Chapter 151: Sweet

“In this world, there are always a number of helpless matters, I can’t help you because even if my old man really calls me back as you say, I will not return back. Why don’t you quickly return back to prepare if you want to form an alliance with Violent Dragon Empire.” Long Yi indifferently said.

Nalan Ruyue looked at Long Yi in a daze, then faintly sighing, she softly said: “We can also be counted as an acquaintance, so can’t you help me?”

Long Yi made a wry smile and shrugged his shoulders, when did he become such a popular person? First Mea Empress Lianxin wanted his help, and now this princess of Nalan Empire was also asking for his help.

“If you have any demand, then feel free to raise it, anything can be talked over, isn’t that so?” Nalan Ruyue softly said.

Long Yi smiled, he had always mistakenly believed that this princess of Nalan Empire plus the saintess had something to stand out from the masses, but as it turned out she was also just so-so. Involving benefits in the relationship was always a little too uncomfortable. He loved the purity of friendship and love because mixing other things in it, it would be hard to avoid the variable taste.

“If you do become my woman, then I can consider a little.” Long Yi smirked, he couldn’t help but thought to tease her and see whether Nalan Ruyue could sacrifice her body for her empire or not.

After hearing the words of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue’s complexion became green and red simultaneously, then gnashing her teeth, she said: “You are simply… paranoid.”

“I will never sell myself, don’t you feel very despicable for taking advantage of other’s difficulties?” Nalan Ruyue hatefully said.

“Despicable? In any case, you are also a person from the imperial clan, so do you really think my condition is truly despicable? You father in order to reach his goal, I wonder how many women he had seized from the common folk and were used as a gift, at that time, how come you didn’t curse him as despicable? There is a saying, fortunes rise and fall, this year it reached your family. If now the person I was discussing with was your father, then I bet he would have directly sent you to me without raising any objection to become my wife.” Long Yi said with a cold smile.

The complexion of Nalan Ruyue turned pale, and she clenched her little hands into little fists. Every word Long Yi had said, as if thousand jin boulder smashed on her heart, making her so depressed that she nearly vomit blood. And after she took a deep breath, she suddenly felt that she was truly too hypocritical, yeah, at that time, seeing those women who were sent off to someone as a present, she merely felt pity, nothing else. And now when it was her turn, she felt that this was unacceptable, and as if she was being humiliated.

The imperial clan didn’t have family love, Nalan Ruyue clearly knows that, if her imperial father can obtain the alliance with Violent Dragon Empire, then he wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice her. Even though she could get shelter under the Light Church, but that means thoroughly severing her relationship with Nalan Empire. Although she was saintess of Light Church, but before that, she was the princess of Nalan Empire and looking at the precedent cases, Light Church would never interfere with the private affairs of the imperial family.

“I don’t have any more time to talk with you here. My dear darling is still waiting for me.” Long Yi said and prepared to fly away.

Nalan Ruyue hastily grabbed the sleeve of Long Yi’s garment, and anxiously said: “Wait a minute.”

Long Yi turned around in surprise, and said: “Can it be that you are willing?”

“If I said I’m willing, then can you absolutely forge the alliance between Nalan Empire and Violent Dragon Empire?” Nalan Ruyue angrily said, and she bit her lower lips so hard that a trace of blood could be seen.

“I only said I will consider.” Long Yi innocently said. Who doesn’t like to get beauty, but he didn’t like this kind of method.

“You…are you kidding me?” Nalan Ruyue said with a ghastly pale face.

“Nope, it’s naturally like I have said before. If you insist on thinking like that, then I can’t do anything about it, goodbye.” Long Yi shook off the hand of Nalan Ruyue and brilliantly smiled, then flying in the sky, he disappeared.

“This bastard, don’t want me to marry you? Then I will insist to marry you.” Nalan Ruyue gritted her teeth and said. As a matter of fact, she understood in her heart that if this time, the people of her imperial father and Violent Dragon Empire negotiate, then she would definitely be treated as one of the chips. All of her several sisters had already become the sacrifice of politics, and now she was the final not yet betrothed princess, so at that time, it was hard to avoid being forced to marry, so it would be better to…

Long Yi slowly drifted in the night sky, and with a cold wind blowing against his face, that bad smile on his face had also already disappeared. Suddenly, he greatly missed his women. All of them truly didn’t harbor slightest of impure feelings. Si Bi, Leng Youyou, Yu Feng, Lu Xiya and Wushuang, who among them didn’t share life and death trials and tribulations with him.

While thinking, Long Yi arrived at the sky of the inn. And when he opened the door and entered his room, he however discovered that Long Ling’er unexpectedly had already woken up, and was wiping her tears while sitting on the bed. And seeing Long Yi had come, she hurriedly lied down, and used quilt to cover her head.

“Ling’er, why are you crying?” Long Yi sat on the bed and asked worriedly. He pulled the quilt with his hand, but Long Ling’er refused to let go.

Seeing she was refusing to come out, Long Yi simply embraced her in his bosom, and lowered his voice: “Quickly come out, otherwise you will suffocate to death.”

