Chapter 10: Conning a saintess


Long Yi found it quite funny, the superiority complex of this woman seems to be quite strong, even the tone of questioning was filled with disdain. Long Yi made a queer smile, and his pair of eyes glance sideways towards the direction of the towering chest of Si Bi. At the earlier time, the appearance of that pair of highest grade ** was already carved on his brain. So at this moment, in his eyes, Si Bi was equivalent to not wearing any clothes.

“Ah.” Si Bi sensed the scorching hot look of Long Yi, and subconsciously moved both of her hands to cover her chest. She even believed that he had already seen through the matter of her not wearing any underwear right now.

Because the mind of Si Bi was in chaos, the five light balls also disappeared into the air at that moment. Then the surroundings suddenly became dark, and with four sparkling eyes facing each other, two human both became absent-minded.

“Pervert, you are courting death.” Si Bi flew into a rage from shame and yelled. Then chanting the incantation, she threw a light ball towards the direction of Long Yi.

Long Yi moved his one arm to block, the light ball entered inside his body, and bring about the warm and comfortable feeling. Si Bi had actually released light system elementary heal magic, Light Heal Magic. Because of this contrary to what one might expect, a good opinion towards Si Bi was born in the heart of Long Yi. And he thought the rumor that she was the most ruthless among the three saintesses, and she had crippled and even killed a huge number of people, were not real.

What Long Yi didn’t know was, just now that Light Heal Magic was the probing of Si Bi. Because at the firing time the Light Heal Magic and Violent Light Magic were extremely similar, and she believed that in this short distance, most of the average person who had trained before would subconsciously try to dodge, and only after finding it was too late to dodge, they would instinctively make a blocking movement. After seeing that Long Yi had instinctively used his hands to block, Si Bi instantly decided this guy before him was really not the person who had peeped her while she was having a bath. She believed that this person was only an ordinary person without the slightest amount of magic and douqi.

However, for an unknown reason, Si Bi suddenly felt very uncomfortable in her heart. If she had to choose, she would rather have this youngster see her naked body, instead of that mysterious old pervert from her imagination.

“You didn’t answer my question, who the hell are you? Where are you from? And why are you here?” Si Bi again illuminated around with her light magic, but her tone was rather impatient.

“Although you are an exalted magician, I am under no obligation to answer your question.” Long Yi fold his arms before his chest while thinking, ‘little girl, you are used to ordering around other people, but I am not accustomed to being a lackey. If you provoke and offend I, your father, even if you are a saintess, I am ready to risk my life to peel off your clothing and let you wander naked on the street.’

“Answer my question, otherwise, otherwise…………” For a long time, Si Bi didn’t know what to say. That’s right, she had crippled many peoples and also killed lots of people, but those peoples were all guilty of unpardonable evil, she had never injured a single innocent person till now. Although this man before her eyes looked a little scoundrel, still he really was under no obligation to answer her question.

“Otherwise how about this, girl, I will answer your one question, and you will also answer my one question, how is that?” Looking at her face, Long Yi suddenly felt amusing, he couldn’t bear but wanted to tease her.

“You just call me a girl, do you know who I am?” Si Bi resentfully said, her ritual robe with the gold color at its edge which she was currently wearing, was her unique symbol.

“Who are you?” Long Yi asked with a smile, he always mistakenly believed that rumor, about her being a cruel and ruthless saintess. But currently, he felt that she was not much different than any other ordinary little girl.

“I am…………why do I have to tell you, you still haven’t told me who you are?” Si Bi almost fell into the trick of this scoundrel, also she didn’t know why she couldn’t maintain her cool in front of him.

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“Fine, my name is Long Yi, I came from Violent Dragon Empire.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Si Bi, Proud Moon Empire.” Si Bi said looking lofty and proud, waiting to see the frightened out of his wits appearance of Long Yi. Because in this Blue Waves Continent, basically all mankind believe in Light God, but of course, those hiding in the dark, cultivating dark magic and undead magic are the exception. As a result, Si Bi believed that not knowing her unique dress up by Long Yi was not surprising, but he should have heard the name of the three saintesses of Light Church.

“Si Bi?” Long Yi said as if he was surprised.

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“Correct, I am Si Bi.” Si Bi was little pleased with herself saying this.

“Oh, really? What a coincidence, my fiancée was also called Si Bi, however, I have never seen her. Is that you?” Long Yi act as if he was taking things very seriously and asked. At this moment he exposed an excited, surprised and expecting expression in his eyes. In the previous world, when he was still at Dragon Group, he had learned to show the fake expressions, so this taking thing seriously expression was absolutely lifelike.

Si Bi was dumbfounded, subconsciously thought that Long Yi was teasing her, and was so angry that she almost flattened his pig head, but when she saw the expression of Long Yi did not resemble fake, she could only grind her teeth inside her heart. The self-satisfied she felt just a moment before was already unknowingly thrown at the corner of her mind, she even began to doubt her popularity, thinking whether she really was as high as she had thought.

“I’m not that Si Bi you are talking about, don’t look at me with that expression in your eyes.” Si Bi gnash her teeth and said.

“Oh, fortunately, you’re not.” Long Yi patted his chest and sigh with a relief.

Hearing the words of Long Yi, Si Bi almost fainted. She believed that if this goes any longer, sooner or later she would become mad.

“I am Si Bi, one of the saintesses of Light Church. Got it?” Si Bi inhaled a deep breath and calmed herself down.

“I know Light Church have saintesses, but the only Si Bi I know is my fiancée.” Long Yi said with a smirk.

“You………just drop dead, I am no longer in the mood to talk with you.” Si Bi was so angry towards this scoundrel that she was already going to be mad. If the expression of the eyes could kill peoples, then Long Yi would have already died more than ten-thousand times. She snorted and thought to use float magic then leave far away from this fellow.

“Hey, Si Bi, wait a minute, you are not going to leave me, an ordinary person who lacks the strength to truss a chicken in this wilderness, right? I heard there are a lot of terrifying magical beasts here. At this rate, I will be eaten.” Knowing she was going to leave, Long Yi hurriedly spoke in a pitiful manner. It was not easy to find a companion, moreover one of the three saintesses, Si Bi. How can he let her go away? He himself had many troubles but he can put them off until sometime later, besides its boring and teasing her was not that bad.

The figure of Si Bi stopped, and she hesitated for a while.

“Didn’t you say you are a saintess? Saintesses are compassion and find it a pleasure to help other, can it be that you are just a fake?” Long Yi made a doubtful face and said.

“Of course, I am not a fake. Since you lack the strength to truss a chicken, how did you arrive here?” Si Bi asked with doubt. Finally, she pointed out the flaw in the talk of Long Yi. For ordinary people, the nearest town from this place was at least two to three days walk. And in this place there were many magical beats, now looking at him carefully, although there was some dust, the clothes were clean and tidy. It was unlikely that he was so lucky that all the magical beasts avoided him.

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