Chapter 221 – Second Spirit Treasure

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Huan Qing Yan was still maintaining her stance of being bold and shook her head, “No, I am returning to the Huan Estate to take a look. I need to know what happened to my Mama. How did someone manage to pose themselves as her? Is she in any danger…?”

Ji Mo Ya was still in a state of shock.

That condition was the same as when a spirit treasure was forming!

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‘Didn’t Huan Qing Yan already awaken one spirit treasure? Yet now…’

‘Can it be that a spirit treasure is really taking form? The rare physique that possesses two spirit treasures?’

Due to the loss of blood, Ji Mo Ya was tired and pale, but when he saw the current situation, his spirits had greatly improved. Knowing that his blood had aided her to form a second spirit treasure made him feel good about his actions.

Ji Mo Ya slightly smiled and kept a distance; he did not want to affect the formation of her second spirit treasure.

Only then did Huan Qing Yan notice the strange phenomenon happening above her head.

The reincarnated girl also shouted in alarm within her mind, “Oh the heavens, a second spirit treasure! Huan Qing Yan, what are you still dallying for? Quickly start meditating to condense your second spirit treasure.”

“D*mn! Reincarnated girl, you are still alive? Was this elder sister tainted by that scum earlier on?” Huan Qing Yan asked.

“Is that really important now? Focus on your second spirit treasure for now, okay? There’s a priority to things, that matter is not as important as compared to what you are experiencing now. Must you choose such a crucial time to ask?” The reincarnated girl replied in frustration.

“Of course, it is very important as this elder sister has decided; that from today onwards, I will be wooing Young Master Ya. However, if my chastity was lost, Young Master Ya might be bothered by that and not like me, so I must know. Quickly tell me, quickly…” Huan Qing Yan stubbornly said.

The reincarnated girl became silent, she was utterly defeated by Huan Qing Yan, “You should just give up, Young Master Ya is someone beyond your status, even getting him to accept you as a concubine would not be easy! Fine, that aside, your body is still chaste; Young Master Ya managed to save you during the crucial moment. Now please, focus your thoughts on that condensed spirit energy before it dissipates…”

Huan Qing Yan released a long sigh of relief, it’s good that nothing has happened. She could finally focus her attention and start condensing her second spirit treasure.

Fifteen minutes went by…

An hour went by…

Ji Mo Ya stood guard while sitting on a chair nearby; condensing a second spirit treasure is much harder than the first time. He wanted to watch over her, and if anything happened, he planned to step in and assist her.

Another half an hour went by.

Huan Qing Yan felt the form of the second spirit treasure above her head. It looked like a piece of tree leaf. As she was enjoying the results of her efforts, the pig spirit treasure suddenly came out from her wrist and dissipated the leaf spirit treasure…

At the same time, it kept grunting with dissatisfaction.

It seemed to be saying, “Master’s cultivation speed is already so slow, if another fella comes, this pig spirit would need to share the spirit energy, so that is not going to happen!”

Huan Qing Yan did not expect it to react that way and was dumbstruck!

D*mn, an internal revolt has happened suddenly.

Ji Mo Ya was also stunned at the sight; he also possessed two spirit treasure, but he had never experienced the scene that was currently playing out in front of him.

In this sort of situation, as an outsider, he would be unable to help her. If it was related to a third party, he could definitely lend her a hand but since it was an internal matter, he was unable to get involved.

Just as Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya were staring blankly at the situation, the dissipated leaf spirit treasure begun to condense and reform itself; it seemed that its lifeforce was stubbornly strong.

The reincarnated girl celebrated within her mind, “Fortunately, how fortunate…”

Before she could finish her words, the pig treasure once again rushed towards the leaf spirit treasure and dissipated its form once again.

This time, on top of dissipating it, the pig spirit even used its little tail and sweep it across Huan Qing Yan’s head, attempting to scatter the spirit energy to even tinier pieces.

Huan Qing Yan could not bear with it any longer and said, “Piggy, stop right now! As a pig, can’t you be more magnanimous? You possess such a broad body, yet how could you possess such a small petty heart. I promise you that I will give you first priority to rank up in the future, so stop trying to kill your teammate!”

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