Chapter 71: The Sudden Visit of Light Church’s Investigation Team (Part 1)

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Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, Steinbeck Fief’s capital, Stanley City

Clyde’s carriage smoothly returned to the capital along with the militia. After the war, Cromwell Principality was busy publicly criticizing Mercenary Guild. Kruft Kingdom’s vitality was still badly damaged and had yet to recover. Now, the nations that could constitute a threat to Steinbeck Fief were only Adelaide Kingdom and Franconia Empire.

The nations of “Clark Alliance” in the vicinity of Steinbeck Fief, Adelaide Kingdom, Kruft Kingdom, Cromwell Principality, and Franconia Empire, were all warlike nations. Franconia Empire had the greatest warlike aspect. Before this war, Adelaide Kingdom had also prepared to dispatch troops, but after Cromwell Principality’s defeat, this kingdom cunningly chose to remain silent and didn’t dispatch troops. It planned to let Franconia Empire take the lead.

In the short term, Franconia Empire also couldn’t attack Steinbeck Fief. As an empire, if they directly attacked this kind of small territory, it would hard to avoid being seen as bullying the weak. Steinbeck Fief was still Adrian Empire’s territory in name, and it belonged to Victor Alliance. After the previous wars, Victor Alliance and Clark Alliance were in a state of temporary ceasefire, and the comparatively larger empires had a tacit agreement to not attack each other.

Now, Steinbeck Fief welcomed a temporary peace; however, the issue of Witch Ista was still not resolved. The neighboring nations of Clark Alliances would make a move, sooner or later. Furthermore, because of the matter of Princess Alyssa, Clyde might have to fall out with Adrian Empire later. At that time, he would be offending both sides.

“Mas… Master, we’ve arrived. Can you let me down?”

“What’s wrong? Jenny, don’t you like this? Just before, you slept so soundly!”

“No, that can’t be. Master, this is your territory. If you want to, you can… can go to the bedroom.”

In the carriage, Miss Jenny said this to Clyde with a bright red face. All along the road, she had been in a bare state with a red rope forcing her into the shameful posture of a tortoise-shell binding. In addition, Clyde had hugged her, making her sit on his lap. Although he had not punished Jenny by law, and had fed her and whatnot, he had played with her the entire time. In the beginning, he had used a regular spoon. Later, under Princess Natalie’s instigation, Clyde had directly used a mouth-to-mouth method to feed her while snatching her first kiss in passing.

Jenny was unable to resist. In the beginning, she had  felt somewhat conflicted, but after several resistances that had ended in vain, she had accepted her fate, and after a period of time, she had adapted and even seemed to have found an inexplicably liking for these kinds of shameful plays. To be fair, Princess Natalie had also undressed herself beside Clyde and served him from one side. Other than not binding herself with a red rope, Princess Natalie had even put on a red leather collar around her fair neck.

Princess Natalie’s complexion was slightly red, but she was not too shy. In the past, she had already been in a bare state in front of Clyde, and at that time, together with Miss Sigrid, Clyde had almost misunderstood them to be lilies. Regarding Princess Natalie who took the initiative to deliver herself to his doorstep, Clyde also didn’t push her away. Even when he became intimate with Jenny, he didn’t forget her and kissed Princess Natalie time and again.

As for the female guards in the carriage, because Jenny had already surrendered, they also didn’t dare to resist and completely submitted. During the carriage journey of these past few days, their every action had been under Clyde’s close observation of Clyde. Now, they already had no secrets in front of Clyde.

Basically, these female guards were all beautiful, and many of them had high attractiveness indexes. Clyde had Jenny and Princess Natalie by his side, so he hadn’t touched them, but upon returning to the palace, that might not necessarily always be the case. The only flaw in this apparently perfect scene was that ancient Demon King Andrisno had never entered the carriage and had instead stayed outside the carriage to act as a coachman. If she had come in, she might have acted like Princess Natalie. 

As a symbol of their surrender, on the bodies of Jenny and those female guards, right above their plump Jade Hares, was Clyde’s exclusive magic imprint. It was somewhat different from a slave imprint. Generally, a slave imprint was engraved on the buttocks. When the carriage arrived outside Stanley City, Jenny felt bashful and wanted Clyde to put her down. Outside the carriage, residents cheered loudly. After all, this was a triumphant return of their troops. The sense of belonging many independent cities’ residents had towards this new territory was growing.

Clyde’s carriage entered the palace’s back door alone. Those over 5,000 militia had dispersed in the city, waiting to gather together during the next wartime. The palace area was Clyde’s sphere of influence. After Clyde directly pulled Jenny out of the carriage, Jenny was still somewhat bashful, but upon seeing that all the maids in the palace were basically in bare states and similarly just wore special leather collars, her shyness gradually dissipated.

