Chapter 150: Nalan Ruyue’s scheme

As if feeling the gaze of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue stopped her footsteps and lightly turned her head. And seeing Long Yi was standing not far away from her and was looking at her with a smile, her eyes suddenly flashed with extraordinary splendor, but soon after that, she somewhat bashfully evaded his gaze, as the erotic circumstance inside the bathroom of that day had often lingered in her mind these past few days.

Long Yi walked over, and said with a smiled: “What a coincidence ah, princess Ruyue, are you shopping today?”

Nalan Ruyue suppressed embarrassment in her heart, then calmly meeting the gaze of Long Yi, she lightly answered: “Yes, what a coincidence, tomorrow I am returning, so I am purchasing some necessities.”

“Leaving tomorrow? Did you finish your matter here?” Long Yi asked.

Nalan Ruyue sighed, and looking dejected, she shook her head and said: “I fear this matter is not easy to tackle, and now that the situation is tense, I must go back.”

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, understanding she was speaking about the warfare of Nalan Empire and Proud Moon Empire, it seems this time the war was unavoidable. With the vision of Long Yi, it was naturally not that hard to see that the war between these two empires had escalated to this degree because of some people adding fuel to the fire, and what kind of role Violent Dragon Empire played in this war.

“Then, I wish you bon voyage, I will not disturb you anymore, goodbye.” Long Yi lightly waved his hand towards Nalan Ruyue, then turning around, he walked away. He was not the Savior, and since this war has nothing to do with him, why should he interfere?

“Wait a minute.” Nalan Ruyue suddenly ran after him and pulled the sleeve of Long Yi’s garment.

“Is there anything else, princess Ruyue?” Long Yi asked, his eyes however stared at the jade hand of Nalan Ruyue which was tightly pulling his clothing.

Nalan Ruyue quickly retracted her hand and somewhat panicking, her beautiful face became hot. But she quickly calmed down her state of mind, and began to slowly say: “Ximen Yu, I have something I want to discuss with you, do you have time?”

Long Yi pricked up his brows and somewhat hesitated. Nalan Ruyue looking for him was definitely not for casual chatting. Discuss? It would definitely involve political issues.

“Just for a moment, it won’t take much time.” Seeing Long Yi was hesitating, Nalan Ruyue hastily said.

Thinking for few seconds, Long Yi thought that Long Ling’er was very unlikely to wake up in a short while, so he nodded his head in agreement.

Nalan Ruyue instructed her maid Xiao Cui to return first, and she led Long Yi to the hillside on the outskirts. No one would basically come here this late at night. And it was very quiet.

Two people found a place to sit, and even after a good while, Nalan Ruyue didn’t open her mouth, she just raised her head and looked up at the stars in the sky lost in thoughts.

“Princess Ruyue, did you call me just to accompany you to watch the stars?” Long Yi chuckled and asked.

Nalan Ruyue turned her head, and smiling apologetically, she said: “You should know about the conflict between our Nalan Empire and Proud Moon Empire, isn’t that so?”

Long Yi nodded his head, how could he don’t know. He was on the scene during the clash of the Magician Guilds of these two empires.

“The war has never stopped in Blue Waves Continent, but this time it is different, as this time it is the war between two great empires. Moreover, this war will definitely engulf the entire Blue Waves Continent. And I can foresee that at that time, there will be fire beacons in four directions, and the tragic scene of blood flowing like a river and a field littered with corpses will be everywhere.” Nalan Ruyue somewhat agitatedly said. She was not only worried solely about her empire but was also worried about the common people of entire Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi laughed, then reclining back and watching the vast universe, he indifferently said: “All the things in this world that are joined for a long time will definitely separate, and after separated for a long time, they would definitely join. This is a natural law, since warfare can’t be avoided, then one can only confront it. Seeking war would always result in people dying, so those born in troubled times can only blame the injustice of heaven.”

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Looking at the indifferent face of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue was shocked. She gritted her teeth and said: “Do you know the words you just spoke are very cold-blooded?”

Long Yi however lightly laughed and said without even batting the eyelids: “Cold-blooded? Then what do you think should I do with the unborn child? Don’t tell me that I have to shout few slogans to show my enthusiasm?”

Nalan Ruyue was startled, yeah, she was choked by the words of Long Yi, but with regarding Long Yi’s this kind of indifferent attitude, her heart however truly disagreed.

“Princess Ruyue, I really am not a great person, but you are also not. In the end, you want to stop this war for the sake of your empire. If this war involved rest of the other countries first, then I fear you wouldn’t have been so enthusiastic about it.” Long Yi indifferently said.

The complexion of Nalan Ruyue changed irregularly, and looking at Long Yi reclining beside him, she didn’t know what she was feeling now inside her heart for a short while. What Long Yi said was not wrong, she came to request teacher Master Archmage Puxiusi for her own empire, and as for the people of other countries, she however had not thought much about it.

“This time, I don’t think that you are looking for me to only talk about the tense situation of the continent, do you?” Long Yi carried on speaking. Then slightly turned his head, and looked at Nalan Ruyue with a smile yet not a smile expression.

Nalan Ruyue unnaturally shifted her gaze. She suddenly discovered that, as it turned out, she, herself was not exactly that noble as she had thought herself to be. She was not like commoners that would say they cherish the world, bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind, but she was also selfish like an ordinary person.

