Chapter 162: Might of compressed magic

“Miss Ximen, are you going to have the breakfast?” Aunt Ou called out to Ximen Wuhen who was gracefully walking downstairs.

“Yeah.” Ximen Wuhen politely smiled towards Aunt Ou.

“I have a pot of eight treasure soup here, how about you come here and drink a bowl?” Not giving Ximen Wuhen any chance to reply, Aunt Ou enthusiastically pulled her into her room.

Ximen Wuhen saw no reason to refuse, and no longer being modest, she sat down. She had a kind of very intimate feeling towards Aunt Ou, and Aunt Ou was also unreasonably nice to her, simply treating her as if she was her real granddaughter, making her somewhat embarrassed sometimes.

Aunt Ou placed a bowl of soup in front of Ximen Wuhen. This soup looked clear, thick and smooth. Although she said it was eight treasured soup, but no other materials could be seen inside the soup. And seeing Ximen Wuhen gracefully drinking the soup, she smiled with affection.

“Aunt Ou, your eight treasure soup is really delicious. I think even the chefs of imperial palace are no match for you, moreover, every time I drink this soup, I feel my vigor thoroughly restored.” Ximen Wuhen wiped her mouth and praised the flavor with a smile.

“This is a secret recipe passed down in my family, it is most nourishing for girls.” Aunt Ou happily smiled and said, while her eyes were flashing with faint imperceptible radiance.

“It’s getting late, I have to go now. Thank you for the soup.” Ximen Wuhen politely said, then ran out of the dormitory.

Looking at the back view of Ximen Wuhen, Aunt Ou kindly muttered: “In your current cultivation bottleneck, child, I can help you only so much.”

Long Yi and Shui Ruoyan ate breakfast. Although they had agreed that this was the treat of Shui Rouyan, but in the end, it was still Long Yi who paid for the food because Shui Ruoyan said she forget to bring money.

Just after they came out of dining hall, Long Yi saw Ling Feng leaning against the tree and watching him with a smile.

“Ling Feng, what are you doing here?” Long Yi walked over and asked with a smile.

“I was here long ago, merely someone was so lost in affection that how could they notice me, this loner.” Ling Feng said in a bad mood, and a hint of hidden bitterness flashed in her eyes.

“Who was lost in affection with him, do you believe I will freeze your mouth?” The beautiful face of Shui Ruoyan reddened, and pretended to be ferocious, merely however one looked at her, she looked fierce of mien but faint of heart.

“I am afraid, teacher Shui Ruoyan. But shouldn’t you go to attend the class at this time?” Ling Feng said with a mischievous smile.

Shui Ruoyan dazed, and hearing the sound of magic bell ringing, she cried out in alarm, then without even speaking, she hastily flew away.

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Ling Feng looked at the disappearing back view of Shui Ruoyan and patting Long Yi, she said with a smile: “Good Boy, some skill you have there. Yesterday she looked so pitiful that it seemed she was going to commit suicide, but now she is happily smiling like a blooming flower. However, this time you are screwed.”

“That is…eh…why am I screwed?” Long Yi asked curiously.

“In the dead of the night, a woman crying in the embrace of a man, and the man using his thick and board chest to soothe the pain of the woman, this, in a usual sense, this woman would usually fall in love with this man.” Ling Feng said with a smile while making gestures.

“What are you talking about? You are not a woman, so how can you understand anything about woman ah.” Long Yi smiled and patting the delicate face of Ling Feng, he said.

“I…this is my wise remark of an experienced person. I’ve been chasing a lot more women than you.” Ling Feng slapped away the hand of Long Yi and said.

“Is that so, then aren’t you a love expert, predict when she will express her love to me?” Long Yi placed his hand on the shoulder of Ling Feng and said.

“That is very hard to say, but I guess it will not be very long, and these days, she will be pestering you every day. In my view, teacher Shui Ruoyan is rather pretty good, she looks beautiful, and her figure is also good, you should really consider her a little.” Ling Feng didn’t dodge the hand of Long Yi as if she was already accustomed to this kind of contact.

“Does this still need to be considered? Such beautiful woman, who doesn’t want her? Moreover, I and she have already used a bowl of noodles to determine our feeling. It seems tonight, I have to go to the inn to fix a room.” Long Yi smirked and said, naturally was joking.

But who would have thought that, after hearing this, the complexion of Ling Feng changed, and she herself didn’t know why but her heart felt suffocated. Then she forcibly pushed Long Yi away and angrily said: “Then go to look for a room with Shui Ruoyan, I cannot accompany you.” Finished speaking, she stormed away in anger using Earth Escape Magic.

Long Yi was stunned in the place, then touching his nose, he muttered: “I have to wait until evening before renting the room, but why on earth is this boy so angry? Could it be that he had taken a fancy on Shui Ruoyan? Now, this is difficult to handle ah.”

Long Yi came to the seventh floor of the library, and discovered that Ling Feng hadn’t come here, and also didn’t know where he had gone to hide. After that, he browsed the books in the bookshelf for a little while but felt rather bored as if without Ling Feng there seemed to be lacking something.

