Chapter 153: See you again Puxiusi

Seeing the strange reaction of Ximen Wuhen, Long Ling’er was surprised. Then jumping out of the bed, she walked beside her and also down from the window. Discovering Ximen Wuhen was looking at precisely Long Yi who was waiting for them, she couldn’t help but ask: “Wuhen, what happened?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to look whether my second brother is still there or not, this person must be impatient now.” Ximen Wuhen smiled and said.

Long Ling’er saw Long Yi was shamelessly calling out to the passing by girls. And seeing some of the bold girls were simply stopping and chatting with him, Long Ling’er felt uncomfortable in her heart.

“Wuhen, quickly go and freshen up, the appointed time with teacher Puxiusi is almost there.” Long Ling’er urged Ximen Wuhen and pulling her, both of them entered the bathroom. But in her heart, Long Ling’er was raining curses on Long Yi, this smelly fellow.

When Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen came down, they saw that the girls beside Long Yi had already increased from two or three to more than ten, who were unceasingly trilling like an Oriole with amorous glances flying in a mess. And seeing Long Yi’s that intoxicated expression, Long Ling’er got mad in her heart, then coldly snorting, she pulled Ximen Wuhen and quickly walked past Long Yi.

As for Long Yi, seeing this jealous appearance of Long Ling’er, he was full of smiles, then waving his hand towards many girls surrounding him, he ran to chase after Long Ling’er.

“Darling Ling’er, why did you just run past me without even calling me? Throwing away husband and abandoning child however will get you struck by lightning.” Long Yi mischievously smiled and pulled Long Ling’er’s hand.

Long Ling’er shook off the hand of Long Yi and snorted: “Who is seducing and then abandoning, heartless-fickle-big pervert.”

“How could that be? Even if I have to betray everyone else under the heaven, I will absolutely not betray my darling Ling’er.” Long Yi said such sickening words with a smile, and his big hand shamelessly once again reached out to grab the little hand of Long Ling’er.

“Who knows what you said is real or fake.” Long Ling’er lowered her head and softly said. And her little hand slightly struggled before she let Long Yi grab it.

“Smelly second brother, you should speak less such sickening words. Hearing you, I am having goosebumps all over.” On the other side, Ximen Wuhen shivered and said with an aversion look.

Long Yi hollowly laughed, he can’t do anything about it ah, who said all girls love to hear this every now and then, despite them knowing that this naturally was false, he still felt comfortable.

“Little sister, I am already here for so long, but I don’t know which class you are in?” Long Yi asked.

“I am a nominal student in Light Department Magic class, but I rarely go to the class. Generally, I go to the library to read books.” Ximen Wuhen said. She would soon break through Advance Magician realm and enter Master Magician realm, so attending the class was a pure waste of time, as a result, she always went to the library to read.

“Are there many books in the library?” Long Yi asked.

“You idiot ah, the library of Holy Magic Academy however is the biggest library of entire Blue Waves Continent. Even the royal library collection of three great empires combined together will not be able to compare the library of here.” Long Ling’er gave Long Yi a supercilious look. This smelly fellow actually doesn’t even has this small amount of general knowledge.

Biggest library? The eyes of Long Yi shone, although there were many books in the bookshelves inside his space ring, compared to Holy Magic Academy’s library, the difference between them was undoubtedly just like the difference between a brook and ocean. Now he made a decision that after this matter was done, he would go to the library. He had many questions, and he had only half-baked knowledge about them.

Not long after, three people arrived at the dwelling courtyard of Puxiusi. And just before they knocked the door, they saw Puxiusi and Lin Na coming out from inside. This grandfather and granddaughter pair, both had fiery red hair and were wearing a fiery red magic robe. Even when they were walking over from distant, they could already feel a burst of blazing aura.

“Wuhen, Ling’er, you came.” Lin Na happily ran over, and familiarly held the hand of both girls, however from the beginning, she completely ignored Long Yi beside them. It seemed she was still brooding over the last time’s extorting incident.

Two women and Lin Na exchanged pleasantries, and only after Puxiusi walked over, they stopped and respectfully greeted him with a slight bow. But as for Long Yi, he was merely sizing up this imposing old man. There were no changes from the last time he had seen him in Huangmang small town.

Puxiusi had already seen this completely careless and sloppy youth, and seeing that face, he felt that face was somewhat familiar. And seeing this youth was sizing him up without any restraint at this moment, his eyes became sharp if sharp sword.

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Four eyes met face to face, and both of them were shocked. This moment, Puxiusi had amazed looks, soon after that, he suddenly recalled who this youth was. This youth was that same kid that casually dispelled his spirit pressure in Huangmang plain. He had never thought that only after a little more than a year, he unexpectedly had already progressed to such degree, truly the younger generations will surpass us in time ah.

