Chapter 157: Not acknowledging death

Long Yi tightly closed his eyes, and highly condensing his spirit power, his flourishing dark magic power emanated from his sea of consciousness, and along with the recitation of magic incantation, a space passage opened. Although the concentration and density of his dark magic element was far beyond the level of Advance Magician, his cultivation realm however was still at this stage, so he was also only able to cast this Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic to summon corpse king.

Suddenly, Ling Feng only felt the darkness, and the radiance of magic runes on the walls unexpectedly dimmed at this moment. Black mist rolled and a space fissure silently opened.

Ling Feng clenched her fists, and with her forehead covered with beads of sweat, she muttered repeatedly: “Succeed, must succeed.”

At that time, the eyes of Long Yi suddenly opened, and those pupils that could make people palpitate however shrunk, and he shouted loudly: “** your mother, come out for me.”

The black mist of the fissure fluctuated, and suddenly a silvery light flashed. Peng peng peng, along with three sound of pounding on the floor, three dazzling with silvery light monsters appeared in front of Long Yi and Ling Feng.

“This, this is Silver Armored Corpse King, you actually summoned Silver Armored Corpse King, my god.” Ling Feng exclaimed with disbelief written all over her face, and she alternately looked at Long Yi and this Silver Armored Corpse King.

Silver Armored Corpse King? Long Yi looked at these three monsters who were a head taller them him and found that they really were not wearing Silver armor, rather the skin and muscles of their entire body were hard silver armor, even their head was also like that. And their luminous silver colored ferocious head looked particularly terrifying, moreover from that fierce aura and bloody killing intent leaking out from their body, he knew that they simply were natural killing machine ah, and even if they were useless to kill, they were quite good to scare people. Long Yi thought in his heart.

“Long Yi, you brat, could it be that you are Dark Master Archmage?” Ling Feng asked while curiously looking at Long Yi.

Long Yi smirked, and shaking his head, he said: “No, I am only a small time Advance Dark Magician.”

“Freak.” Ling Feng snorted. Even if Master Archmage cast this Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic for the first time, then even they wouldn’t be definitely able to summon undead with certainty, because the success rate of this summoning magic was very low. If each time, they could summon successfully, then wouldn’t they be able to create a legion of fierce undead creatures of different space. And at that time, seizing the cities as well as becoming the emperor would also be possible.

“Are you jealous? I summoned three Silver Armored Corpse Kings in my first time, and compared to your Green Furred Corpse King, they are quite a few grade higher, haha.” Long Yi complacently laughed loudly.

Ling Feng’s mouth twitched, she really was somewhat jealous of Long Yi. The luck of this fellow was quite good, truly making her disequilibrium in her heart. Moreover, she had thought that he was grand Dark Master Archmage but unexpectedly turned out to be a small Advance Magician.

Long Yi looked at his 18 super skeletons and again looked at these three Silver Armored Corpse Kings, then he couldn’t help but think which side was more powerful, so with his thought, Long Two holding blood red sickle and those three Silver Armored Corpse Kings stepped up. This truly was not him looking down upon Silver Armored Corpse King, rather the strength of Long Two was already over Great Swords Master. And as he sees it, Long Two should be able to deal with them.

Just after the thought of Long Yi, the pitch-black eyehole of Long Two flashed with red light, then leaving behind after image, this pitch-black skeleton charged into three Silver Armored Corpse Kings. And its opponents’ reaction was obviously half a beat slower.

The red light flashed, and the blood colored sickle of Long Two as if lightning slashed several times. Then along with the metal colliding sounds, those three Silver Armored Corpse Kings were sent flying, and heavily collided with the wall. If it was not for the strong barrier in his room, then this wall would already have few holes long ago.

All three Silver Armored Corpse Kings stood up just like Long Yi had expected. If they were not able to withstand even a single move of Long Two, then this Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic wouldn’t have deserved its reputation, and even if this move could summon several thousand undead, they would still be nothing but cannon fodders. Now the chest of these three Silver Armored Corpse Kings was cut open, but the cuts weren’t deep at all.

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All corpse kings of the different space had a certain intelligence. After they ate the loss in the hand of Long Two, their ferocious nature was stimulated, then simultaneously issuing several shrill screams, they charged into Long Two. After that four undead immediately got entangled in a fight.

Long Two had an advantage in the attack and movement, and those three Silver Armored Corpse Kings however had an advantage in defense, and as if a self-righting doll, after falling down, they would immediately rise up.

At that time, Ling Feng went to the side of Long Yi and with some envy, she said: “Your skeleton is not only beautiful, its attacks are also so strong, and at least has the strength of Great Swords Master. How did you get such good thing?”

“Character, if a character is good, then naturally luck is also good.” Long Yi smirked and said. He didn’t dare to show off his skeletons in public, but this time showing off in front of Ling Feng who similarly cultivate undead magic, there naturally was no problem.

“Humph, how come I can’t see your good character? Fickle in love [1] fellow.” Ling Feng said with disdain.

“Liking the new and hating the old, I will never do this kind of lacking morality matter. I like new and again not get tire of old. This kind of great heart is called universal love. But not like you, hurting the heart of so many girls ah.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Ling Feng was dumbfounded, and her complexion got somewhat gloomy, then making a wry smile, she said: “Yes, my character is too poor, always liking the new and getting tired of the old.”

