Chapter 163: The wild ambition of Xiao Yi

Long Yi entered Mea City in the night, and just when he arrived at the entrance of Holy Magic Academy, he saw a white figure standing in the shadow of the eaves as if a statue. It seems the entire person had merged with the night.

The noisy crowd came and went, but no-one stopped to see this white figure, everyone just turned a blind eye to this figure as if this figure was an air. But Long Yi noticed this figure in a single glance as if this person had a strong magnetic field towards him.

“Xiao Yi, are you looking for me?” Long Yi walked to the front of this white figure and asked with a smile. Somehow, he instinctively knew that Xiao Yi was waiting for him.

Xiao Yi slightly raised her head, then her transparent eyes hidden inside the cloak shone, while deeply staring at the man in front of her.

“Why on earth are you looking at me like this? This is making my heartbeat accelerate, what would you do if I fall in love with you?” Long Yi mischievously laughed and said.

The beautiful face of Xiao Yi slightly reddened, then looking away, she softly said: “Young master Ximen, do you have time now?”

Long Yi was startled, he seemed to have never told his identity to Xiao Yi, but how come she knew it all of a sudden? However he quickly recalled that a few days ago, when he was together with Ximen Wuhen, because Xiao Yi was accidentally injured, he had admitted that Ximen Wuhen and himself were siblings, so not knowing his identity instead was not normal.

“Now, I have nothing to do, what, do you want to go on a date with me?” Long Yi smiled and teased. Honestly speaking, each time he was together with this girl, he felt very big pressure. He greatly feared those eyes of hers that could see through the heart of people.

“Young master Ximen must be joking, how can this little girl dare to claim a connection with people in higher social class [1] ah?” The voice of Xiao Yi was still soft, merely there was a small hint of irritation.

“Not climb high, not climb high. As long as I squat down a little, it will be enough.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Young master Ximen, if you have no time, then I will leave.” Xiao Yi was somewhat angry. Still, although she said so, but she didn’t move her footsteps.

Long Yi obviously notice this point. But he knew joking should be stopped before going too far, so he said with a smile: “Fine, I admit my mistake, I wonder why Xiao Yi is looking for me?”

“How about going to my house to talk? There is something really important matter, I want to tell you.” Xiao Yi said.

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“That’s not a problem, it’s just that I haven’t eaten anything till now, how about we have a meal together, and after we are done eating, we will return to your house and leisurely talk. Like that, the mood will be comparatively better.” Looking at Xiao Yi, Long Y said with a bad smile.

Xiao Yi took a deep breath, this fellow always has the mouth of flower, but unexpectedly also mysterious, even she couldn’t see through him, truly infuriating her to death.

“Then let’s go to my house to eat, I will personally cook a meal for you to eat.” Xiao Yi was unable to bear her irritation and said.

“Is that so, then let’s go.” Long Yi smiled and walked to her front, then overbearingly hugged the waist of Xiao Yi with his big hand.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Yi struggled and angrily said.

“We naturally are flying, when will we reach if we walk ah?” Long Yi hugged Xiao Yi and flew towards her courtyard.

Two people landed on the ground, and Xiao Yi hastily struggled to get free from Long Yi’s arm, then retreating few steps, she faintly said: “You are so rude you know?”

“I don’t know. Do you want me to apologize?” Long Yi retracted his smile and suddenly said indifferently.

Xiao Yi was startled, she was not able to adapt to the instant change of Long Yi’s temperament.

“Say it. Why were you looking for me, don’t waste time.” Long Yi was somewhat still alert against Xiao Yi in his heart. Perhaps he seemed very mysterious to Xiao Yi, but similarly, Xiao Yi was also mysterious to Long Yi, in addition, she had the profession of Prophecy Master, which even more increased her mysteriousness.

“Then please come with me, young master Ximen.” Xiao Yi came back to her sense, and she suddenly missed Long Yi’s that grinning cheekily appearance, as, when he was in that appearance, she at least wouldn’t have felt this pressure. Moreover, this indifferent appearance of Long Yi made her feel very uncomfortable in her heart.

Seeing Xiao Yi was leading him towards her lady’s chamber, Long Yi couldn’t help but mutter in his mind. This girl, is she thinking of giving me her virginity? Could it be that she was captivated by my kingly aura? But it doesn’t look like it ah.

Long Yi stood at the door, and said hesitatingly: “Are you sure you want me to come in?”

“I already allow you to come in, so come in, why are you wasting time?” Seeing Long Yi had the appearance of fearing she would assault him, Xiao Yi involuntarily shouted loudly. This was the first time she had ever shouted so loudly after she became Prophecy Master.

Long Yi however had a different view, he felt Xiao Yi looked more pleasing to the eye when she was angry, at least she looked like a normal girl. Although her soft voice also was very comfortable, but it was lacking some fiery aura.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and walked in, then immediately a faint fragrance assaulted his nostrils. Lady’s bedchamber really was a lady’s bedchamber, it had such a pleasant fragrance. If one gets to sleep in this room, then the night ought to be very comfortable. Long Yi had dirty thoughts in his heart, then his eyes began to scan all around. This was a simple but elegant bedroom, without excessive decoration, however made people feel very comfortable.

