Chapter 158: Si Bi, is that you?

Four people noisily arrived at the Intoxicated Fragrant Building, in fact, Long Yi and Shui Ruoyan were bickering all the way. These two people seemed to be addicted to quarreling. No matter what the other party said, they would be sure to criticize scathingly.

With Ling Feng here with them, Long Yi and other naturally went directly to the VIP room of the third floor. And the luxurious arrangement inside made both Ximen Wuhen and Shui Ruoyan click their tongue. This kind of extravagance was something Ximen clan could arrange without any problem, but all the clan expenses were capped by Ximen Nu, so it will never be luxurious to this degree just like Intoxicated Fragrant Building.

Cooked dishes and aromatic wines were brought in one after another. Long Yi drank a cup of wine, and suddenly became somewhat lost in thought. Looking at the expression in his eyes, he was obviously missing certain beauty.

“Eating yet slow-witted, pig.” Shui Ruoyan nevertheless completely shed the mask of a teacher and spoke following her heart’s intention. This feeling made her feel very pleased.

Long Yi sobered up, and ignoring the words of Shui Ruoyan, he said with a smile: “Although the wine of this Intoxicated Fragrant Building is good but compared to Elven Forest’s 100 Flower Wine, it is still no up to much. At that time, why didn’t I think to take more of them, what a blunder ah.”

“Hehe, Long Yi, are you thinking of Elven Forest’s 100 Flower Wine or Elven Forest’s beauties ah?” Ling Feng asked with a smile.

“Both.” Long Yi smirked and said.

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“Promiscuous scoundrel.” Ximen Wuhen and Shui Ruoyan simultaneously snorted.

Long Yi simply didn’t hear anything, honestly speaking, after leaving Elven Forest, he had always missed Lu Xiya, that lovely girl, both good at understanding others and tender, really the best sweetheart of man’s heart ah. Recalling her now, Long Yi revealed a lewd smiled, making Shui Ruoyan who was continuously looking at him blush and palpitate.

While they were eating and drinking, the sky outside already got dark completely, and the magic lights on both sides of the streets simultaneously lit up. Now this entire exotic city was illuminated in a colorful light.

“After few days, there is Adventure Convention of Holy Magic Academy which is held once every two years. Students who are Advance Magicians can form a group to participate, so are you all participating or not?” Shui Ruoyan suddenly said.

“Adventure Convention? What is that?” Long Yi curiously asked.

“You don’t know? Do not say you are the student of Mea Holy Magic Academy outside, lest you will lose our academy’s face.” Shui Ruoyan coldly snorted.

“Don’t say then don’t say, you think I care ah.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Of course we are participating, how can we miss such an interesting event?” Ling Feng hurriedly said, and Ximen Wuhen also nodded her head.

“What’s so interesting? What is this Adventure Convention ah, who is going tell me?” Long Yi asked.

“Adventure Convention is a special event for the students of Advanced Magic Department. Students can independently form a group to enter the Holy Land of Holy Magic Academy located on the mountain behind the academy. That place has an ancient transfer formation, which can transfer students to an Illusory Magic Forest. All the magical beasts inside this forest are basically low level. The strongest magical beasts that are seen till now are only C-class, so generally there will not be any danger. Moreover, since it is a magical place, there naturally are many treasures inside. Once, a student had obtained God grade necklace in that place. Furthermore, legends say that there are divine artifact grade items too, but obtaining them depends on individuals luck.” Shui Ruoyan explained.

“As it turned out this Adventure Convention is just a treasure hunting convention ah.” Long Yi said.

“It can also be said like that. According to the rules of the academy, every group should not have more than 10 people, moreover, although the magical beasts inside are low level, but sometimes there might be an accident, so all the participants must sign life and death contract, stating any accident will have nothing to do with the academy.” Shui Ruoyan carried on.

Long Yi nodded his head, this cannot be blamed to the academy, as most of the students that attend the Holy Magic Academy were sons or daughters of bigwigs of various countries, and once they got into an accident, it would be hard to justify themselves, so signing such life and death contract was not excessive at all.

“The difficulty is too low, not challenging at all. But considering there are treasures to excavate, I will also participate.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“That’s good, then let’s form a team of us three.” Ling Feng said.

Three people? Long Yi strangely smiled and nodded his head, expressing he didn’t have any objection.

Having drunk and eaten to their heart’s content, four people walked down Intoxicated Fragrant Building and naturally didn’t pay a single cent. Although money counts as nothing to Long Yi, and as long as he wished to, he could build countless Intoxicated Fragrant Building, but, this was also a kind of interaction style of friendship, in any case, this was also similarly nothing to Ling Feng.

Walking down the streets, Long Yi suddenly sensed a slight magic fluctuation in the sky, and involuntarily raised his head, then he saw two figures drifting in the night sky. With his sharp vision, he clearly saw that one among them was dressed in priest robe having a golden edge and other was dressed in pure white priest robe.

