Chapter 156: Demonic Stone

Ling Feng sized up Long Yi’s 18 super skeletons in surprise, then suddenly giggled and said: “Just like you have said, how can skeleton produce consciousness?”

Long Yi smiled and no longer entangled in this problem. He looked at that black stone that had again embedded on the ground and asked: “What is this stone?”

“This is a Demonic Stone, it contains strong dark power, and furthermore generates strange sounds. The people who heard this sound will lose their reason thereby becoming an insane blood-thirsty person.” Ling Feng said.

“There actually is such evil stone, then why am I not hearing its sound?” Long Yi curiously asked, then crouching down, he carefully observed this Demonic Stone on the ground.

“Don’t you see these light magic runes, they form a magic formation that suppresses this Demonic Stone. If it was not like that, then how can I so arbitrarily absorb the dark power inside the Demonic Stone?” Ling Feng laughed.

Long Yi nodded his head, and curiously reached out his big hand towards this Demonic Stone. Lightly touching, the surface of this swarthy stone actually rippled, and a kind of cool and refreshing cold feeling made Long Yi feel very comfortable. But just then, the ripples flashed, and Long Yi suddenly saw an eye inside this stone. That pupil was also black in color same as his pupils, but what was different was, this eye was flashing with a coldness that made Long Yi feel as if even his soul was being frozen stiff.

“Ha.” Long Yi hastily retreated two steps with his entire face covered with an alarmed look. That coldness coming through his soul made his whole body shiver involuntarily.

“Long Yi, what happened?” Seeing the alarmed face of Long Yi, Ling Feng couldn’t help but ask worriedly.

Long Yi took deep breathes to somewhat calm down his state of mind, then pointing at that Demonic Stone on the ground, he said: “Just now an eye appeared inside it, did you see?”

“Eye? I don’t see it ah, there wasn’t even the slightest changes in this stone ah.” Ling Feng shook her head and said.

“Then did you see ripples on its surface?” Long Yi asked feeling surprised.

“Not at all.” Ling Feng still shook her head.

Long Yi frowned without speaking, he was sure that what had appeared just now was absolutely not his hallucination, even though that ice-cold feeling had now already dissipated completely.

“Ling Feng, do you know the origin of this Demonic Stone?” Long Yi asked while pondering. This Demonic Stone was absolutely not that simple, it must have a universally shocking origin.

“I am not very clear, the records about Demonic Stone is very rare, I only know that it first appeared more than ten thousand years ago, and was suppressed here 100 years ago. As for everything else, I don’t know.” Ling Feng said.

Long Yi nodded his head and no longer asked about it again. From the expression of Ling Feng, he could see that he was still hiding something. Long Yi had the heart to study this mysterious Demonic Stone again but recalling the circumstance of just now, he however didn’t dare to act rashly again. Perhaps that old man Puxiusi knows something about it, when he came back, I will ask him.

Sobering up, Long Yi looked at Ling Feng. Is this guy a person of Dark Church? Honestly speaking, he never had any good impression of Dark Church.

“Why are you looking at me like this? Is there flower blooming on my face?” Ling Feng somewhat unnaturally said.

“There is no flower blooming, merely I have a question, are you a person of Dark Church?” Long Yi asked staring at Ling Feng.

The complexion of Ling Feng changed, then intricately looking at Long Yi for a good while, she softly said: “I know you have a prejudice against Dark Church, but I do not want to deceive you, I am indeed a person from Dark Church.”

Long Yi was dumbfounded and said curiously: “How do you know that I have a prejudice against Dark Church?”

“That doesn’t matter, in any case I know.” Ling Feng turned her head and said in low spirits.

Long Yi thought a bit, then shaking his head, he laughed. When did he become so stupid, Dark Church with Proud Moon Empire had jointly attacked him several times, and the status of Ling Feng within Dark Church shouldn’t be low, so he naturally knows his ins and outs. Moreover, it seems Intoxicated Fragrant Building should, in fact, be the stronghold of Dark Church in Mea Principality. Just then, Long Yi suddenly thought of Mea Empress, that fox demon who frequently haunt Intoxicated Fragrant Building, was she also working together with Dark Church? Thinking this, Long Yi frowned.

“Are you angry?” Ling Feng asked cautiously. As a matter of fact, one thing she knew after meeting with Long Yi was, she and Long Yi were the perfect kindred spirits, so she didn’t want to lose this friend.

Long Yi raised his hand and looking at Ling Feng, he said: “Now that you Dark Church knows I am here, why didn’t you send someone to assassinate me?”

“I also don’t know, I only know that after the complete wipeout in Hengduan Mountain last time, no further command was issued from above.” Ling Feng shook her head.

Long Yi raised his brows, could it be that Dark Church was afraid to strike? But his intuition told him that it was never going to be that simple. Perhaps now Dark Church didn’t have time and energy to deal with him.

“Oh, that’s right, Ling Feng, do you know Leng Youyou? She is your Dark Church’s Dark Saintess.” Long Yi suddenly thought of Leng Youyou, after she had gone to see her master, he didn’t know how she was doing.