At this time, Xiao Yi had already opened the magic door which was disguised as a wall.

“Come in.” Xiao Yi said and directly entered.

Long Yi was surprised, he had never expected that there was a completely different world inside this lady’s chamber. For what matter did she bring me to such a secret place? Long Yi thought and entered, then carefully looked all around. Those carvings filled with mythology hues and constellation made him exclaim in astonishment. And especially seeing that he could directly see the starry sky, this even more confused him. He clearly remembered that in the direction where this secret room was located ought to be a flower garden filled with fresh flowers.

Xiao Yi took off her cloak and sat on the stone platform in the middle of this room, and looked towards the sky as if she had forgotten the existence of Long Yi.

Long Yi just walked around inside this secret room, then walking to the stone platform, he sat down and looked at motionless Xiao Yi for a long while. After that, he simply lied down and blankly looked at the vast starry sky.

After a good while, Xiao Yi lowered her head and looked at Long Yi who was lying beside her. And seeing Long Yi blankly looking towards the sky, she wasn’t able to guess what he was thinking.

“Young master Ximen.” Xiao Yi reached out her hand and gently pushed Long Yi.

Long Yi came back to his sense, then looking directly at those transparent eyes of Xiao Yi, he said with a smile: “You can still call me Long Yi, Ximen Yu, I don’t want to use this name again.”

“Well, Mister Long Yi…”

“Just call me Long Yi, why are you treating me as an outsider calling me Mister ah?” Long Yi interrupted Xiao Yi’s words and said.

“Long Yi, don’t you want to your future?” Xiao Yi indifferently asked.

Long Yi pricked up his brows, and nodding his head, he said: “Yes, but didn’t you say that your skill was still too shallow to see, could it be that these past few days, your skill increased greatly?”

“This has nothing to do with you, just answer, do you want to know your future or not?” Xiao Yi said.

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Long Yi smiled, and answered without fooling around: “I don’t.”

Xiao Yi was startled all of a sudden, she however had never expected such answered from Long Yi, and didn’t know how to react for the moment.

“But, before didn’t you…!”

“Before is before, now I don’t want to know.” Long Yi smiled and laughed while looking straight at Xiao Yi.

“Why?” Xiao Yi asked curiously.

“Don’t you think, we can feel the greatest joy of the life only due to its unpredictability? If you know everything before, then wouldn’t that be boring? Moreover, I am accustomed to having my own control over my fate, not the Heaven.” Long Yi sat up, then moving closer to Xiao Yi’s face, he said indifferently.

Xiao Yi looked at Long Yi with surprise across all her face. Whenever she considered that she could guess his thoughts, he however would always come out of her expectation, even she who was Prophecy Master also was completely defeated.

“If you are looking for me just for this, then I’m out.” Long Yi stood up and wanted to walk outside, but when he turned around, he saw that the magic gate had already closed silently long ago.

“Long Yi, wait a minute, do you really don’t want to know what’s going to happen to you in the future?  Isn’t it good to have everything in your grasp?” Xiao Yi cried out to stop Long Yi.

Long Yi just laughed lightly while looking at Xiao Yi with a profound meaning, then said indifferently: “Didn’t you want to know my future, thus controlling everything in your hand, including me?”

“No…that’s not it, you are misunderstanding.” Xiao Yi anxiously said.

“Misunderstanding? I believe my intuition, you are hiding a very big wild ambition. What do you want? Can it be that you want this whole world?” Long Yi patted his chest and his eyes slowly became ice-cold. He hated being used as a pawn to achieve other’s goal the most.

The expression of Xiao Yi slowly revert back, then softly said: “I am just a small and weak girl, how can I think of contending for this world? But it seems a seed of suspicion is already sown in your heart, so you are unlikely to believe me.”

“A small and weak girl with both wits and wild ambitions, in addition, there is the ability to predict the future. Such girl can be many times more terrible than men. In any case, I don’t care what you want to do, or what purpose you have. Now please open the door, or do you want me to accompany you for **? Although your figure and face aren’t particularly good, but it is still within tolerable range.” Long Yi smirked and said, while his eyes were sizing up the breasts of Xiao Yi.

“You……bastard.” The complexion of Xiao Yi became ghastly pale and hatefully looked at Long Yi as if she was itching to eat him. She took a deep breath, and said coldly: “Since you want to leave so much, then I also don’t want you to stay here any longer.”

Xiao Yi walked down from the stone platform while speaking, then walking to the side of a magic door, she slightly turned around, looking towards the direction of Long Yi. Long Yi instinct warned him, and he dangerously narrowed his eyes, looking at the jade hand of Xiao Yi that was reaching towards a budging stone on the wall to press it……

[1] Gaopan – to claim a connection with people of higher social class. gao – high, pan – climb

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