“Si Bi.” Long Yi’s whole body shook violently while mumbling in a daze. Only after a long time, he as if awakened from a dream, sobered up. Then without saying anything, his figure changed into a blur and shot towards the sky, making Ximen Wuhen and other two to look at each other helplessly.

The flying speed of Long Yi’s Soaring Magic increased greatly after combing it with Great Cosmos Shift. And after chasing for roughly two minutes, Long Yi immediately realized that he was chasing the wrong direction. With the speed of Floating Magic, even Master Archmage also couldn’t lose him off, so he immediately turned around to the other side and began to chase.

In just this fashion, after flying back and forth several times, Long Yi finally saw a figure wearing priest robe having a golden edge in the sky of the outskirts of the city. This woman had a hood over her head and was flying straight ahead, moreover, her figure was really similar to Si Bi. This moment Long Yi didn’t have time to qualm about why two people changed into one, now his heart was completely filled with excitement.

“Si Bi.” Long Yi passionately called out, and his voice was somewhat trembling. Now, this man who could remain calm and unafraid even while facing death however had red eyes.

The maiden flying in front stopped after hearing Long Yi’s cry and slowly turned around.

“Si Bi.” Long Yi called out again, and in a flash, he appeared in front of this maiden, then hugged her.

“Bastard, what are you doing?” The person inside his bosom struggled violently, and after Long Yi loosened his hand, she immediately flew out and floated far away in the sky.

As a matter of fact, the moment Long Yi took this girl in his bosom, he instantly knew that he got a wrong person because he had never forgotten the body fragrance of Si Bi, that a kind of faint jasmine fragrance. But this girl had somewhat Gardenia flower-like fragrance, which was different to the body fragrance of Si Bi, moreover, her voice was also different.

“I’m sorry, I mistook you for someone else.” Long Yi somewhat awkwardly apologized. Now he was very depressed, and his mood also fluctuated rapidly, making him feel very lonely.

“Is one sentence ‘I’m sorry’ enough?” This young girl’s voice was tinged with shame and anger.

“Then what do you want?” Long Yi somewhat agitatedly said.

“You took advantage of other people and still have such vile manner, truly repulsive.” Seeing the impatient appearance of Long Yi, this girl got even angrier.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders, then said helplessly: “I have already apologized, but if you don’t accept it, then I can do nothing about it. I am in a hurry, and I don’t have any time to accompany you here.” Finished speaking, Long Yi turned around to fly away.

“Want to leave, do you think it’s that easy?” This girl yelled in her lovely voice, then several Violent Light Magic shot towards Long Yi from different angles.

Now, this level of magic was nothing to Long Yi, he just released his spirit power and wrapped these several light balls, then reaching out his hand, he absorbed them and was immediately assimilated by his internal force without leaving even a bit of light residue. This truly stupefied this young girl.

“Can I go now?” Long Yi indifferently said.

“No…you can’t. You must make amends to me.” This young girl stubbornly said.

“Didn’t I already apologize?” Long Yi frowned.

“Apology and amends are two different things.” The young girl said.

“Don’t bother me and don’t stop me again, I am annoyed.” Long Yi endured the restlessness in his heart and said.

And just after he turned around again, Long Yi sensed something had made a surprise attack from behind, then immediately turning around, he palm-chopped. After that, that thrown thing was immediately broken, and Long Yi’s true qi however still flew towards that young girl without any hindrance. Then along with tearing sound, the black cloak covering the face of this young girl split into two and fell off, revealing a delicate and peerless beautiful face. With her thin brows, limpid eyes as if stars, jade nose and lotus mouth, she looked just like an exquisite porcelain doll.

Long Yi was startled seeing the appearance of this girl. He was not fascinated because of her unrivaled beauty rather felt that this young girl was very familiar as if he had seen her before. But even after rummaging through his memory, he found no trace of this girl. If he had seen such a beautiful girl, then it was impossible to have no impression at all.

Long Yi looked her from up to down, and notice her right leg only had pink and blue colored socks, and her shoe however was missing. This moment, Long Yi realized what the thing she had thrown towards him was, and couldn’t help but smile.

“You scoundrel, what are you smiling for.” This young girl glared at Long Yi fuming with anger.

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Seeing this lovely appearance of this young girl, Long Yi wasn’t able to get angry with her. He took out an Amethyst coin from inside his space ring and threw it towards her and said: “This is to compensate you, by the way, hereafter don’t casually wear a priest robe having a golden edge.” Finished speaking, Long Yi disappeared.

This young girl held the Amethyst coin for a little while, then suddenly smiled brilliantly and peculiar tenderness unexpectedly flashed in her eyes.

Not long after Long Yi left, a woman wearing pure white priest robe who similarly also wore a black hood on her head flew over from a distant place. And that peculiar tenderness in the eyes of that young girl immediately disappeared, moreover, she carelessly threw that amethyst coin inside her space ring.

That woman wearing cloak didn’t notice the peculiar expression of this girl, merely looking at the direction where Long Yi had disappeared, she sighed with yearning and sadness.

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