Chapter 152: Two pretty girls playing GL [1]?

Sweet time always passed very quickly. This night Long Yi and Long Ling’er slept while hugging each other. Long Yi naturally said a lot of sweet words and honeyed phrases, coaxing Long Ling’er to sleep soundly with a sweet smile hanging on her beautiful face.

Because Long Ling’er had to go with Puxiusi to cultivate very early in the morning, when the sky was not still bright yet, Long Yi woke her up. At this time, it was still early, so Holy Magic Academy was very quiet. Once in a while, only one or two hardworking students could be seen doing physical exercise.

Two people walked out of the inn and walked towards the high-class dormitory where Long Ling’er was staying. Before going away, Long Ling’er wanted to bid farewell to Ximen Wuhen. After arriving at the entrance of dormitory, they saw guard Aunt Ou just happens to come out from inside.

Long Ling’er warmly smiled and greeted her, then turning around her body, she said to Long Yi: “Wait here, I will go up and bid farewell to Wuhen.”

Looking at the disappearing back view of Long Ling’er in the stairs, Long Yi also prepared to sneak into this dormitory again. But he suddenly felt ice-cold gaze, giving rise to goosebumps.

Long Yi turned his head and happened to see Aunt Ou retracting her gaze from his body. And he suddenly felt a kind of déjà vu feeling, but even after looking carefully, he was at a loss. That ice-cold gaze he had felt just now was clearly aroused by sharp qi, could it be that this Aunt Ou really had really stepped into Great Swords Master level just like Ximen Wuhen had stated at that time?

Looking at Aunt Ou who had already retracted her gaze, the expression of Long Yi changed, then leaving behind afterimage, as if a sharp arrow that had left from the bowstring, he dashed straight towards her, and his opened up five fingers as if the claw of the eagle, clutched towards her neck.

But Aunt Ou still walked forward without sensing anything, as if she didn’t feel any danger behind her at all. When the claw of Long Yi was just half an inch away from the neck of Aunt Ou, he suddenly retracted it. And he himself also returned to his original place in an instant, but he had the expression of bewildered and uncertainty. Is this Aunt Ou really just an ordinary person? Then that sharp gaze I felt just now, whose gaze was it?

And after Aunt Ou sat inside the room separated by the magic glass, she stared at him as if she was guarding against thief, greatly fearing he would slip in when she was not paying attention. This action made Long Yi doubt her less, perhaps that sharp gaze of just now was really not hers.

How come these girls are still not coming down and greet me for a long time? Long Yi thought aloud, then turning around, he pretended to leave. And just when Aunt Ou relaxed, he used Great Cosmos Shift to enter the girls’ dormitory.

Aunt Ou raised her head and her turbid eyes suddenly became clear. Then she shook her head and softly scolded with a smile: “This stupid brat, still is truly not sincere ah.”

Long Yi familiarly walked to the door of Long Ling’er’s dorm room and vaguely heard the laughing noise from inside. And when he lightly pushed the door, it unexpectedly opened, it seems they forgot to lock the door. Entering the room, Long Yi walked to the door of the bedroom. Then he impressively saw Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen were noisily laughing in bed and had turned into a ball while tickling each other.

If it was usual, then at most Long Yi would have swallowed a mouthful of saliva, nothing more. But now he was nearly about to have a nosebleed, spring sunshine emerges to bring the world alive [2] ah. If it was only the body of Long Ling’er, then it wouldn’t have affected him this much, as he was already very familiar with every inch of her body. But the problem here was, the one whose spring scenery was leaking was Ximen Wuhen. She had only a pink bra and pink panties on her body, and the most deadly of all was, both of this bra and panties were precisely that sexy underwear of that day. They had less cloth and was also transparent, moreover with both girls were rolling on the bed together, that only cover on her body was already in a terrible mess.

Inadvertently, the bra of Ximen Wuhen was unexpectedly pushed up by Long Ling’er as a practical joke, revealing Ximen Wuhen’s a pair of graceful and assertive bosom. Merely it was too bad that from the angle of Long Yi, he was only able to see the side, but only this already caused Long Yi almost unbearable.

