Chapter 154: Compressed Magic

“Smelly second brother, you seem to be in trouble.” Ximen Wuhen kicked the leg of Long Yi under the table and said.

Having heard what was said, Long Yi raised his head, and following the gaze of Ximen Wuhen, he saw Shui Royan with anger across her entire face was walking towards him. Seeing this he couldn’t help but wonder, could it be that this woman still holds a grudge for that day’s matter of spanking her buttocks? Truly narrow-minded ah.

Shui Ruoyan stood in front of Long Yi. And someone immediately recognized Long Yi and Shui Ruoyan were precisely the male and female protagonist of the rumor that was floating around the academy, and immediately made a big fuss, causing everyone to look at this good play. Of course, there were lots of people who were looking at Long Yi with jealousy. If a gaze alone was able to kill people, then Long Yi would have already died over ten thousand times.

Ximen Wuhen looked at Long Yi and again looked at Shui Ruoyan, seeing one was casual and other was burning with anger, she hesitated and said: “I still have class, so I’ll leave first, you two can slowly chat ah.”

This girl doesn’t have any spirit of loyalty, looking at the back view of leaving Ximen Wuhen, Long Yi cursed in his heart. Then, eating a piece of dessert, he carelessly said: “Teacher Shui Ruoyan, how about we have a talk after changing our location, of course, if you do not mind having so many students looking at us just like monkeys performing tricks, then I also don’t mind.”

Shui Ruoyan coldly looked around, and with her natural might brought about by her Archmage realm cultivation, all of the students avoided her gaze one after another, as they didn’t dare to look at her face to face.

“You come with me.” Finished speaking, Shui Ruoyan turned around and walked out of dining hall, leading Long Yi to a secluded place in the mountain behind the academy.

“Teacher Shui Ruoyan, this place is desolate and uninhabited, why on earth did you lead me here, can it be that you want to carry out that cruel and inhumane first rape then kill crime.” Long Yi said with turning pale with fright appearance, but his eyes were brimming with a smile.

Hearing Long Yi talking nonsense, the anger of Shui Ruoyan surged, now she truly wanted to pounce and tear him into two pieces of meat.

“Yesterday, why didn’t you come to attend the class?” Shui Ruoyan forced down her anger, then angrily asked.

“Why should I attend the class?” Long Yi smiled and asked in reverse.

“You…you are a student, so you should attend the class.” Shui Ruoyan clenched her hands into fists, and she felt that she was on the verge of dying from an excess of anger.

“Well, do you think it is necessary for me to attend the class?” Long Yi smirked and asked. Seeing anger across the beautiful face of Shui Rouyan, Long Yi unexpectedly had a kind of unknown pleasure in his heart. Wasn’t this somewhat abnormal?

Shui Ruoyan was startled, yes, this smelly bastard can even unscrupulously bully her, a teacher, so is it still necessary for him to attend the class? Recalling the matter of that night, her face burned with shame, but soon after that was filled with anger, with her complexion becoming green and red simultaneously. And she was speechless for a short while.

“Teacher Shui Ruoyan, are you all right?” Seeing the complexion of Shui Ruoyan was not so good, Long Yi asked in concern.

Shui Ruoyan snapped out from her trance, then biting her lower lip, she suddenly sighed, and said with loneliness: “Yes, it is not necessary for you to attend the class, I also have no qualification to teach you.”

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Seeing the current appearance of Shui Ruoyan, Long Yi instead was dumbfounded for quite a while, and he said slowly: “That day I was merely lucky. You are not any inferior to me in strength.”

Shui Ruoyan raised her head, and suddenly smiling, she said: “Is this you consoling me? I truly don’t know how you were able to court Long Ling’er like this, so stupid.”

Eh…, Looking at Shui Ruoyan’s charming face, Long Yi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, why are women always so apt to change?

“Long Yi, can you tell me, who taught you that strange magic? And how can you move so quickly?” Shui Ruoyan asked. She truly was very curious, and also was very longing to know.

Long Yi mischievously laughed and said: “Didn’t I already said you that Light God came to my dream and taught them to me, there is nothing I can do if you don’t believe me ah.”

Shui Ruoyan again got angry and snorting, she said: “Not telling me, it’s okay, I will go to look for dean Puxiusi, I believe he will also be very interested to know.”

“That old man Puxiusi? I just had a fight with him and pulled out more than half of his bread.” Long Yi pricked up his brows and said with a smile.

“Bragging doesn’t work out a sketch, with your strength, you can only bully weak women like me.” Shui Ruoyan didn’t believe in Long Yi.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, she is a weak woman? If an Archmage woman capable of casting rank 10 saint grade magic is considered a weak woman, then the majority of people of this world is infants without the strength to truss a chicken.

“What’s with your expression? Looking at your burnt hair, I am afraid you were taught a good lesson by dean Puxiusi.” Shui Ruoyan laughed looking at the hair of Long Yi.

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“I say, old lady, if you don’t know, then don’t make a wild guess.” Long Yi said.

“You…what did you call me, old lady? Do I look very old?” The complexion of Shui Ruoyan immediately changed, this dumb idiot unexpectedly called her old lady, this is outrageous.