“Tough child, we meet again.” Puxiusi suddenly laughed and said, making three women rather puzzled looking at him.

“Old man, you unexpectedly still remember me, it seems you are still not a dotard.” Long Yi said with a smile. The words ‘old man’ however made Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen turn pale with fright. Puxiusi however was Master Archmage who was looked up to by all the magicians ah, and here he was addressing him like this, could it be that he didn’t fear for his life?

“Even though you are so young in age, but your spirit power is so unfathomable, so, even if I want to forget you boy, it is still very difficult ah. Are you the student of Holy Magic Academy? With your cultivation level, how come I have never heard of you before ah?” Puxiusi didn’t mind the way Long Yi addressed him, rather asked with a smile.

“My name is Long Yi, just entered the academy two days ago, so it’s not surprising that you haven’t heard about me.” Long Yi said with a smiled. He was completely unrestraint even in front of Puxisi as if he was treating him as a common old man.

Seeing her grandpa seemed to have a very good impression on Long Yi, Lin Na couldn’t help but said in her charming voice: “Grandpa, he is that scoundrel, that scoundrel who swindle away your 1000 Amethyst coins last time.”

Puxiusi was dumbfounded, although the cause of that matter was Lin Na, thinking about that 1000 Amethyst coin, he would still have endless heartache till this date.

“Tough child, cine you swindle my 1000 Amethyst coins in collusion with Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group, how should we settle this account?” Puxiusi retracted his smile, then staring at Long Yi, he said.

Seeing Puxiusi seemed angry, Long Ling’er hastily said: “Teacher Puxiusi, I will return that 1000 Amethyst Coins to you.”

“Still farting ah, I say, old man, you are saying I swindled you, but do you have any proof. If there is no proof then I can sue you for slander.” Long Yi suddenly interrupted Long Ling’er’s words, and half squinting his eyes, he looked face to face against Puxiusi.

Puxiusi who was a wily old fox snorted and said: “Tough child, do not think that this matter is completely flawless. Several hundred people of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group have participated in this matter, I don’t believe that everyone’s mouth is sturdy like an iron plate.”

Long Yi pricked his brows, this old man was very crafty, indeed, this was a very big flaw. And with the reputation and ability of Puxiusi, prying open the mouth of several mercenaries shouldn’t be difficult too.

“Hehe, then wait until you find the proof before speaking.” Long Yi laughed and said. He didn’t believe that Puxiusi would spend so much time and energy to look into this matter. Moreover, even if several mercenaries spoke the truth, that was not very useful, unless he could make more than half of the mercenaries of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group to unanimously speak this matter was acting from the beginning to end.

Puxiusi looked towards the sky, honestly speaking, with his current strength, there was very few opponents in this entire Blue Waves Continent, but today seeing Long Yi, this youth who he was unable to see through, he had a kind of impulse to fight with him. And in the eyes of Long Yi, he also saw the same kind of thirst.

“Grandpa, it’s time for us to go now, don’t waste time speaking with this kind of scoundrel.” Lin Na said while fiercely glaring at Long Yi.

“Well, it’s time to go, boy, don’t leave for this three months from here, I will slowly settle the account with you after I get back.” Puxiusi said to Long Yi.

“I say, old man, can’t you postponed one or two days to leave? That way we can begin settling the account now.” Long Yi eagerly stared at Puxiusi, having the same thoughts as Puxiusi in his mind.

How could Puxiusi not see what Long Yi was thinking, but the place where he was taking both Lin Na and Long Ling’er was a place which opened once every five years, and if they became late then they had to wait another five years to enter, but, testing this boy was more important.

Suddenly, a red light burst out from the body of Puxiusi, and a huge energy pushed back Ximen Wuhen and other two girls, then he used the magic domain to shroud Long Yi.

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And noticing now there were no magic elements in the air, Long Yi knew that Puxiusi had already spread his magic domain.

“Heaven Burning Flame, burn!” Puxiusi floated in the air and muttered, then the entire domain was burned with a red flame, instantly submerging both himself and Long Yi.

Seeing this, three girls outside were alarmed, and all of them cried out in surprise. Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen were even more nervous. Although they knew the ability of Long Yi, and also had seen that at that time he was able to escape unscathed from forbidden magic spell God Burning Magic, but now he was confronting against Master Archmage possessing magic domain. So they couldn’t help but get anxious.

“You two can rest assured, grandpa have propriety. He will just teach that bastard a small lesson, and will not hurt his life.” Seeing Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen were getting worried, Lin Na couldn’t help but consoled them.