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“See no evil, see no evil.” Long Yi continuously thought in his heart, but his eyes as if stuck didn’t move at all.

After she was sneak attacked by Long Ling’er, Ximen Wuhen cried out in alarm and immediately wanted to pull down her bra, but how could Long Ling’er let her wish fulfilled. She caught the hands of Ximen Wuhen and charmingly smiled: “Wuhen, your mimi [3] grew quite a lot ah.”

“Where is ah, quickly release me.” Ximen Wuhen rebuked, but no longer struggled. Both of them had played with each other from childhood till now, so both of them were familiar with each other’s body. As a result, there was no feeling of embarrassment between them.

“Obviously there is, I will measure.” Long Ling’er giggled, and reaching out her right hand and covering Ximen Wuhen’s one **, she grabbed it, causing the beautiful face of Ximen Wuhen to turn bright red.

“Wa, still not saying not gotten big, now my one hand is not enough to completely grab it.” Long Ling’er giggled and said. And at that time, she didn’t know why, suddenly the scene of Long Yi playing a dirty trick on her ** appeared in her mind, and she unexpectedly became absent-minded.

“Ling’er, quickly let me go, isn’t my second brother still waiting for you downstairs?” Ximen Wuhen earnestly asked.

Long Ling’er sobered up, then suddenly smiling, she said: “That perverted second brother of yours bullied me, so today I will bully his darling little sister.”

Seeing Long Ling’er’s eyes that were holding wicked intentions, Ximen Wuhen however was somewhat pleasantly surprised in her heart. It was not that she liked to be teased, rather Long Ling’er had never revealed such spirited expression after that incident, but today, seeing her this kind of expression full of spirit, she naturally was happy.

When the expression of Ximen Wuhen was changing, Long Ling’er suddenly leaned over and mischievously stretched out the tip of her tongue and licked the pink ** of Ximen Wuhen.

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The beautiful face of Ximen Wuhen instantly became red, and she angrily said: “Ling’er, what are you doing?”

“Hee hee, your second brother bullied me like this.” Long Ling’er giggled and said. After she finished speaking, she further intensified her attack by sucking Ximen Wuhen’s pink cherry, mimicking Long Yi’s manner of teasing.

“Ling’er, don’t.” The charming body of Ximen Wuhen quivered. Although Long Ling’er was her bosom friend, she however was also somewhat unable to accept this kind of tease. So she forcibly turned over her body and pushing down Long Ling’er, she softly pounded Long Ling’er several times with a very red face.

“Ling’er, you are really led astray by my second brother.” Ximen Wuhen angrily said.

Long Ling’er lightly smiled and said: “Yeah, so if you want to blame someone, blame your second brother.”

Long Yi who was looking at this scene from the doorway with dry mouth and tongue thought, Oh God, these two smelly girls, actually playing with each other like this. And he truly had a kind of impulse to rush into the bed of these two girls.

But, very quickly, Long Yi realized that one of them was Ximen Wuhen, his younger sister, and here he was unexpectedly peeping and having such evil thoughts. After that he immediately had cold sweats all over his body, then he disappeared from the door of the bedroom in a flash. And in the nick of the time, Ximen Wuhen turned around her head and saw a blur in front of her eyes for an instant.

Ximen Wuhen was startled in her heart, and she suddenly recalled her second brother’s that ghostly speed. Could it be that he had seen this activity between Long Ling’er and herself in the bed? Wouldn’t that be…

Ximen Wuhen immediately put on her long gown and rush to the window of the drawing room, then looking down, she saw Long Yi boringly leaning against the tree, while shamelessly calling out to passing by schoolgirls. It seems that truly was herself having blurred vision, and she involuntarily sighed in relief.

[1] GL: Girl’s Love

[2] spring sunshine emerges to bring the world alive (idiom): to give a glimpse of something intimate

[3] mimi: tits, i.e. slang for breasts

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