Chapter 64: Returning to Steinbeck Fief (Part 2)

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, Steinbeck Fief’s central area, Stanley City’s palace area

Clyde discussed with Lucifer and Princess Saras about the new situation that the fief faced.  Meanwhile, the two saintesses, “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria, had already gone to inspect the rate of progress on the cathedral with the priestesses and clergywomen whom they had invited.

Those several nations of “Clark Alliance” around Steinbeck Fief such as Adelaide Kingdom, Kruft Kingdom, Cromwell Kingdom, and Franconia Empire were all militant nations, especially Franconia Empire. In “Clark Alliance,” its overall strength was on the level of the Augusta Empire that had routed Adrian Empire. In other words, it was a superpower.

Among the surrounding nations, Clyde didn’t consider Kruft Kingdom an opponent. Not long ago, it had already suffered a big loss and had also been unable to secure further military expenditures. In addition, a prince had been lost, and Princess Natalie had defected to Steinbeck Fief. Even if they wanted to attack Steinbeck Fief, they didn’t have the ability.

Among the other nations, Franconia Empire also didn’t have any plans to take the initiative to attack. After all, Steinbeck Fief was still a land lying in waste and lacked valuable resources. If it were not for Witch Ista hiding here, Franconia Empire wouldn’t have even marked this region on the map.

The main target of Franconia Empire was Adrian Empire, but they had never found a suitable chance to attack. Although Adrian Empire had suffered a crushing defeat against Augusta Empire, “Pure White Empire” Winifred Empire’s Princess Claudia’s army had successfully supported Adrian Empire. With 50,000 soldiers, they had warded off the joint offense of over 500,000 soldiers originating from multiple nations of “Clark Alliance.”

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After over 500,000 joint forces of “Clark Alliance” had continuously attacked for several days, they had withdrawn their troops as resources had grown scarce. Even after losing over ten thousand people, they had still been unable to break through “Pure White Princess” Claudia’s line of defense. “Extreme Night Princess” Ophelia who was one of the only generals who could prove a match for Princess Claudia had already long recalled her troops. She didn’t participate in this battle, indirectly leading to the defeat of “Clark Alliance” because she had already foreseen the outcome.

Franconia Empire had chosen a wait and see approach. They had been waiting for Winifred Empire’s army to withdraw. At that time, they would look for a suitable gap to attack Andrew Empire. Steinbeck Fief was not important in their eyes. Without Witch Ista, Steinbeck Fief wouldn’t have even entered their eyes.

At present, the main opponents of Steinbeck Fief were Adelaide Kingdom and Cromwell Principality. These two nations led the trade blockade battle against Steinbeck Fief; moreover, they were intensifying their preparations for war against this fief. Furthermore, there was still a good chance that Franconia Empire was secretly instigating their efforts from the dark, wanting to use these two nations to test the actual situation of Steinbeck Fief.

If this attack succeeded, then Franconia Empire would use the gap that would be presented to later attack Adrian Empire. If the attack failed, they would figure out Steinbeck Fief’s defenses without truly suffering any losses. After all, they were just manipulating the other two kingdoms behind the scenes, nothing more. They wouldn’t need to waste their military strength, and they only needed to give some basic funding and equipment support to Adelaide Kingdom and Cromwell Principality.

“According to our investigations, Adelaide Kingdom has already assembled troops. Likewise, Cromwell Principality has also already assembled an army of over 100,000 troops, and both nations have stations significant numbers at our borders. They both seemed to have moved out the entirety of their forces.”

“These two fellows, they still don’t know that they are being used as a tool to attack. How much information on these two nations has been collected?”

“Adelaide Kingdom’s elite troops are mainly pikemen.  As for Cromwell Principality, they don’t have any special branches. Their main force is their infantry. The current Suzerain, Duke Krend, is a militant fellow who has always wanted to annex Steinbeck Fief and expand his territory because if his territory grows just a bit larger, then it will directly advance from being a mere principality to a kingdom.”

“Then, he will be given priority in who needs to learn a lesson. That fellow actually want to use our fief as a stepping stone to advance his nation.”

In the secret room of Stanley City’s palace, after listening to Princess Saras’s report, a hint of coldness flashed through Clyde’s eyes. In the early stages of the territory, he had originally wanted to keep a low profile for a period of time while slowly developing. However, the other party seemed to not want to give him the opportunity to be low-key. In the current situation, not counterattacking won’t do. Cromwell Principality and Adelaide Kingdom had already sealed the borderline of Steinbeck Fief and stopped all frontier trade.

Without trade, the construction of Light Church’s cathedral wouldn’t be completed in time because a large number of raw materials had to be shipped from outside. The blockade at the border was very troublesome. If the construction were not completed in time, Saintess Maria and Saintess Tiffany would have to return to Light Church’s headquarters to report back. In addition, the personnel of Light Church that would be appointed to Steinbeck Fief would also have to be reevaluated.

In order to resolve the issue of the dearth of materials for cathedral construction, Clyde had to launch a war against Cromwell Principality and Adelaide Kingdom in order to force them to open the borders using military force. Nevertheless, they couldn’t expect any help from Adrian Empire, their mother empire. After they had passed Steinbeck Fief to Clyde, they hadn’t cared about anything and also hadn’t provided any support. The path connecting Adrian Empire and Steinbeck Fief had fallen into disuse for many years and was not suitable for transportation. It was almost impossible for trade to pass through the border shared with Adrian Empire.

