Chapter 161: Without enmity, no grandparent and grandchild

Ling Feng half closed her eyes and increasingly got closer. Now she was so close that she could feel Long Yi’s warm breathing blowing on her face. And just when the four lips were about to come into contact, Long Yi suddenly muttered: “Si Bi, where are you?”

Ling Feng jumped up in terror, and her heartbeat as if running away wild horse jumped violently. Moreover, because of nervousness, she instantly felt dizziness, and it took some time to calm herself down. Only then she noticed that, as it turned out it was just Long Yi talking in his sleep. Ling Feng used her little hands to rub her almost burning face, and asked herself in her heart: “What’s going on with me? Don’t tell me that I started to like him?”

“No, no, how can I like him? Must be a misconception, just now my mind was dizzy, so I acted like that.” Ling Feng immediately denied in her heart.

In order to avoid that kind of circumstance of just now, Ling Feng didn’t dare to look at that as if possessing magical power handsome face of Long Yi again, she just sat far away and took out Undead Magic Encyclopedia as well as the notes of Bite.Xiuge from inside her space ring then began reading. However, she discovered that she was not able to concentrate as her eyes would always involuntarily look towards the direction of Long Yi.


Shui Linglong sat on a sofa in the room, while Shui Ruoyan sat just opposite to her, and the atmosphere was very cold. The two of them sat this way without anyone opening their mouth.

“If there is nothing, then I am going back to my room to sleep.” Shui Ruoyan finally couldn’t bear this kind of atmosphere, so she stood up and said indifferently.

“Stop. We, grandparent and grandchild, haven’t seen each other for so long, but you are showing me this kind of attitude?” Shui Linglong coldly said.

Shui Ruoyan turned around, and without avoiding the sharp eyes of Shui Linglong, she indifferently said: “Then what kind of attitude do you want me to use to reply you? Isn’t such precisely what you wanted now?”

“What did you say? Say it again.” Shui Linglong flew into a rage and angrily got up. Both grandparent and grandchild, one with big eyes and another with small eyes glared at each other, refusing to budge.

“Saying it several times is also same, aren’t everything cause by you?” Shui Ruoyan coldly said.

“Pa.” Shui Linglong slapped. Her slapping speed was obviously slowly with enough time for Shui Ruoyan to dodge, but Shui Ruoyan stubbornly stayed still, letting this slap hit her face.

“This is the 55th slap you give me, I will remember your favor, grandmother.” Shui Ruoyan stared at Shui Linglong with ice-cold eyes, and her face was expressionless.

Shui Linglong took a deep breath and looking at stubborn Shui Ruoyan, which was exactly the same as the temperament of her father, her expression became very complex, and her voice somewhat softened: “Why, why can’t we be just like other grandparent and grandchild? Do you insist on treating your grandmother like this?”

Shui Ruoyan sneered, and in the corner of her eyes, some sparkling and crystal-clear thing flashed, as she said: “Like other? Do other people treat their own granddaughter like that? Through childhood, you never once smiled at me, and never praised me. And although you didn’t speak even a single sentence of praise to me, but you were gentle and kind to other people, now I will ask you, why was it like that?”

The whole body of Shui Linglong shook, then turning around her head, she said in a trembling voice: “I did that for your own good, I feared if I wasn’t harsh enough then you will walk down your mother……” Shui Linglong suddenly stopped after speaking this much.

“My mother? What happened to my mother? Was my mother wicked beyond redemption? I heard you forced both my father and mother to die after I was just born, you are a murderer.” Shui Ruoyan suddenly shouted hysterically. These rumors she heard were driving her crazy.

“Shut up, I took great pains to bring you up, was that to break my heart?” Shui Linglong intently watched Shui Ruoyan, and her lips were somewhat trembling.

Shui Ruoyan bit her lower lips, turned around, open the door, and dashed out, leaving behind Shui Linglong sitting desolately on the sofa.


It was already late at night at this moment, and Long Yi woke up feeling refreshed. Now the trace of a breakthrough of AoTainJue was even more obvious. After that, he and Ling Feng came out of the library and were preparing to appease the powerful protest of their stomach.

Just at that time, a woman was dashing straight towards him with her head lowered, and her sobbing appearance looked especially sad and dreary in the silent night.

“Shui Ruoyan?” Long Yi originally had move sideways to dodge, but suddenly seeing this woman seemed to be Shui Ruoyan, he couldn’t help but called out, and his big hand quickly stretched out to hold her. Then Shui Ruoyan raised her tearful hazy eyes, and seeing it was Long Yi, she suddenly threw herself into the bosom of Long Yi and wailed, really was heaven shocking weeping of ghosts and gods.

“Ling Feng, you return back and have a rest first.” Seeing that he was unable to console Shui Ruoyan in a short while, Long Yi said to Ling Feng.

“Looking at her appearance, it seems something must have happened, console her properly, I am returning first.” Ling Feng nodded her head and walked away. And she suddenly felt somewhat bitter in her heart.

The weeping of Shui Ruoyan seemed to be getting out of hand, increasingly becoming intense. That ripping of the lung crying sound could arise the feeling of tightly hugging her.