“Not old not old, you look only 30 or so, precisely in your prime age.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I am only 27 this year, where is 3……” Shui Ruoyan finished speaking and immediately realized that she was cheated, then fuming with anger, she glared at Long Yi.

“Oh, just 27 years old, not old not old, just right age to be my woman.” Long Yi smiled and watching Shui Ruoyan, he told her the truth. Her that mature charm was very attractive to him.

Shui Ruoyan angrily glared at Long Yi and said angrily: “Just drop dead already.”

“If I die then wouldn’t you become a widow? The other night, I wonder who said that as long as someone gave a bowl of noodles, she would pledge to marry him. Eating the noodles then falling out and becoming hostile?” Long Yi mischievously teased. Eating until full then playing with a woman was a most joyful matter ah.

Shui Ruoyan suddenly got hot and dry, then pushing away Long Yi, she flew away.

Long Yi shook his head and smiled, then he also flew towards the library. Since this place had the largest library in the entire Blue Waves Continent, there must be many books he had never seen before. He decided to spend his whole day there.

With his identity card, Long Yi easily entered the library. Just entered and discovered that the first floor of the library was filled with people. There were hundreds of tables, but none of them were open and people were sitting even on the ground. Long Yi slightly looked around and discovered that in the bookshelves of the first floor, there were only elementary magic, elementary douqi and so on books.

So Long Yi went to the second floor, on the second floor, there were comparatively fewer people. But all the seats were full, only not exaggerate like the first floor. In the rows of bookshelves of this second floor, there were a number of intermediate rank books. After arriving here, Long Yi understood this place’s arrangement and assumed that there would be advance ranked books on the third floor.

Long Yi went to the third floor, then immediately walked towards the fourth floor, but in the staircase, there unexpectedly was a barrier. However, all the barriers were practically useless against him. Long Yi easily entered the fourth floor. The fourth floor was empty, it might be assumed that only those who had reached Master Magician could enter this floor.

The eyes of Long Yi glimmered, according to his calculation, the fifth floor must be the place where only those who had reached Mage realm could enter, for the sixth floor, Archmage, then for the seventh floor, wouldn’t it be only Master Archmage and above could enter. The heart of Long Yi thumped wildly, and his entire thought was on the seventh floor, what kind of books would be on that seventh floor?

Long Yi looked around like a thief, and seeing no one was paying attention, he ran directly to the sixth floor. He felt that the higher he went the more powerful the barrier, and when he had entered to the sixth floor from the fifth floor, he had spent quite a bit of time.

After arriving to the sixth floor, Long Yi instead was not impatient to go to the seventh floor. This sixth floor had only five bookshelves and was empty with no one else here. Long Yi was very curious to see what kind of books were here in this sixth floor, so he began to look rows after rows of books, and discovered that there were books of all elements’ rank 10 magic spells. As well as magic notes left behind by previous generations. All of them were truly worth more than thousand pieces of gold ah.

The eyes of Long Yi shone, so many good books, wouldn’t it be better to take all of them away and slowly read them. But when he had just entered the library, he had taken a glance at the rules of the library. Among them there was a rule stating that the books that are on the fourth floor and above can only be read in the library, all of them cannot be borrowed. Still, Long Yi thought to throw some of these books in his space ring and take them away, then after finished reading them, return them back and again take some other books and do the same, like that wouldn’t it be better.

Long Yi mischievously smiled and decided to take away the notes of the magic predecessors first. These things however were the painstaking efforts of several predecessors, and Long Yi naturally knew that these things were of great value. But when he wanted to throw these notes into his space ring, he discovered that they would not enter the space ring. As it turned out, all these books in this place had passive tricks. But even after Long Yi looked all over it, he found nothing, so he couldn’t help but got somewhat disappointed. Then he honestly sat on the ground and began reading the book.

While reading, the mind of Long Yi was completely immersed in the sea of books. One should know that his reading speed was quite amazing, as he only spent a daytime to completely read dozens of books, moreover the contents of the books were all recorded in his mind word for word.

Long read as if intoxicated and stupefied, although he was nowhere near reaching Archmage, still, this didn’t effect Long Yi from the feeling of suddenly seeing the light.

At this time, Long Yi took out a dusty note from the lowest part of the bookshelf, then opening it, he looked, and immediately his eyes lit up. In the first page of this note, using vigorous magic characters, few large characters were boldly written: theory of the using magic compression.

“Can magic be compressed?” Long Yi thought in his heart, then very impatiently, he read this note.

“Admirable, really admirable, this fellow is a true genius ah. As it turned out, magic can still be used like this.” Long Yi as if eaten stimulant shouted loudly. If the theory of the note was established, then after the compression, the might of magic would be several times more powerful compared to using it without compressing magic, what a brilliant concept. According to this concept, if a forbidden magic spell is compressed to a certain degree and fired, then the might of this single forbidden magic would be equivalent to several forbidden magic spell, and its explosion power would be equivalent to the explosion of an atom bomb. Add a few more of them, and wouldn’t it be enough to blow down that Hengduan Mountain?

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