Chapter 155: Ling Feng—Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic

Long Yi cheerfully turn over the final page of this note, and he saw the warning of the author on the last page. The warning said that, while practicing this theory, there was a considerable chance of the explosion of magic elements, immediately making Long Yi depressed to the extreme. But very quickly, Long Yi dismissed this depression in his mind. Now his understanding of magic also had a certain depth, and the author had stated that this theory of magic compression should be practical, so he decided to look for a chance to give it a try after going out from here.

Now, Long Yi’s path of magic really began to enrich. He had already experienced the might compound magic, and if he was able to compress this compound magic and cast it, then how much bigger the might would be ah. Long Yi began to get excited in his heart.

At this time, the heart of Long Yi suddenly jumped, he saw that the barrier of stairs was beginning to fluctuate as if the ripples, unexpectedly someone was coming. Subconsciously, Long Yi retracted all his aura and swiftly leaped up to the dark part of the ceiling. Now if one didn’t look carefully, one would absolutely not be able to see him.

Just after Long Yi concealed himself, a figure came in, and unexpectedly went straight to the seventh floor.

“Ling Feng?” Long Yi was incomparably shocked in his heart. The person that had just come was unexpectedly his dormitory roommate Ling Feng. He had at most reached Advance Magician realm, but how was he able to come here? But Long Yi thought again, wasn’t he himself was also similarly not qualified to enter here, and relied on his internal force to forcibly come here? So it might be assumed that Ling Feng also had a method to bypass the barriers.

“This boy really hid himself ah, see how I will force you to reveal your true features today.” Long Yi mischievously laughed in his heart. With regarding Ling Feng concealing himself, Long Yi was not angry. Wasn’t he himself was also concealing many things from other people? But now that he had seen this, he naturally would take a look at what sort of expert was Ling Feng.

After Ling Feng arrived in front of the barrier blocking the path to the seventh floor, she fished out a strange seven colored jade stone from her pocket. Then firmly holding that jade stone with her both hands, she began to recite the incantation. Suddenly, seven colored radiance sprang out of her hands, instantly covering the entire body of Ling Feng, and taking advantage of this, she rushed towards the barrier. The barrier began to fluctuate when it came into contact with that seven colored radiance. And Ling Feng squeezed in little by little, looked very difficult ah.

It took nearly half an hour for Ling Feng to finally pass through the barrier.

Long Yi jumped down and didn’t immediately rushed to the seventh floor, rather carried on reading the books of the sixth floor for a good while. Only after that, he walked towards the stairs leading to the seventh floor.

Long Yi used his internal force to cover his entire body and slowly walked towards the barrier. This barrier was obviously much stronger compared to the barrier of the sixth floor, and it took a great effort of Long Yi to pass through it. Using his internal force to pass through the barrier was extremely advantageous because the internal force would absorb and assimilate the energy of the barrier, thus would not cause any fluctuation in the barrier.

“Eh, very dense dark aura.” The pupils of Long Yi shrunk. And he quickly used his spirit power to isolate himself from this aura.

Long Yi probed from the head of the flight of stairs. As it turned out, the seventh floor only had a single bookshelf, placed in the corner formed by two walls. Moreover in the ceiling and the floor, there were glistening various kind of magic runes, forming a strange magic formation. But what surprised Long Yi the most was Ling Feng. Ling Feng was sitting cross-legged in the middle of this magic formation, and her body was emitting dark magical power. Moreover, just above her head, a fist-sized black stone was floating. And right now faint dark light, as if iron encountering a magnet, was slowly entering into the head of Ling Feng.

As it turned out Ling Feng was Dark and Earth class, duel class magician. Wasn’t this just like Leng Youyou? Only different was Leng Youyou was Spirit and Dark class magician.

Long Yi was thinking as if lightning in his mind, did Ling Feng come to Holy Magic Academy for the sake of cultivating here? What exactly is that black stone floating above her head?

The cultivation of Ling Feng didn’t last too long. Not long after, the black stone above her head began to retract its black light, changing into a piece of lusterless ordinary stone, and the dark mist around her body also retracted into her body and concealed itself.

After that Ling Feng suddenly opened her eyes, and with a sudden flash of black light, her eyeballs immediately changed back to brown color, merely Long Yi felt as if he saw a deep sea blue colored eyes for an instant. After that, that black stone floating above the head of Ling Feng fell to the ground and embedded inside the hole, which had exactly the same shape as that stone, on the floor. It might be assumed that this stone was originally inlaid on the ground.

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Just then, a magic wand suddenly appeared on the hand of Ling Feng, then she began to recite the incantation. After that, a black light shot out from her magic wand to the air, and suddenly a fissure appeared in the space.

“Dark God’s blessing, I must succeed ah.” Ling Feng expectantly looked at the space fissure and muttered.

Black mist fluctuated within the space fissure as if something was in the process of struggling violently. Not long after, the space fissure began to slowly close, but the thing inside still didn’t come out, and the eyes of Ling Feng showed disappointment.

But when the space fissure was just about to close, suddenly a green light flashed, and a humanoid monster, covered with long green furs all over, fell off the space fissure.

“Yes, I succeed, I finally summoned Green Furred Corpse King.” Ling Feng jumped and cheered. Now her expression looked just like that of a little girl.

