Chapter 149: Unable to turn back situation, distressed Ling Feng

Nalan Ruyue entered the study of Puxiusi, and saw he was stroking his fiery red beard on his chin with his eyes closed, pondering something, and he didn’t seem to notice her entering. Seeing this expression of Puxiusi, Nalan Ruyue’s heart involuntarily thumped, and she began to have a bad premonition.

“Teacher Puxiusi, I came.” Nalan Ruyue softly said, looking very nervous.

Puxiusi opened his eyes, slightly smiled and said: “Princess Ruyue come, sit down, I have something I want to speak a little with you.”

Nalan Ruyue sat on the chair opposite to Puxiusi, and looking at Puxiusi with her beautiful eyes filled with expectation and nervous, she asked: “Teacher Puxiusi, is that matter concerning this large-scale war? Did you contact other Master Archmages and Sword Saints?”

Puxiusi softly sighed, restrain his brows and lowered his eyes, as if he was thinking how to say.

The heart of Nalan Ruyue immediately got cold, it seems this matter seems to run into enormous trouble.

“Princess Ruyue, I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve already sent magic letters to other Master Archmages and Swords Saints, but other than Water Master Archmage Shui Linglong, all others are reluctant to intervene in continent’s dispute. Ai, now I cannot help you in this matter.” Puxiusi sighed and said. It was not that he was willing to see Blue Waves Continent falling into the flame of war, but this time, in addition to other Master Archmages and Swords Saints unwilling, he had another reason too, which was the Emperor of Mea Principality also opposed to him intervening with this matter. And with pressure from all sides, he was forced to give up.

The expression of Nalan Ruyue became extremely bleak, then she respectfully said to Puxiusi: “I know teacher Puxiusi has tried your best, I am extremely grateful for that, and sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Don’t say that, Princess Ruyue. I wasn’t able to help you, and I am truly ashamed for that. Now the situation on the continent has basically taken a turn for the worse, I wonder what plans princess Ruyue have.” Puxiusi asked.

Nalan Ruyue shook her head lightly, and with her brows tightly knitted, she said: “How can I have any plan? Now I have to return back as quickly as possible. Since the war is inevitable, my Nalan Empire is also not afraid.” When speaking this last sentence, the aura of Nalan Ruyue even shocked Puxiusi. This Saintess of Nalan Empire’s Light Church is really not simple.

“Princess Ruyue, please stay for the night, now the sky is already dark.” Puxiusi said.

Nalan Ruyue nodded her head, the asking to be excused, she turned around and left the study.

Today Shui Ruoyan was somewhat feeling restless. She was quite afraid to see Long Yi, but who would have thought that, when she summoned her courage and entered the classroom, she unexpectedly discovered that this fellow had skipped her class. Entire morning, not even the shadow of him was seen. And in the class hour, her eyes would frequently take a quick glance at that vacant seat at the back, then flames of fury would rise in her heart.

Shui Ruoyan basically didn’t have any mood to conduct the class today. So she hastily mentioned few magic spells, then directly making all these girls study by themselves, she herself went to her office to sulk.

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“The first day of attending the class, he bullies teacher, and the second day he cut class, truly preposterous.” Shui Ruoyan slammed the textbook on the desk, and everything on the top of the desk jumped. As a matter of fact, she also didn’t know why she was so angry, and also hated him. It seems a little matter but again was not little at all. Although she was already 27-28 in age, but with regarding the matters of men and women’s feelings, she however was no different from a piece of white paper, even to the extent that compared with a little girl, she would still resemble little girl.

During extracurricular activities time, Ling Feng hesitated for a while and went to third floors’ Water Magic Class A. Yesterday, after she returned to the room, she discovered that Long Yi was gone, moreover, he didn’t return for the night, making her somewhat worried. Although she didn’t want to see that Yinyin of Water Magic Class A, but she still wanted to go and see whether Long Yi had come to attend the class or not.

And just when Ling Feng went to the class A and opened the door, a sharp-eyed girl instantly noticed her, and immediately rush to the side of Yinyin and said: “Yinyin, your Prince Charming came looking for you.”

Yinyin hastily raised her head and seeing Ling Feng was in the process of looking around the classroom, she became very happy. After that, she quickly got up and rush out.

“That guy, didn’t seem to attend the class, where did he go?” Not seeing Long Yi, Ling Feng mumbled.

“Ling Feng, are you looking for me?” Yinyin somewhat agitatedly grasp the wrist of Ling Feng, and immediately the crowd of girls in the class began to tease clamorously, but Yinyin completely ignored it, and her gaze was only focused on Ling Feng.

Ling Feng was startled, and she cleverly shook off the jade hands of Yinyin. She wanted to storm off in a huff, but feared that this would injure the self-esteem of Yinyin, as, at this time, there were many eyes looking at them.

Ling Feng lightly sighed and said: “Let’s go out to speak.”

The beautiful face of Yinyin immediately became very red due to excitement, and she hastily nodded her head, then pulling Ling Feng, she began to walk downstairs, greatly fearing he would go back on his words.