“I don’t care even if I suffocate to death, I don’t want to see you.” The muffled voice of Long Ling’er came from inside the quilt. Long Yi endlessly made a wry smile, what’s going on here? Why are women so difficult to serve? Weren’t we happily attached to each other deeply just a moment ago? I just went out for a stroll, and here, this girl has already fallen out and become hostile to me.

Long Yi feeling somewhat tired in mind, in addition to missing girls not beside him just a moment ago, when he returned to the inn, he didn’t know why Long Ling’er was showing her temper again, so he felt somewhat downhearted. He sighed, and leaving behind Long Ling’er on the bed, he straightly walked out of the bedroom. And sitting on the sofa in the drawing room, he picked up a wine bottle and began to drink.

Long Ling’er bored out from the quilt, and looked out with somewhat terrified and also somewhat feeling wronged expression. At that time, when she woke up only to discover Long Yi was not beside her, she felt empty and desolate in her heart. And even after waiting for some time, seeing that he didn’t come, she felt a kind of abandoned feeling, so feeling sad in her heart, she burst out into tears. And seeing Long Yi had come back, she was very happy in her heart, but women’s that little proud and shyness made her unable to speak that out just now.

And now seeing that lonely back of Long Yi sitting on the sofa while drinking wine, the heart of Long Ling’er increasingly felt unwell. Then circling around the bedroom two times while feeling restless, she slowly walked out.

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“Don’t drink.” Long Ling’er timidly grabbed the big hand of Long Yi, but Long Yi who was in the process of zeal at this time subconsciously flung his hand. How could Long Ling’er, this delicate magician compare with the strength of Long Yi, naturally she staggered and tumbled down on the sofa.

“I’m sorry.” Long Yi immediately realized what he had done, and supporting Long Ling’er’s thin shoulder, he apologized.

Long Ling’er who already had tears glistening in her eyes while feeling wronged, hearing Long Yi’s soft apology, she couldn’t help but sob aloud, and her teardrops rolled down. This appearance provoked tender affection.

Long Yi sighed lightly, then held Long Ling’er in his bosom and softly consoled her. But who would have thought that the more he consoled, the more sadly she cried.

Long Yi rubbed his temple, and no longer speaking anything, he merely held her quietly in his bosom.

“Don’t be so sad with me okay, I am scared.” Long Ling’er finally talked while sobbing. After meeting with Long Yi, she had never seen him so depressed, he was always laughing and joking, never was he serious, but now when he revealed this kind of expression, her heart however was in chaos due to panic.

“Why would I be sad with you, merely I am somewhat not too well, I apologize.” Long Yi was startled awake from his distracting thoughts and sighing, he placed his forehead on the forehead of Long Ling’er and rubbed.

Long Ling’er lied in the boson of Long Yi, and immediately felt a moment of peace in his mind and her eyes also somewhat blurred. What was the current relationship between her and Long Yi? Long Ling’er didn’t dare to think about it deeply, subconsciously evading this problem.

“Oh, that’s right, why did you cry just now?” Long Yi curiously asked.

“Didn’t you bully me just now?” Long Ling’er pouted.

“I bullied you just now? Then why were you crying at that time when I came in?” Long Yi asked.

“I…was I crying? You must have misjudged.” Long Ling’er replied with a red face. She had unexpectedly had learned Long Yi’s this acting dumb technique.

“The nose of liar child grows longer.” Long Yi said while pinching the jade nose of Long Ling’er.

Long Ling’er touched her nose, and said charmingly: “As if, I am not a child.” Just finished speaking, her stomach growled.

“Hungry? Didn’t you see the meal I bought on the table? Why didn’t you eat it when you wake up?” Long Yi asked.

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“I…I was not hungry at that time, now I am hungry.” The eyes of Long Ling’er glimmered. She would never say that because she didn’t see him when she woke up, she was so sad that she had no appetite.

Long Yi put down Long Ling’er, then getting up, he brought back the meal from the bedroom. Then using his internal force, the already cold meal suddenly became steaming hot.

“Eh, you can also use fire magic? But why didn’t I see a fire?” Long Ling’er exclaimed in surprise.

“This is not a fire magic, is a kind of skill taught by my master, now come over and eat it.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Long Ling’er coyly whispered suddenly, “No, I want you to feed me.”

Long Yi was startled, soon afterwards, he happily smiled. He could clearly feel the attitude of Long Ling’er towards him and the expression of her eyes when looking at him were completely different from before. Does this mean that ‘that as if nightmare kind of sore point’ was solved?

“Fine, today I will feed my darling Ling’er.” Long Yi hugged Long Ling’er and made her sit on his lap, then scooping food using a spoon, he brought this spoon into the opened up pink lips of Long Ling’er.

Long Ling’er lightly chewed the food in her mouth, but her eyes were fixed on Long Yi’s that handsome face covered with gentleness. This instant, she felt as if electricity hit her heart, this kind of numb however warm feeling made her lost, so much so that she practically had forgotten about her oath to make Long Yi feel death was better than life in this sweetness.

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