Chapter 160: Shui Linglong

Long Yi subconsciously closed his eyes, as such strong radiance however could easily burn the eyes. And when he opened his eyes, he found Dark Magic Jade was quietly lying on the ground, but the Demonic Stone in his hand was gone.

Long Yi looked all around in surprised, but didn’t find even a trace of Demonic Stone, and when he inadvertently looked at the blood-colored skull mark in his left hand, to his shock, he noticed that in the forehead of this blood-colored skull mark, now there was a dark red swelling, just like this skull sprout a big lump.

“This…what’s going on here?” Long Yi was stunned, and looking at his left palm, he muttered. This matter was too strange, how could this Demonic Stone and blood colored skull become one?

Long Yi looked inside his dark space dimension, but discover no difference. All 18 super skeletons were motionlessly standing, Little Three and Violent Lightning Beast were also in a dormant state with their eyes closed, and those five Seven Baleful Puppets also had no changes.

After retracting his spirit, Long Yi felt pain as if his arm was being ripped off, and he couldn’t help but cursed. Then casting two Light Heal Magic on his wound, a scab formed on his wound and fell off, soon reverting back to the previous uninjured state. Now only those dark red bloodstains were left to prove what had happened just now.

Long Yi picked up the Dark Magic Jade, and seeing there was nothing unusual about it, he threw it back inside his space ring. And just at that time, Ling Feng who was lying on the ground regained her consciousness, and she immediately sat up. Then he looked left and right, and seeing the miserable appearance of Long Yi, she couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

“Ling Feng, what exactly happened just now?” After Ling Feng calmed down, Long Yi asked.

Ling Feng shrunk with a lingering fear and said with somewhat fear: “I am also not very clear, at that time, when I was absorbing the dark magical power of Demonic Stone, I suddenly felt pain in my consciousness, and there was a powerful force that was rapidly devouring my consciousness. And just when I was about to be unable to withstand it, that power was canceled all of a sudden. Afterwards, I lost my consciousness.”

Having heard what was said, the complexion of Long Yi changed, could it be that a formidable soul was sealed inside this Demonic Stone? And it wanted to devour the consciousness of Ling Feng taking advantage of the time when he was cultivating and seize his body. But other possibilities also cannot be eliminated. Still, Long Yi himself was resurrected after his soul possessed a body, so he was more inclined to this conjecture.

Right now looking at the blood-stained left hand of Long Yi, the expression on the eyes of Ling Feng had a hint of tenderness. She knew that this was definitely the injury Long Yi had suffered for the sake of saving her. So, involuntarily, Ling Feng stretched out her hands, then holding the left hand of Long Yi and gently caressing it, she softly said: “Thank you, Long Yi.”

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Long Yi who was thinking about the matter of Demonic Stone woke up with the start at this moment and saw as if girl’s jade hand of Ling Feng was caressing his palm. And again seeing the tenderness all across the face of Ling Feng, his heart involuntarily got cold, and goosebumps couldn’t help but appeared all over. He hastily retracted his hand, and shivering all over, he said: “Ling Feng, don’t frighten me. I’m a man with normal sexual orientation.”

Ling Feng was startled, and just like lightning, she instantly retracted her hands, and with a red face, she shouted: “Just go to die. What are you thinking, can it be that you believe that I have a cut sleeve [1] fetish? You filthy bastard.”

Long Yi smirked, and seeing Ling Feng had revert back to normal state, he sighed in relief and said: “You cannot blame me for this ah, your expression of just now was truly very similar ah. Moreover you, a grown man, caressing my hand like that is naturally strange.”

“I…I, that was…” Ling Feng didn’t know what to say for the time being. Just now she felt grateful and also felt sorry for him, and had lost control of herself.

“Well, I got it. I’m sorry to have misunderstood you.” Long Yi interrupted her with a smile, and also snickered letting his imagination run wild.

“Eh, oh, that’s right, what about that Demonic Stone?” After looked all around for a while, Ling Feng asked.

Long Yi made a wry smile and opened his left hand, then pointing at blood colored skull’s dark red lump, he said: “Here!”

“How did that happen? Isn’t that very dangerous?” Ling Feng cried out in alarm.

Long Yi shook his head, and said making a wry smile: “I also don’t know, but there is no danger, you can rest assured.”


“But what ah, don’t be like a woman.” Long Yi waved his hand and interrupted the words of Ling Feng with impatient across his face. But in fact, he only said this to not let Ling Feng had a psychological burden.

Ling Feng sadly looked at Long Yi and no longer spoke. And as for Long Yi, he used water magic and began to wash away the bloodstain on his body, and conveniently also changed his clothing.

Just after he had finished, Long Yi suddenly sensed energy fluctuation coming from the barrier. Then under a great alarm, he had no time to say anything to Ling Feng, he immediately hugged him and silently used Gecko Skill to stick on the ceiling, then used spirit power to firmly cut off the auras of both of them. Ling Feng didn’t struggle, she knew that there must be a reason for Long Yi behaving this way.

A light blue figure instantly appeared inside the room, bringing a gentle stream of water magic elements’ aura. This was a middle-aged beautiful woman, looked about 40-something years old, and was dressed in light blue water magic robe. Looking at her, her outline was unexpectedly somewhat similar to Shui Ryoyan.