Ling Feng made a wry smile inwardly, this was her misfortune she herself had created at that time, and now how should she end it? If she let Yinyin know that she was also a girl just like her, then she wondered if this girl would go insane.

Two people came to a quiet and secluded place, then sat down. Yinyin was shy but she still looked at Ling Feng feeling happy. Is this one year of waiting finally going to have results?

Ling Feng hesitated for a long time, and just when she was about to ask about Long Yi, jade hands of Yinyin grasp her hand, and softly said with a red face: “Feng, I am really happy now, thank you…!”

“Wait a minute.” Ling Feng hurriedly interrupted her and extracted her hand from between the somewhat ice-cold jade hands. As intelligent as she was, she naturally guessed what Yinyin wanted to say. It seems that this misunderstanding was very big, Yinyin mistakenly believed that this time she was seeking her to accept her.

“Well, I want to ask you a matter, did that smelly boy, Long Yi came to attend the class today?” Ling Feng asked.

“No, I didn’t see him all morning.” Yinyin shook her head and said.

“Then what happened yesterday, how come there are various kind of rumors about your class in the entire academy today?” Ling Feng asked. When she went to take class today, she heard various kind of rumors with regarding Long Yi and Water Magic Class A’s all girl students and also teacher Shui Ruoyan. Everywhere, the students were discussing only this matter.

The beautiful face of Yinyin became red, then timidly looked towards Ling Feng, because yesterday she was also among the students who was sneak attacked by Long Yi, that dirty bastard, and gotten ice powder poured into her ample breasts.

Seeing the expression of Yinyin, Ling Feng couldn’t help but get curious. Could it be that Long Yi, that guy really assailed all the female students in his class with obscenities? Honestly was too worthy of admiration.

Yinyin hesitatingly told everything that had happened in yesterday afternoon’s practice class. Hearing this, Ling Feng wasn’t able to endure and laughed. That fellow can really be too evil, he actually poured down ice powders into the breast of female students as well as the female teacher. Only he is audacious enough to do such things.

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“Let’s go back to the class.” Finished speaking, Ling Feng stood up and began walking towards the Advance Magic Department building.

“Ling Feng, wait a minute.” The beautiful face of Yinyin paled and called out loudly to stop Ling Feng.

Having run to the front of Ling Feng, Yinyin asked in a trembling voice: “Ling Feng, you called me out just to ask about Long Yi, don’t tell me that you didn’t come to look for me?”

Ling Feng awkwardly looked at Yinyin and sighed: “I’m sorry, I come up only to know whether Long Yi came to attend the class or not. It is truly impossible for you and me, there is no shortage of good man in this world, so is there any need to be so stubborn?”

“You bastard, I hate you to death.” Yinyin looked at Ling Feng with tearful eyes for a long time, then wiping her tears, she ran away, leaving behind Ling Feng with a bitter smile touching her nose.

And as for Long Yi and Long Ling’er, they waged several rounds of war inside the inn. They began their war in the morning, and only when it was dusk did they ceased this war and called off the battle. Now dead tired Long Ling’er as if had turned into the mud was shrunk in the bosom of Long Yi and was unwilling to even move her finger.

Long Yi was also breathing heavily. This Long Ling’er actually dared to challenge him, so from morning till now they hadn’t taken any rest, and moreover, they didn’t even have any time to eat lunch. And after undergoing a long bitter battle, he was finally able to put her down. With so much manual labor, now he was so hungry that he was on the point of death.

“Ling’er, are you hungry? I will go and bring something to eat.” Long Yi asked Long Ling’er in his bosom.

Long Ling’er slightly expressed agreement. She actually didn’t even have the strength to speak.

Long Yi got up and got out of bed, then after wearing his clothing, he went outside, and brought back several kinds of dishes. When he came back, he saw that Long Ling’er had already fallen asleep. Seeing this, he couldn’t bear to wake her up, so Long Yi just left foods on the table beside the bed, then slowly walked out of the inn.

The night of Mea Principality was also very fascinating. Both sides of wide streets were brightly lit with multicolored magic lamps, and the pedestrians of various races were walking to and fro on this street, forming a unique scenery of Mea Principality.

And while walking down this street, Long Yi suddenly stopped his footsteps, because he saw a familiar symbol, Phoenix bathing in rebirth fire, this however was the symbol of Phoenix clan. Because of his relationship with Yu Feng, he felt very amiable towards this symbol.

This was the chain accessory store of Phoenix clan, which sold various kinds of magic accessories. Just looking at the number of people inside the store, he knew that the business was definitely flourishing.

“I wonder what this girl is doing now. Are you missing me?” Long Yi couldn’t help but think inwardly. And Yu Feng’s that filled with heroic spirit beautiful face as well as that fiery body which was wrapped by that fiery red skintight armor appeared inside his mind. She was always radiating heat all around, attracting the gaze numerous people.

Thinking about her every aspect, Long Yi couldn’t help but softly laughed.

And just then, Long Yi suddenly saw two familiar figures. One was wearing a pure white priest robe with a veil, and other was wearing an emerald green maid attire. They were Nalan Ruyue and her maid Xiao Cui.

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