When Clyde untied that red rope, Jenny’s face unintentionally showed an indescribable reluctance as if those past shameful experiences had felt pretty good. Lucifer had already appeared in front of the carriage. She looked at Jenny and the others with a meaningful gaze. After Jenny noticed Lucifer, she felt an inexplicable chill. She immediately understood that this silver-haired Lolita was quite dangerous.

“Big Brother Clyde, the harvest this time is pretty good! Let me arrange a room for them!”

“Younger Sister Lucifer, I’ll leave them to you. Don’t use force.”

“Rest assured. I will just teach them some etiquette, nothing more. It will not take too long.”

As if Lucifer’s words have magical power, Jenny and others just felt like their bodies were no longer under their control and began to follow this silver-haired Bloodkin Lolita wearing black Gothic Lolita attire towards the special training room in the palace’s depths. Clyde made Princess Natalie go together to supervise Lucifer and prevent that extremely wicked erotic bloodkin Lolita from playing more than Jenny and the others could bear.

Miss Jenny and her female guards were handed over for Lucifer’s disposal, and those special maids who had originally belonged to Eric were directly incorporated into the palace maids. Since they had already been trained by their former master Eric, Clyde saved a lot of effort and directly collected these ready-made products. Lucifer just made ancient Demon King Andrisno help these special maids learn how to properly report for duty.

Clyde sorted out his clothing and went to the office area to see the acting suzerain, Princess Saras. Because other than Clyde, all others in the palace were women who had already had an ambiguous skinship with Clyde, the clothing they wore was very open. In any case, the only man here was Clyde, and they would lose nothing if Clyde watched them.

Princess Saras just wore a white gown, nothing more. She was completely bare inside. She didn’t wear any bra, panties, or other kind of undergarment. She handled the official business in just this fashion. After all, she had to keep herself ready for Clyde. That appearance, however, easily evoked other people’s impulses to commit a crime. When Clyde entered the room, upon seeing those shining white long legs, he was practically unable to shift his gaze.

Even after Princess Saras noticed Clyde’s entrance, she didn’t avoid arousing him. She continued to maintain this state. Unfortunately, there was no bed nearby, and Clyde also had no intentions to directly relieve himself in the office area. He temporarily passed Princess Saras and sat down on Princess Saras’ seat as she shifted to the side. Princess Saras then tactfully sat on Clyde’s lap. If it weren’t for Clyde stopping her, she might have taken off her last white gown too, entering a bare state.

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“Saras, it’s still daytime now!”

“That’s fine, Lord Clyde. You can do whatever you want at any time. There are no outsiders in the palace area.”

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Clyde kissed Princess Saras’s thin lips. Despite this round of temptation, he decided against pushing Princess Saras down on the office desk and punishing her, considering everything. Princess Saras leaned in Clyde’s bosom for quite a while, before opening her mouth to discuss official matters.

“Lord Clyde, I have already read the reports of this war. Cromwell Principality just sent a letter, explaining that the matter of Peacock Forest Area was a misunderstanding. They just wanted to send a punitive expedition against a rebelling mercenary group, and it had not been directed against our territory.”

“These politicians can lie through their teeth. No matter. Give them a way out. Reply to them saying that we understand.”

Before Clyde had even returned to the palace, Cromwell Principality’s messenger had already delivered a diplomatic letter shifting the blame of the matters within Peacock Forest Area onto the Mercenary Guild. Clyde also had no intention of counterattacking Cromwell Principality for the time being; thus, he asked Princess Saras to express that they accepted Cromwell Principality’s explanation.

“Oh, that’s right. Light Church seems to be sending someone to investigate Needham Plains. Those army deserters of Cromwell Principality said that undead had appeared in the last battlefield. This rumor circulated too much, so Light Church had to send someone to investigate the traces of undead. Light Church’s saintess will arrive tomorrow.”

“Saintess? Aren’t there already two saintesses in our territory? Wouldn’t making them report to Light Church be enough?”

“Not Tiffany and Maria. Light Church is sending another one to investigate who will be responsible for the report. Bishop Nichols is also coming.”

“I… again that old fox. We will lose money this time. Forget it. In any case, I also want to deal with the matter of the ruins in Needham Plains. Let’s see whether Cynthia has time or not.”

When Clyde heard that Bishop Nichols was also coming, he was startled and burst out in cold sweat. He felt like this old fox would swindle him out of a large amount of gold coins. This bishop had no shortcomings other than his greed for money. The ruins of Needham Plain had still not been dealt with, and he also needed to find a suitable place for those Death Queen Sisters in the lost Murmans Regal Pyramid.

“Big Brother Clyde, do you want to look for Cynthia? It seems she was dispatched to a higher level area by the Divine Realm to deal with the Demonic Dragon Alcurus. Now, the on-duty Valkyrie is not Cynthia. If you want to summon her, I can tell you a method.”

“Eh, Lucifer, so quick… Wait a minute, how do you know the schedule of Divine Realm?”




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