Seeing the change in the complexion of Ling Feng, Long Yi knew that his words had hit his sore spot, so he immediately apologized to him. And now the outcome of the battle between Long Two and three Silver Armored Corpse Kings was already clear. The three Silver Armored Corpse Kings had wounds all over their body, and after falling on the ground, they struggled to stand up, but they were rather unsteady on their feet. And as for Long two, its circumstance was also not too good, bones had broken in several places, and the dark aura on its body was also erratic, obviously was about to reach its limit.

And when Long Two holding blood-red sickle again wanted to rush towards three Silver Armored Corpse Kings, Long Yi issued the command to stop, and first used Skeleton Restoration Magic to reconnect the bones of Long Two, then patting its shoulder, he made it rejoin its unit. As for the treatment of Silver Armored Corpse Kings, it was even simpler, he just injected dark magical power in their body, and they immediately became doughty as a dragon and lively as a tiger, truly tough creatures.

At this moment, the sky outside was already dark, and Ximen Wuhen was standing just outside the library with very anxious expression. Such beautiful woman naturally caused many boys to stop and watch her, but not a single one dared to strike up a conversation. Ximen Wuhen however was a goddess in the mind of many boys, so if they make a single bad move against her, then they would be beaten by a group of people.

Just then, Shui Ruoyan walked out from inside the library, making the onlooking boys cry out in alarm. Then they opened their eyes with all their might, fearing they would miss a slightest of the movement of these beauties.

“Teacher Shui Ruoyan, did you find him?” Ximen Wuhen stepped forward and asked anxiously.

Shui Ruoyan shook her head and said: “He shouldn’t be in the library, I look for him from the fourth to the sixth floor, but didn’t see even the shadow of him there.”

“How could that be, I clearly saw him going to the fourth floor.” Ximen Wuhen said. At that time, when she was reading in the third floor, she happened to saw Long Yi walking to the fourth floor, and before she could call him, he had already entered the fourth floor, afterward, she didn’t see him coming out till now.

“But he truly is not there ah, are you very familiar with Long Yi?” Shui Ruoyan asked. She didn’t know Long Yi was Ximen Yu, and Lin Na also happens to not tell her grandpa Puxiusi.

Ximen Wuhen was dumbfounded, and she didn’t know how to reply for a moment, after all, she couldn’t say that Long Yi was her big brother.

“Eh, teacher Shui Ruoyan, what a coincidence ah.” At that time, Long Yi and Ling Feng walked out of the library, and while giggling, Long Yi greeted Shui Rouyan.

Shui Ruoyan was utterly surprised looking at Long Yi, and asked in a faltering speech: “Just now you were in the library?”

“Yes.” Long Yi nodded his head, then his eyes drifting towards Ximen Wuhen, he said with a smile: “Girl, you are also here, did you have a meal, let’s go together to eat.”

Seeing Long Yi was unexpectedly ignoring her, Shui Ruoyan got angry and she couldn’t help but stepped forward. Then standing right in front of him, she pulled Long Yi and loudly said: “Tell me clearly, which floor of the library were you in.”

Long Yi helplessly looked at the surrounding people whispering among themselves, and making a wry smile, he said: “I say big sis, you should at least pay attention to your image, taking my arm in a too familiar way under broad daylight, I wonder what kind of rumors will spread this time.”

Shui Ruoyan’s temper was stubborn, although her beautiful face was already red, she however didn’t let go of Long Yi and said: “No matter what rumor they spread, in any case, if you don’t make it clear, I will not let you go.”

“Okay, I am so scared of you, I and Ling Feng was discussing a magic problem in the fourth floor of the library, and didn’t expect while discussing, an entire day would be gone.” Long Yi pointed to Ling Feng and said. And Ling Feng also cooperatively nodded her head.

“Nonsense, I carefully looked all around the fourth floor, but didn’t see you two.” Shui Ruoyan coldly said.

“Not believing, not believing then forget it, in any case, you are not my wife, so why do I still need to make you clear? Can it be that…” Long Yi ambiguously smiled towards Shui Ruoyan.

Shui Ruoyan, after all, was a girl and wasn’t able to endure Long Yi’s ** teasing. With her red face, she snorted and shook off his hand.

“Ah, I am starving to death, let’s go to eat.” Long Yi said while feeling his stomach.

“Okay, teacher Shui Ruoyan, how about you also come with us.” Ximen Wuhen said to Shui Ruoyan.

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Shui Ruoyan was thinking to refuse, but heard Long Yi’s strange voice: “What are you doing calling her, don’t you know she is a busy teacher, how can she have a free time to eat with us ah.”

Shui Ruoyan glared at Long Yi and immediately changed her plan, then said to Ximen Wuhen with a smile: “Okay, I also happen to be hungry, and since you are inviting me to a dinner, why wouldn’t I go?”

“Then let’s set out, and go to eat freely in Intoxicated Fragrant Building.” Long Yi smiled mischievously looking towards Ling Feng. Not ripping off brother, then who should be ripped off.

Ling Feng didn’t get angry and only gave Long Yi a supercilious look, this kind of feminine action made Long Yi feel a burst of aversion, and said inwardly, The feminine tendency of this brat is too heavy ah, it seems I have to think of a way to change him. And naturally, only women have the ability to change men. That girl Yinyin is quite good, it seems I have to act as a go-between the two of them ah.

[1] Liking the new and hating the old=fickle in love

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