This Heaven Burning Flame continued to burn for no less than a quarter of an hour before dispersing. And after that, seeing the scene within the magic domain of Puxiusi, all three girls were dumbstruck.

They saw that more than the half of Long Yi’s clothing had already burned into ash, exposing that silver armor inside. Now his handsome face was also burned black, and the majority of his pitch black long hair was also burned, making him look very miserable. And Puxiusi was also in a sorry state, there were holes in his fiery magic robe, and a big chunk of his lower jaw’s beard was also missing. Carefully looking, the three girls saw that the right hand of Long Yi was grabbing a chunk of fiery red beard, and was smiling showing his pure white teeth. This smile showing his white teeth accompanied with his current burnt black handsome face unexpectedly was dazzling to the eye of others.

Puxiusi withdrew his magic domain and angrily looked at Long Yi. This dumb idiot unexpectedly sliced off more than half of his proud beard, truly making him angry. But at the same time, he was also extremely surprised in his heart, how old was this boy ah, but he was actually able to injure him in his own domain. Although he had not gone all out and used only rank 10 strengthened version crowd attack magic, under the amplification of this domain, it was only a little inferior to forbidden magic spells.

“Old man, you a Master Archmage is also not up to much.” Long Yi shook the beard in his hand and said with a smile.

“Tough child, you are too complacent, just you wait, after I return back, I will teach you a very good lesson.” The anger of Puxiusi gradually disappeared, and his gaze looking towards Long Yi also had some admiration.

After that Puxiusi entered the house, quickly changed his clothing, groomed his lower jaw’s beard, and coming out, he said: “Lin Na, Ling’er, we are going.”

The body of Long Ling’er shook, and turning around to look at Long Yi, she suddenly felt very reluctant to part, and tears filled her beautiful eyes.

“Ling’er, wait a moment.” Long Yi suddenly called out, then walked to the front of Long Ling’er, and under the gaze of everyone, he hugged Long Ling’er and kissed her little mouth.

Long Ling’er blanked out, she wanted to push Long Yi away, but thinking they were going to separate, she felt sad, and hugging the neck of Long Yi, she passionately responded. Seeing this, the beautiful face of Ximen Wuhen and Ling Na reddened, even Puxiusi, this old man who had lived for a long time was surprised. He had never seen the scene of man and woman kissing in public before. And to think that when he and his already deceased wife were going steady, they dared to engage in such activity only in secret, this made him sigh with emotion in his heart. Being youth is very good ah.

After their lips parted, the eyes of Long Ling’er blurred while watching Long Yi, then she whispered in his ear: “You are not allowed to forget me, and also not allowed to dally with women.”

And not waiting for Long Yi to answer, Long Ling’er jumped, then along with Puxiusi and Lin Na, she flew away, disappearing in a blink of an eye, only leaving behind her lingering fragrance around him for a long time.

“Hey, smelly second brother, Ling’er is gone, so why are you still staring?” Seeing Long Yi was still lost in thought, Ximen Wuhen pulled his sleeve.

Mhm, Long Yi snapped out of his trance, then looking at Ximen Wuhen, he smiled. Now she was calling him ‘second brother’, merely, she added a word ‘smelly’ in the front, but in any case, it was a good improvement.

“I see Ling’er really likes you, don’t hurt her again.” Ximen Wuhen said.

“Little sister, why are you always afraid that I will hurt Ling’er? She loves me, and the love I return her isn’t any inferior to hers.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Ximen Wuhen wanted to say something but then hesitated, and sighing, she said nothing. Although she could tell that Long Ling’er was really trapped in, she feared that the trapper of Long Ling’er was not sincere.

“Little sister, let’s go to eat breakfast together.” Long Yi said to Ximen Wuhen.

Ximen Wuhen nodded her head, then together with Long Yi, she went to that dining hall which was on the mountain behind academy.

Looking at the graceful table manner of Ximen Wuhen, Long Yi couldn’t help but laugh. Having such a convenient little sister was also not bad, even looking at her all day long was also eye pleasing ah.

“Smelly second brother, why are you looking at me without eating food?” Ximen Wuhen glared at Long Yi and protested coquettishly.

Long Yi smirked and said: “Who asked my little sister to be so beautiful, even while eating you look so beautiful, so how could your second brother not appreciate this?”

The beautiful face of Ximen Wuhen became slightly red, and a smile appeared on her face. She still quite enjoyed the praise of Long Yi. And when she was thinking of carrying on speaking with Long Yi, she suddenly saw a woman wearing blue water magic robe in the doorway of this dining hall, and she was angrily walking towards them. And the target of her gaze was precisely Long Yi who was sitting opposite to her.

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