Chapter 159: Demonic Stone’s unusual changes

For what remains of my every shred of longing is a mere disheartened, ashen core, still every shred of my ashen core is still longing! This kind of ‘want to see however can’t see, want to stay however can’t stay’ feeling was the cruelest torture for people. This is something that the people who haven’t fallen in love could ever be able to understand.

“Sister Si Bi, after you asked me to draw him away, why did you follow us secretly?” Seeing the lonely figure of Si Bi, this young girl asked in a relaxed tone.

“So that I can see his face. Now I am already very satisfied.” Si Bi suppressed the longing inside her heart and said indifferently while looking at this young girl with a profound meaning.

The eyes of this young girl glimmered, and avoiding the gaze of Si Bi with a guilty conscience, said: “I don’t understand why you fell in love with him? His reputation however is very poor in entire Blue Waves Continent.”

Si Bi turned around, and slowly descend. In the beginning, she really didn’t know the identity of Long Yi, but afterwards, she knew, but that really didn’t influence the standing of Long Yi in her heart.

“Aren’t you the same? Dongfang Kexin.” Without turning her head, Si Bi said to this young girl.

Dongfang Kexin was startled, and only then she understood that her little tricks of just now had already fallen into the eyes of Si Bi. She became silent without being able to speak, and her thoughts became somewhat erratic.

Ximen Yu was her cousin, and she was only two years younger than him. During her childhood, she was a sickly child, was emaciated and haggard, and was often bullied by other children in the clan. She clearly remembered, once when her clan held a party, she was stopped by few bad children of the clan, and they smeared muds everywhere on her new clothing, moreover one of them pushed her down to the ground, causing her wrist to scrape. And at that time, she could only cry to vent her grievance.

“How dare you all bully my cousin?” At that time, Ximen Yu was only 7 years old and carrying a wooden sword, he fought with those children. And he was unexpectedly able to beat all those children until they were scared witless and ran away crying, although he himself was also badly battered.

At that time, Ximen Yu became the god in her mind, occupying her immature heart and spirit. And when Ximen Yu took out a handkerchief to bandage her hand’s wound, she said with glittering eyes: “Cousin Yu, after growing up, Kexin will marry you.”

“Fine, then after you became my bride, no-one will dare to bully you again.” Ximen Yu agreed without any hesitation.

Not long after that, Dongfang Kexin was taken in as the adoptive daughter by the Pope of Light Church, Charles and was taken away. Although this matter was completely forgotten by Ximen Yu long ago, but Dongfang Kexin still firmly remember this. Even when Ximen Yu became famous as a sex fiend, her belief never wavered.

“Cousin, do you still remember our promise of that time?” Dongfang Kexin muttered and sighed. She naturally knew that now he was surrounded by many beautiful women, and feared that he had already forgotten that promise long ago.

Seeing the expression of Dongfang Kexin, Si Bi somewhat understood in her heart that her beloved was a true lady-killer. Everywhere he shows mercy, and also attracts the heart everywhere, it seems her decision of at that time to withdraw was right, it was better to let him soar aloft instead of tying him in her this small cage. As long as he’s happy, it’s all worth it, isn’t it?

“Sister Si Bi, since you don’t want to see him now, then should we return to Light Church?” Dongfang Kexin asked after she came to her sense.

“Aren’t you going to introduce yourself to your cousin? I think he will be overjoyed.” Si Bi indifferently said.

“No, there are plenty of opportunities in the future. At that time……” Dongfang Kexin shook her head, revealing a confident smile. When cousin is by himself, I will steal him away.

Seeing the expression of Dongfang Kexin, Si Bi secretly shook her head. She was very clear about what kind of person was Long Yi. She knew that with his nature of heavy righteousness feeling, he would never abandon any woman beside him. A man like him can never belong to only one woman, and if you want his love, then you must compromise. If it was not for the case of her clan’s rule, or if she was not afraid to bring trouble to Long Yi, then she would have already compromised long ago.

In the mind of Si Bi, the handsome face of Long Yi appeared, it had just been more than a year, but he seemed to have matured a lot, and his skills had become even more unfathomable, no longer needing her protection. Furthermore just as she had expected, many beauties were already around him, enjoying the happy fate of the man from Qi [1]. Thus and so, there had no reason to meet him, other than to increase his trouble. Since she was unable to moisten with spittle [2], then wouldn’t it be better to forget each other in rivers and lakes.

Si Bi gazed towards distant brightly lit Mea City, then gritting her teeth, she said: “Okay, then let’s go.”


After Long Yi returned to the dormitory, he saw Ling Feng blankly leaning on the windowsill. He just walked over and leaning beside him, he raised his head and looked at the luminous stars in the sky without any words.

“Why on earth are you imitating me?” After a good while, Ling Feng gently asked.

“Am I imitating you? You nonsense little brat is just acting deep, just look at my eyes, this is called a man as if unfathomable ocean ah.” Long Yi slightly smiled and said.

Ling Feng turned around, and staring at Long Yi for a good while, she said: “I don’t see any ocean, but you are indeed somewhat dejected; tell me, what happened just now?” Ling Feng said poking Long Yi with her elbow.

“Just now I thought I saw an old friend, and after I chased her up, I found she was the wrong person, really am very depress.” Long Yi indifferently said.