Hearing the name Leng Youyou, Ling Feng revealed a strange expression, then nodded her head with a strange smile hanging over her mouth.

“Then, do you know the son of your Dark Pope, what sort of guy is he?” Since Long Yi was lost in thought, he didn’t notice the strange smile on the face of Ling Feng.

“He ah, he is more handsome than you. He is elegant, smart, tender and also thoughtful, moreover he is completely infatuated with Dark Saintess.” Ling Feng smiled and said.

Long Yi paced back and forth with his hand supporting his chin. He felt indescribable restless with anxiety inside his heart. Then snorting he said: “You should know that Leng Youyou is my woman. If that guy dares to have any idea against Leng Youyou, then I, your father will make him regret being born as a human.”

Ling Feng was forced to retreat two steps by the killing intent unconsciously released by Long Yi, and with somewhat pale complexion, she said: “You can rest assured, I…our young master is absolutely not that kind of person, he treats other people very nicely.”

Having heard what was said, Long Yi’s state of mind slowly settled down, and seeing a somewhat pale face of Ling Feng, he suddenly realized and immediately retracted his killing intent.

“Long Yi, how many people did you kill ah, how come you have such dense killing intent?” Ling Feng said having a lingering fear.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile: “I also don’t know, I didn’t count.”

“Great Devil.” Ling Feng muttered.

Long Yi turned sideways, and looking at that Green Furred Corpse King behind Ling Feng, he said with a smile: “Ling Feng, we are brothers, aren’t we?”

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The eyes if Ling Feng shone and immediately nodded her head.

“Your this Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic, is this a shouldn’t pass down secret magic?” Long Yi smirked and said.

Having heard the words of Long Yi, Ling Feng rolled her eyes and said: “I know you brat don’t have any good idea. Since you want to learn it, take it.” Finished speaking, Ling Feng took out a book from her space ring and tossed it towards Long Yi.

Long Yi caught the book and couldn’t help feeling surprised. Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic was an absolutely priceless treasure for all Necromancer, and it was impossible for Ling Feng to not know its value, so he had asked him only as a joke, but he had never expected that Ling Feng would actually give him this lost for ten thousand years magic technique without even thinking for a bit.

Looking at this book in his hand, Long Yi was moved, he really didn’t become a friend with a wrong person. Since he was willing to give such priceless thing to him, Long Yi also wouldn’t be selfish. He took out Bite.Xiuge’s Undead Magic Encyclopedia and also his notes from inside his space ring, then handed them over to Ling Feng: “Proper behavior is based on reciprocity, I shouldn’t study your this magic in vain, this is for you.”

“Why are you polite with me ah, this is…ah, Bite.Xiuge’s undead notes.” Ling Feng carelessly looked at the books given to her by Long Yi, but seeing the title of the book, she however couldn’t help but screamed. Oh my God, Bite.Xiuge however was God-like existence in the heart of all the dark magicians, and she had never expected to see the notes he had personally written and also a number of already lost magic spells, this simply shocked her greatly.

“This is something I have accidentally obtained, the contents inside are very comprehensive. I think it should be somewhat helpful to you.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Thank you, Long Yi, this however is a priceless treasure ah.” Ling Feng excitedly said.

“Hehe, isn’t the thing you gave me also priceless, although I have no good opinion of Dark Church, but you, Ling Feng is always my brother.” Long Yi smiled and patted the shoulder of Ling Feng.

Two people got what they wanted, and were very impatient to read. In any case, they don’t need to worry about someone coming in, as the only Master Archmage Puxiusi of the academy had already gone out, so no one will be able to enter here.

Long Yi opened the book in his hand, and the more he read, the more surprised he became. The content of the book opened a completely new world for him. He had no other choice but to admire mankind’s creativity and wisdom. Now he knew, that Green Furred Corpse King summoned by Ling Feng however was a rather weak creature compared to all the undead of another world. Above it, there furthermore were many powerful undead creatures. But this undead summoning magic needed very powerful spirit power and dark magical power, in addition also a bit of luck to summon successfully. And these summoned undead creatures were also not like the usual-kind undead that would be a slave of Necromancer forever because that undead world also had the law of the jungle. When Necromancer released back the summoned undead of different space, they were very likely to be killed by other, more powerful undead.

The reading speed of Long Yi was very fast, not long after, he had completely memorized this Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic. Since he felt that he was already familiar, he naturally wanted to give it a try. He looked at Ling Feng who was engrossed in Bite.Xiuge’s Undead Magic notes, then walked to one side, and began to think the incantation.

A thin layer of dark mist gushed out from the body of Long Yi, and along with his chanting, strong magic fluctuation spread out, which naturally woke up Ling Feng who was engrossed in the book with a start. And looking at Long Yi who was actually using Undead Summoning Magic, she couldn’t help but got anxious and cursed Long Yi for being too rash. Could it be that he didn’t read the content of the book properly? If dark magical power or spirit power was insufficient, there was very likely to suffer from the backlash.

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