And thinking about Shui Linglong was still in the academy, and didn’t know when she might suddenly come here again, Long Yi decided to look for a place to experiment the magic compression as mentioned in that book. Although the book had also mentioned that there was a good chance of the explosion of magic elements, but without trying, he wasn’t able to settle down his heart.

Flying to the mountain on the outskirts of Mea Principality, which was desolated and uninhabited, he selected this place as the place to experiment this magic compression. Long Yi recalled the theory of magic compression. This theory was actually very simple. At the time when one is casting the magic, there is a certain sequence and route arrangement of the magic elements, and there are very large gaps in the space between the elements, and if one could compress this arrangement more tightly, then the might of the magic ought to be strengthened by several times. Merely, although it was easy to speak, but it was very hard to truly accomplish it. Magic elements inherently were not very stable existence, and for casting each magic, unique arrangement pattern was needed, so if you want to compress, then each magic element should be compressed in equal proportion, slightly different, then that might cause an explosion.

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The first magic Long Yi wanted to experiment this on was rank one water magic, Water Ball Magic, because his control over water magic was higher compared to other magic, as his realm was highest in water magic.

Long Yi extended his hand, then a head sized water ball appeared above his palm. Now his complexion as very solemn, and slowly closing his eyes, he greatly concentrated his spirit power, and the arrangement of water magic elements appeared in his brain.

Fortunately, Water Ball Magic was only a rank one magic, so there were least water magic elements, thus was also easiest. But this easy was merely in comparison. Since he was using magic compression for the first time, Long Yi wasn’t relaxed at all.

Long Yi used his spirit power to carefully examine all the magic elements of this water ball, he didn’t miss even a single one of them, then slowly began to compress. The light blue water ball on his hand also began to shrink slowly, looking more condensed, and the light blue dim light on its surface also shone a bit brightly.

Compression Magic was absolutely a tiring technique, and the loss of spirit power was also very frightening, no wonder, no one was able ever successfully experiment this theory till now. If it was not for Long Yi having such abnormal amount of spirit power, then it truly would have been very difficult to accomplish.

The gap between the magic elements increasingly decreased, and the water ball above the hand of Long Yi also decreased to merely the size of a fist from the size of a head. With this, the compression of water magic ball could be said to have been successful, but Long Yi was not satisfied because he felt that he could compress it even more tightly.

In this world, there was only Long Yi, this madman who would still continue. According to his thought, until he compressed the gap between the magic elements to such extent that it was no longer possible to compress any further, it was not a success. How big was a magic element? Even after millions of magic elements were combined together, they wouldn’t be even as big as the dust, naturally, in the sea of consciousness, they were infinitely enlarged.

“It’s going to be a success, just a little bit, just a little bit.” Long Yi muttered in his heart. His forehead was filled with sweat because the consumption of his spirit power was too large as if a flood water.

But the more the critical moment, the higher the chance to easily make a mistake. At the last moment of compression, the spirit power of Long Yi shook, leading to few water magic elements to not keep up with other magic elements, and the magic elements were quickly broken.

Long Yi wholeheartedly knew that this situation was anything but reassuring, then he immediately threw out the small water ball which he had used full energy to compress to the size of an eyeball. After that, he quickly used his internal force of AoTianJue to protect his body, and quickly withdraw from there.

The small water ball as if arrow flew out, and in the midair, suddenly a blue light flashed accompanied by a sound of an explosion, then numerous fine water droplets covered the sky shooting all around. Shortly afterwards, a series of explosion again resounded, big trees fell one after another, and the ground was blown away to beyond recognition. As it turned out, those fine water droplets had fused with high-density water magic elements, and as long as, they come into contact with anything, those things would immediately explode, thus this kind of circumstance was produced.

“Strong, really strong.” Long Yi had moved to a distant place using Great Cosmos Shift, but few of these water droplets had landed on his body and exploded. Fortunately, with internal force protecting him, he was uninjured. And seeing the might of compressed water ball, he couldn’t help but be somewhat dumbstruck. This might could be compared to the might of that torrential rain pear blossom needles, and its wide area lethality was not even a bit inferior to a rank nine magic.

But Long Yi soon realized the problems. Although the might of this compressed water ball magic was very powerful, but the consumption of spirit power and time however was disproportionate. Within this much time, he could cast quite a few rank nine magic itself, thus he had no choice but to again consider the practicality of magic compression. If it was in actual combat, then will the opponent give him so much time to compress his magic? Moreover, this was merely the lowest rank one magic.

Similarly, precisely because that this rank one magic could achieve such might, the more Long Yi couldn’t bear to abandon this magic compression. If he was able to speed up the casting speed of compressed magic, then coupled with his compound magic, the might of his magic would be comparable to the might of forbidden magic, or perhaps more powerful. With his current realm, he wasn’t able to cast forbidden magic, but if he was able to improve the magic compression, then wouldn’t everything would be resolved?

Long Yi pondered, thinking about the methods to reduce the consumption of spirit power, as well as the method to quicken magic compression. Unknowingly the sky had already gotten him, but Long Yi still hadn’t got a single clue.

Forget it, I’ll go back and think about it. Long Yi thought in his heart. Perhaps an inspiration would suddenly appear, and he would be able to think up a simple and quick method.

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