“Don’t you particularly feel good to pull-down people flying in the sky and ruthlessly trample upon them?” Nalan Ruyue didn’t answer Long Yi’s question, merely feeling somewhat wronged, she said.

“Well, there is a little feeling of this kind, human beings always have such kinds of deep-rooted bad habits, and they are particularly obvious in my case.” Long Yi chuckled.

Nalan Ruyue didn’t get angry, merely glared at Long Yi for a while, and suddenly sighing, she said: “You are right, I indeed am not so great, what I am thinking about is my country and those dear to me.”

“Then this time you are looking for me for……” Long Yi asked.

“You are right, now that the war is inevitable, then we can only confront. My Nalan Empire has never feared anyone.” The eyes of Nalan Ruyue flashed with cold light, and her tone was filled with dense killing intent.

Long Yi laughed, this girl really is not somebody who is easy to deal with, this time Blue Waves Continent would really overturn the heavens, but all of this has nothing to do with him. Even if the two empires really start an all-out war, it would still take a good period of time to spread over to this Mea Principality.

After Nalan Ruyue finished talking, she looked towards Long Yi, and she said with somewhat ice-cold tone: “This time, in the conflict between our Nalan Empire and Proud Moon Empire, your Violent Dragon Empire has also claimed a big credit for yourself.”

Long Yi pull out a grass, and holding it in his mouth, he said with a smile: “Princess Ruyue, you also know that I left Violent Dragon Empire more than a year ago. I don’t know anything that happened in this period of time. Politics, conspiracy and warfare, all have nothing to do with me.”

Balan Ruyue however didn’t express any opinion on this, merely she sneered: “Once the war spreads all-around, do you think you can still maintain your own integrity? Second young master Ximen.”

Long Yi pulled out the grass root of his mouth, then thinking about Ximen clan, and thinking about several girls he had relation with, he knew that maintaining his own integrity was truly a little difficult.

“I wonder what opinion princess Ruyue has.” Long Yi lightly asked.

“Your Violent Dragon Empire fanned the flame, simply because you wanted to take advantage of the chaos to expand. But with Blue Waves Continent being such a big cake, do you think you are able to eat it in a bite?” Sparks flashed in the eyes of Nalan Ruyue as she spoke.

“So?” Long Yi pricked his brows and asked.

“It would be better for our two empires to cooperate, and that would be a win-win situation.” Nalan Ruyue stared fixedly at Long Yi and said, and her body unexpectedly emitted an aura that could compel other people.

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Long Yi however smirked and said: “What use is there to tell me this kind of national affairs, you should go and discuss this with Emperor Long Zhan of Violent Dragon Empire.”

“Your Ximen clan can hide the sky with one hand in Violent Dragon Empire, and the most elite army is also practically under your Ximen clan, so discussion with you Ximen clan is all the same.” Nalan Ruyue indifferently said.

“That is also not my turn ah, you should discuss this matter with my old man.” Long Yi lightly smiled and said. He was unable to understand why Nalan Ruyue thought to speak this matter with him.

“Discussing with you is also all the same.” Nalan Ruyue answered.

“Why?” Long Yi curiously asked.

“I think your every action is under the grasp of your father, patriarch of Ximen clan, long ago. Moreover, I think, very soon, he will send someone to call you back to scheme together for a great event.” A smile appeared on the face of Nalan Ruyue, and she had strengthened her tone when she spoke ‘scheme together for a great event’ words.

With a support of his palm, Long Yi stood up, then occupying the high ground, he looked down towards Nalan Ruyue with his swift and fierce as if sword eyes. But Nalan Ruyue didn’t avoid his gaze in the slightest and looked face to face towards Long Yi.

Then Long Yi’s handsome face with aggressive eyes slowly approached her, which finally caused a trace of panic to flash through the calm and collected gaze of Nalan Ruyue. Every person has dual nature, and she herself was no exception, but Long Yi on the other side, was he vicious as his reputation?

Long Yi smiled in satisfaction in his heart, this girl, after all, was still inexperienced a bit, but her political sense however shocked him. He knew that the old man in his home has wild ambition, and since even this teenager girl could see through it, then it was impossible for that old fox Long Zhan to not see this. This time’s war of Blue Waves Continent was the chance for Ximen clan, however was also a path of no return. Win, then become an overlord, lose, then……

Long Yi didn’t think further, he moved closer to the forehead of Nalan Ruyue, and stopping only an inch away, he stared at her eyes from this close range. They locked in a stalemate for a little while, however Nalan Ruyue lost, she forcibly pushed Long Yi away, and her heart jumped disorderly like a fawn.

“There is a saying, don’t meddle in affairs that are not part of your position, I, Long Yi like free and at leisure life. As for whether I can maintain my own integrity, I do not dare to guarantee, but I think the reason why you speak these words to me is because you want to involve me, after all, this idea is not limited to only your Nalan Empire, I think Proud Moon Empire is also definitely thinking the same.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Nalan Ruyue blushed, and breathlessly looking at calm and composed Long Yi, a feeling of powerlessness appeared in her heart. In this debate, she was not Long Yi’s match, now she couldn’t help but thought, if this father and son join hands, then she feared Long clan would really be finished.

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