Which bastard made her so sad, it’s really unforgivable. Poor me, this new clothing I have just changed is ruined again. Long Yi sympathetically patted the back of Shui Ruoyan.

Only after a long time, the cries of Shui Rouyan slowly become lower, finally only her frail shoulders were twitching and her whole body softly lied on the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi took Shui Ruoyan to the top of the mountain behind. There she began to somewhat settle down, and with two swollen as if walnut eyes, she blankly looked far away.

Long Yi didn’t make any inquiry. He knew that at this time, even if he asked her, she would say nothing as her heart was basically not here.

After the passage of unknown time, Shui Ruoyan suddenly asked in a hoarse voice: “Don’t you want to ask me what happened?”

Long Yi turned towards her, and asked with a smile: “What happened?”

“No sincerity at all, it seems I am forcing you to ask.” Shui Ruoyan snorted. Hearing to her tone, her mood seems to be a lot better after crying.

“Teacher Shui Ruoyan, please tell me what happened? Which bastard bullied you, I will teach him a good lesson for you. Is this enough?” Long Yi smiled and softly said.

Shui Ruoyan smiled, took a deep breath and with somewhat blurred expression, she asked: “Does your grandmother dotes you very much?”

“Grandmother? I don’t have a grandmother.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said. Now he roughly knew that this matter had something to do with Shui Linglong.

“Then your parents must dote you very much.” Shui Ruoyan carried on asking.

Long Yi was somewhat baffled but still said: “Yes. Could it be that your parents don’t dote on you?”

“I don’t have parents, a short time after I came to this world, they died, and even their remains are not left.” Shui Ruoyan lightly sighed.

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“How did this happen? How did they die?” Long Yi asked in surprise. The son and daughter-in-law of Shui Linglong actually died so miserably, who was so bold to dare sticking their hand into the mouth of a tiger.

“I don’t know, no matter how I asked her, she wouldn’t answer. Later I heard that my father and mother were hounded to death by my grandmother. Because she didn’t agree with my father and mother being together, she thought of a way to separate them, causing their death. As a result, she also hates me very much, and each time I didn’t meet her requirement, she would beat me, so I also hate her to death.” Shui Ruoyan was somewhat agitated while speaking.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, how was this possible? Even tiger wouldn’t eat its child, much less a human. There must be some kind of misunderstanding between them because Shui Linglong however was famous for her kindness and generosity in the Blue Waves Continent.

“I know you certainly don’t believe me, she……” At that time, Shui Ruoyan spoke everything that had been hidden in her heart. She told everything she had experienced from her childhood, and how harsh Shui Linglong was to her, and also spoke about the rumors she had heard. Like this, she rambled for several hours.

“Long Yi, now you say, since she did that to me, shouldn’t I hate her?” Finally, Shui Ruoyan asked.

“Why shouldn’t you hate, you should hate her to the bones. She however is the enemy who killed your father and mother, you should take advantage of the time when she is asleep to kill her, then hack her into pieces to commemorate for your father and mother.” Long Yi said with all seriousness.

Shui Ruoyan was startled, she thought that Long Yi would speak a number of things asking her to not hate Shui Linglong, but to her surprise, he unexpectedly was even extreme than her, so she couldn’t help but say: “But all of those are merely a rumor ah, so they might not be the truth at all. Moreover, if she wasn’t so strict with me, then I wouldn’t have achieved this level.”

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Finished speaking, Shui Ruoyan immediately realized, then looking up, she saw Long Yi was looking at her with a smile.

“You tricked me ah.” Shui Ruoyan lightly punched Long Yi and involuntarily felt very comfortable in her heart.

“Hehe, see, don’t you understand all these truths, merely you were bashing your head against a brick wall, rumors find no credence with a wise man, I believe that your grandmother cannot do this kind of things, there must be some secrets in this matter.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Shui Ruoyan also chuckled and said: “In the end are you a teacher or I am a teacher? Look at your old and decrepit appearance.”

“So-called experience is the teacher. With regarding the emotional aspect, I however am truly experienced ah, so whether it the problem of love, family affection or friendship, as long as you find me, all of them will be readily solved. So, obediently be my student.” Long Yi patted his chest and smiling complacently, he said.

At this time, the sun rose, and brilliant rays of light dyed the whole world red. Shui Ruoyan stood up and stretched out her both arms and felt that the air was very fresh like never before. Moreover, her mood also became relaxed like never before.

“In any case, thank you, teacher Long Yi.” Shui Ruoyan said with a smile. The smile on her face was as dazzling as the sun on the horizon.

“Then as a gratitude for the teacher, today’s breakfast is on you. After accompanying you for the whole night, my old bones are quickly falling apart.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Bastard, what did you say?” Shui Ruoyan immediately blushed and said angrily.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, he said nothing inappropriate ah, but recalling what he had just said, he suddenly saw the light. Those words were truly a bit ambiguous, merely to be able to so quickly thought that way, the thoughts of Shui Ruoyan was also not too pure ah. And Long Yi looked at Shui Ruoyan with a bad smile.

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