“Big Brother Clyde, I have a matter to settle with Andrisno. You and Big Sister Saras can keep discussing! By the way, the room in the back has a bed. You can use it at any time!”

“Lucifer, what strange things does this girl think of all day long?”

The secret room was illuminated by the red candles. That red candlelight created an unusually ambiguous atmosphere. Now, Clyde sat on the throne, and his younger sister had already left while pretending that she had something secret to discuss with the ancient Demon King Andrisno. However, just before parting, Lucifer mischievously gave Clyde a few hints, and her eyes were filled with encouragement.

The atmosphere within the secret room was truly ambiguous. Under Lucifer’s arrangements, the decoration of this room was similar to those special appeal rooms often used by lovers. The window’s curtains were tightly closed, making this room rely on just the light emitted by a few red candles for illumination. The maid-servants in the room were all in a completely bare state with red leather collars around their fair necks that appeared especially conspicuous. They were already accustomed to this state and bore it without any signs of nervousness. Looking at them Clyde thought about Princess Alyssa and the others he had bullied before. When he looked at these maid-servants once more, he couldn’t help but feel the ambiguous aftertaste of that time.

The faces of these maid-servants were slightly red, but they didn’t evade or cover their soft and elastic snowy white ** marked with the exclusive magic seals of Steinbeck Fief from his gaze. These magic seals proved that Clyde owned them. Therefore, being shy in front of Clyde was useless, they were his.

“Lord Clyde, do what you want… no problem. This room is soundproof, so you can do whatever you desire here. No one else will know!”

“Princess Saras, your attire is very dangerous!”

“That’s fine. With Lord Clyde here, there will be no danger.”

After Lucifer’s departure, Princess Saras naturally undressed herself with the help of the maid-servants. From the start, she had never worn anything inside and was in a completely bare state. Within the palace, bras and panties were basically non-existent. After taking off her clothing, Princess Saras put on a black colored cat-ear headband and knelt in front of Clyde, revealing that she had been wearing a red leather collar around her neck this entire time. 

Princess Saras then placed her hands behind her back and ordered the waiting maid-servants to use a red rope to tie them up, delivering herself to Clyde’s doorstep. In any case, they had already slept together before with only the last step remaining. The face of Princess Saras was slightly red, but she was not that embarrassed. After all, Clyde had already seen her everything, she already had no secrets in front of Clyde.

In the past few days while Clyde had been absent, Princess Saras must have learned various kinds of seduction techniques from Lucifer including how to seduce her master. She had devoutly practiced them since in truth, she desired for him to fill the hidden desire that she concealed whenever she had to act like a proper official. After the matter of bullying Princess Alyssa and the others, Clyde was no longer so serious. He had overcome his previous thinking about propriety and respect. This was a different world, and he didn’t need to restrain himself with the rules of his previous world. After thinking this, Clyde made Princess Saras sit above his legs and skillfully pulled that iron chain attached to the collar around her, making Princess Saras move close to him. Reaching up to lick his chin, she meekly mewled while gazing at his dark eyes.

“Saras, you need to be punished properly for this!”

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“No problem, Lord Clyde. I am in your hands. Please teach me.”

Since Princess Saras subtly announced her consent, Clyde also didn’t hesitate. He gently but forcefully pulled the iron chain to force her head up and kissed her lips. Then, prying open the other party’s teeth, he slipped his tongue in for a French kiss. Using his powerful tongue, he overpowered her soft and supple tongue that seemed to twist around his own. Their salivas mixed as she melted into his arms. Although Clyde hadn’t taken off his clothing, he could still feel the softness of Princess Saras’s chest pressed against him. Although it was soft like a pillow, two hard nubs poked into his broad chest, exciting him even further.

Clyde used his one hand to hold the iron chain and restrict her movements while using the other hand to explore Princess Saras’s back. While roaming across her smooth back, his hand explored the secrets of her body, registering every slight tremor as he found one of her pleasure points. Upon seeing this, the other maids didn’t escape but gathered together as if they had made an agreement to serve their master or perhaps even attract his attention so they too could receive some pleasure. Two maids took off Clyde’s war boots and gave his feet a massage while another maid massaged the arm he was using to hold Saras’s chain.

Clyde felt that these maids had definitely been taught well by Lucifer. Their serving methods were too professional. The secret room was dimly lit, and along with the tightly closed window curtain, this place became a secret area for erotic acts. Clyde could do whatever he wanted. The other maids without any tasks knelt on both sides of the throne, waiting for Clyde’s arrangements with their secret parts proudly on display.

“Lord Clyde, I’ve already consolidated the troops. Should we set out?”

“Eh, Natalie, wait a moment. I will come out soon.”

Just when Clyde was about to place Princess Saras on the bed and preparing to enjoy this beauty, Princess Natalie’s voice came from outside the curtain. Because the curtain was tightly closed, Princes Natalie was unable to see the amorous scene at the side of the throne. Clyde kissed Princess Saras a few more times and left. In any case, Princess Saras was already in his hands. He could do anything he wanted whenever he wanted. He didn’t need to be so hasty now.

“Saras, I am going to resolve the issue of Cromwell Principality. Wash neatly and wait for my return on the bed! Surprise me!”

Struggling to conceal her disappointment, Saras gasped and then mumbled, “Mmm, don’t hurt the common people, would you?

“I will try my best!”


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