“Old friend? Definitely was an old lover, you didn’t even tell us and ran, do you have to be so impatient?” Ling Feng laughed and teased as if seeing through Long Yi.

“You can say that, but it’s just one-sided.” Long Yi made a wry smile and said.

Ling Feng took pity upon Long Yi’s helpless expression, and extending out her hand, she patted on the shoulders of Long Yi to console him. Long Yi gratefully looked at Ling Feng, and suddenly said with a smile: “Ling Feng, tonight your brother, my mood is not very good, so can we sleep together tonight?”

“Go, who wants to sleep with you ah, go outside and find a prostitute of the brothel.” Ling Feng angrily glared at Long Yi and said.

“Both of us are great masters, so what is there to be shy? You are not a woman, but you are still fearing that I might do something ah.” Long Yi smirked and held Ling Feng’s shoulder.

“In any case, I’m not used to it. I am going back to my room to sleep, I don’t feel like bickering with you.” Ling Feng pushed away Long Yi, then fled to her room, and shut the door with a bang.

Long Yi touched his nose and muttered: “This kid, I should definitely act as a go-between him and Yinyin, otherwise what a terrifying thing it would be.”

The next morning, Long Yi and Ling Feng again went to the seventh floor of the library. And when Ling Feng saw how easily Long Yi passed through the barriers, she couldn’t help but be very surprised. And she immediately made an uproar saying she wanted to learn this unique skill of Long Yi.

Long Yi thought about the threshold of learning AoTainJue, and felt that there was no problem in teaching AoTianJue to Ling Feng, merely, after he explained for less than two minutes,  Ling Feng was completely confused and shouted to stop. Those something mandarins, yin-yang, five elements and so on, hearing all these, she was dizzy, moreover hearing Long Yi saying it would take several years to learn it, she immediately gave up this idea, and decided to focus on her own magic.

Ling Feng just like yesterday sat cross-legged in the middle of the magic formation and began absorbing the dark magic power of Demonic Stone. And as for Long Yi, he was reading the book from the bookshelves. All of these books were only existing copy of ancient books, were priceless. Long Yi even found a rank 12 divine magic of divine water magic spell, as well as a number of incomplete books of a magic formation. Although they were incomplete, but it made Long Yi feel as if he had found a priceless treasure.

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And just when Long Yi was intoxicated, he suddenly heard Ling Feng groaning in pain. He immediately looked towards Ling Feng in surprise and saw that in that Demonic Stone, which was emitting dark light and floating above the head of Ling Feng, there again appeared a kind of ripples as if fluctuating, and a pitch-black eye which was cold and ferocious manifested. This scene was very strange. And Ling Feng had pain all across of her face, and her forehead was filled with beads of sweat as if she was going all out to struggle.

Long Yi was greatly surprised, and he knew that this Demonic Stone was acting up. Soon seeing the increasingly painful expression of Ling Feng, he no longer thought about anything else, and used his powerful spirit power, trying to cut off the connection between Ling Feng and this Demonic Stone. Merely, this Demonic Stone was extremely different, that black light was actually capable of piercing through spiritual power as if nothing.

Since his spiritual power was of no use, Long Yi used internal force to cover his palm and slapped towards this Demonic Stone floating above the head of Ling Feng. That Demonic Stone shook, and the ripples on its surface also fluctuated, but it still floated above the head of Ling Feng.

Long Yi got impatient, then gathering all the internal force in his hands, he caught that Demonic Stone, then pulled it as hard as he could. And this Demonic Stone as if had life, began to violently struggle in the hands of Long Yi, and its strength was incredibly great.

Long Yi took a deep breath and kicked away Ling Feng who was sitting cross-legged on the ground. After that, the Demonic Stone in the hands of Long Yi issued a shrill cry, a black light flashed violently, and with a muffled ‘peng’ sound, Long Yi was sent flying to the floor. His entire left hand was dripping with blood, and no need to talk about the sleeve of his cloth, even God grade silver armor’s left sleeve was also cracked. And with blood flowing out from that crack, his entire hand was dyed red.

Long Yi slowly sat up, then pressed several acupuncture points to stop bleeding. Although the wounds appeared terrifying, but they actually were minor injuries.

“What a broken stone, ** your mother.” Long Yi cursed. Then opening up his bloody lift palm, he was struck dumb with amazement to see this Demonic Stone was absorbing his blood as if sponge. This made Long Yi to involuntarily recall that blood red skull mark in his palm, could it be that this Demonic Stone was also a magic item?

After absorbing blood till full, Demonic Stone began to emit seductive blood red radiance, and its originally black surface became dark red in color. And just when Long Yi was endlessly surprised, he suddenly felt that Dark Magic Jade inside his space ring was beginning to shake as if responding to something.

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Perhaps this Demonic Stone and Dark Magic Jade had some connection, Long Yi thought in his heart. He continuously wanted to break through the secrets of Dark Magic Jade, and this moment, seeing it was reacting, he immediately took it out from the space ring taking the risk.

Just after he took out Dark Magic Jade, it automatically flew out from his hand, and that Demonic Stone suddenly emitted strong black light.

[1] the happy fate of the man from Qi (idiom): who have wives and concubines;

[2] moisten with spittle (idiom): giving one’s meager resources to help another in the time of need;

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