Since Long Yi and Ling Feng were stuck close together, a sweet smell as if the fragrance of musk deer entered his nose, which actually evoked his **, ready to make trouble. Long Yi hurriedly restrained his mind, and couldn’t help but mutter in his heart, how come the body of this dumb idiot is so sweet-smelling like that of girl? He knew that this fragrance was absolutely not something a perfume, this kind of artificial condiment could emit.

Ling Feng lightly turned her head, but because she was too close to Long Yi, her lips rubbed the face of Long Yi, and she couldn’t help but blush, and her heartbeat also jumped disorderly all of a sudden.

“Do you know who she is?” Long Yi softly asked. With soundproof spirit barrier, he was not afraid of his sound being heard.

Ling Feng came to her sense, and softly answered: “She is Shui Linglong, grandmother of Shui Ruoyan.”

“F***, grandmother level personage is still this young, do they still want other people to live?” Long Yi muttered.

The beautiful eyes of Shui Ruoyan swept all around the room, and her eyes suddenly stopped on the hole in the floor where Demonic Stone was embedded, then her eyes suddenly shrunk. And after walking over, she muttered: “What about Demonic Stone? How can the Demonic Stone disappear?”

At this time, Long Yi noticed a pool of bloodstain on the floor which he didn’t have time to erase, and couldn’t help but shouted for his bad luck in his heart. Sure enough, Shui Linglong squat down and dipped her finger in the bloodstain of the ground, then smelled it. After that she discovered it was a blood, moreover still wasn’t completely clotted.

Shui Linglong carefully looked all around again. In this room of seventh floor, other than bookshelf on the corner formed by two walls, there was nothing, and there basically was no place for people to hide. She raised her head and looked for a while, but didn’t see anything unusual. Because Long Yi and Ling Feng were hiding in the small shadow, unless Shui Linglong flew over and see, it would be very hard for her to see them.

Shui Ruoyan lowered her head, and thought for a bit, then suddenly turned around and walked down the stairs.

“She’s gone, let’s get down.” Ling Feng spoke and struggled to get down.

“Don’t move, be careful of old people, who knows whether she is truly gone or not?” Long Yi tightly hugged Ling Feng and said. These old men and old ladies were very experienced people, so they definitely have a trick or two up their sleeves.

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Sure enough, just after Long Yi had spoken, Shui Linglong suddenly came in, then looking around still empty room, she muttered: “It seems there really is no one here.” After muttering, she again went down the stairs.

Ling Feng looked at Long Yi for a while in surprise. If she had really gone down just now, then Shui Linglong would have caught her red-handed, and at that time, she truly wouldn’t have any good explanation.

“This time she ought to have gone for real, let’s quickly get out of here.” Ling Feng urged. Being hugged by Long Yi made her feel very warm, and she was somewhat afraid of this feeling.

“Wait a minute, you have to be patient, these old fellows are tough to deal with.” Long Yi whispered. Looking at Ling Feng who had a soft body like girl twisting in his bosom, he unexpectedly had a slight reaction, and couldn’t help but got somewhat angry in shame.

Hearing Long Yi, Ling Feng just bit her lower lip and no longer moved. Even she herself didn’t know why she was so obedient.

Swish, the figure of Shui Linglong appeared once again in the room, and she muttered: “In the end who has the ability to enter here, could it be that it is other old fellows?”

This time, Shui Linglong didn’t walk out immediately, rather lowered her head and pondered, this made Long Yi and Ling Feng anxious. The more anxious they were, the worse the matter might become. Shui Linglong however didn’t leave, instead sat cross-legged and began meditation.

“Long Yi, now what?” Ling Feng asked.

“What else is there? Just wait.” Long Yi helplessly said.

Time passed minute after minute, this Gecko Skill consumed a lot of internal force, and in addition, Long Yi was holding a person, so there was no need to mention his current hardship.

“Ling Feng, help me wipe off my sweat.” Long Yi softly said as beads of sweat flowed down blocking his eyes.

Hearing Long Yi, Ling Feng used her sleeve to softly wipe the continuously flowing down beads of sweat. And in her heart, she suddenly had a kind of obscure feeling, and her heart also ached dully, was this feeling sorry? She herself was also unclear.

Shui Linglong meditated for the entire afternoon. This however was a bitter experience for both Long Yi and Ling Feng. Fortunately, in this long time, Ling Feng only felt somewhat uncomfortable but stayed still in a place without any movement. As for Long Yi, he however was gritting his teeth to maintain their current position. With his only second layer AoTianJue, it was not easy to persist until now.

At this time, Shui Linglong opened her eyes, and stretching her body a bit, she went downstairs.

Long Yi finally relaxed, and the hands that were supporting in the ceiling immediately slipped down, and both of them directly fell own. Fortunately, Ling Feng reacted quickly, she used Float Magic in the midair and holding Long Yi, slowly landed on the floor.

Long Yi spread his arms and legs, and just like a dead pig, he rolled on the ground. Then closing his eyes, he began to slowly maintain his breathing. Just now, he had greatly consumed his internal force and felt even more tired compared last time’s 300 round of war with Long Ling’er.

Unconsciously, the breathing of Long Yi became even, unexpectedly had fallen asleep. In any case, his AoTianJue was circulating itself to recover.

Ling Feng blankly looked at the sleeping Long Yi, and watching his handsome face, her heartbeat involuntarily accelerated. Then she covered her as if fawn wildly jumping chest, and unconsciously she slowly leaned forward. Her little mouth slowly moved forward towards the big mouth of Long Yi……

[1]  cut sleeve: euphemism for homosexuality, originated from Cut Sleeve short story.

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