Long Yi had his mouth wide open, my God, what am I seeing? It was actually the lost magic to summon the undead of different space. Bite.Xiuge’s undead magic book had the record of this Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic, however, there was no record of its incantation. Legend stated that this undead summoning magic appeared ten thousand years ago, and its biggest difference with ordinary undead summoning magic was, it can summon undead creatures of the different space. One should know that the undead creatures of the different space were many times more powerful compared with the ordinary undead, moreover, once the summoning succeeds, they would be the most faithful servant of the Necromancer forever. And during the time when Necromancer didn’t need it, Necromancer could release it back to the different space. It could be said that this Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic was the dream magic of all Necromancer. He had never thought that he would unexpectedly see this magic on Ling Feng today.

Good boy, Long Yi took a deep breath, and under the extreme shock state, his spirit guard shield unexpectedly fluctuated slightly. Just then, that motionless Green Furred Corpse King unexpectedly issued an ear-piercing shrill and changing into a green light, rushed towards the stairs where Long Yi was hiding.

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Peng, Long Yi palmed chopped this Green Furred Corpse King and sent it flying back. If it was ordinary undead, then it would have already chopped to pieces. But this Green Furred Corpse King immediately stood up after heavily falling on the ground, without any injury. This made Long Yi admire its strong defense power.

When Green Furred Corpse King wanted to rush again, Ling Feng however used magic to stop it, then spoke: “Who is there, quickly come out.” There seems to be a hint of nervousness in her voice.

Long Yi leaped swiftly and landed in front of Ling Feng, then laughing, he said: “Ling Feng, it’s such a coincident to meet you here ah.”

Ling Feng turned pale, and she asked in a low voice: “Did you see everything?”

“Yes.” Long Yi nodded his head.

“I…I didn’t mean to hide it, merely…, I know you are definitely feeling disgusted with me now.” Long Feng bit her lower lips in a feminine way, and her expression looked somewhat restless and gloomy.

“I know, everyone has their own secrets, and I am no exception.” Long Yi lightly smiled. Then he walked to the front of Ling Feng and heavily patting on the shoulder of Ling Feng, he said: “Look at yourself, now you look just like a woman. Is there any reason for me to hate you, even truly loving you is still not enough ah.”

The face of Ling Feng reddened and pushing away the big hand of Long Yi, she said: “Do you really not hate me? I am Dark Magician.”

Long Yi mysteriously smiled, and signaled her to come near with a finger, and said: “Bring your ears over here, I’ll tell you a secret.”

Ling Feng obediently moved her head closer, and feeling Long Yi hot breathe blowing in her neck, she couldn’t help but feel bashful and her ear heated up.

“Eh, Ling Feng, how come you have pierced ear, you are not a woman, are you.” Sharp-eyed Long Yi saw that the fine ear of Ling Feng unexpectedly had two small holes, and he couldn’t help but exclaim.

Ling Feng instantly pushed Long Yi away, and loudly yelled in embarrassment: “You are a woman. There is nothing unusual to have pierced ears, so what’s there to be so surprised.”

Long Yi laughed, thinking about it, in his previous incarnation, there once was a trend where those youth would pierce several holes in their ears, so there truly was nothing to make a fuss. Long Yi apologized: “Don’t be angry, I was merely blowing a hot air, our Ling Feng is so manly, how can he be a woman?”

“This still is not good for me, hereafter again say I am a woman, then I will fall out with you.” Ling Feng said while fuming with anger.

“Will not say, I will definitely not say.” Long Yi pledged.

“Weren’t you going to tell me a secret? What is it ah?” Ling Feng said.

Long Yi smirked and said: “If I say me and you are the same kind of people, then do you believe me?”

Ling Feng was startled and said in amazement: “You mean you are also Dark Magician?”

“Smart, here is a hug as a reward.” Long Yi giggled and was about to hug Ling Feng, but was pushed away.

“Stop being so disgusting, are you really a Dark Magician?” Ling Feng impatiently asked. And her eyes looking towards Long Yi had a faint trace of happiness.

“Don’t believe me, then watch.” The blood colored skull mark on the palm of his left hand flashed with red light and 18 super skeletons who were idle for a long time appeared. And the killing intent on their body made that Green Furred Corpse King summoned by Ling Feng to retreat back successively.

And what made Long Yi surprise was, that super skeleton holding blood colored sickle who was named Long Two unexpectedly came to his back on its own without his command.

“Long Two, it’s been a long time since you last exercised, your bones aren’t rusty right?” Long Yi patted the bone shoulder of Long Two in surprise while thinking, could it be that this skeleton really produced consciousness, but thinking about it, these skeletons didn’t have anything besides bones, so that was very unlikely. This action of Long Two might only be a kind of odd reflex action.

“Ah, you are really a Necromancer as me, your skeletons are really beautiful ah.” At this time, Ling Feng suddenly exclaimed in pleasant surprise, and enviously looked at those 18 super skeletons of Long Yi.

Necromancer is indeed deserved to be called a Necromancer, just saw skeletons, and she used the word ‘beautiful’ to describe them. One should know that even though these skeletons were strong, they were just an ugly skeletons.

“Long Yi, why were you talking with your skeleton? Could it be that they are conscious?” Lin Feng asked feeling surprised.

Long Yi looked back to imposing Long Two, then shrugging his shoulder, he said: “Who knows? I am not sure whether they have conscious or not.”

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