Chapter 164: Is this oft referred-to procreation from other’s sperms?

“Wait a minute.” Just when the little hand of Xiao Yi was about to press that bulged small stone, Long Yi suddenly called out.

Xiao Yi questioningly turned her head, and her hand stopped.

“Are you sure that this thing is the switch of the mechanism to open the door? And not something else?” Long Yi said while staring at Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi put down her hand, then turning around, she walked to the stone platform and sat down on the ground. After that, she coldly said: “Since you don’t believe me, forget about it, simply break open the wall and go out.”

Long Yi looked at Xiao Yi, could it be that I am really being overly suspicious? Am I wrongly blaming her? But even if I want to, I can’t believe her so easily. My suspicion of Xiao Yi is by no means unreasonable. Why did she, a Prophecy Master, suddenly take the initiative to predict my future, moreover bringing me to such secret place? I also don’t understand, why I absolutely have to give my consent just to predict my future? With all these, I am afraid no-one will believe that she was doing this without any hidden objective.

Long Yi instantly thought innumerable thoughts in his mind. And even after seeing the attitude of Xiao Yi, he didn’t rashly press that switch, rather directly went to a stone platform, and immediately used spirit power to bind her.

“What do you want to do?” Xiao Yi suddenly discovered that she was tied up and couldn’t help but shouted in horror.

“Nothing, merely being a bit careful.” Long Yi smiled and said to her. After that embracing her neck with his one hand, he shot out true qi towards that bulging stone from his other hand.

That stone suddenly shrunk, and the magic door didn’t move even a bit, instead, all those constellations engraved on the walls shone, and rays of light shot down from the sky. And after hitting the transparent ceiling of this secret room, that radiance was immediately refracted towards one of the shining constellation engravings of this secret room’s wall. Then those rays of light were ceaselessly reflected. Moreover, these reflected rays didn’t disappear, rather weaved a large net in the entire secret room. If a person looked down at this room from the sky, then they could see that these rays of light unexpectedly formed a three-dimensional star pattern.

Long Yi instantly felt dizzy, that stone really wasn’t the switch to open the magic gate. Although he already cautious, but he had never expected this. This kind of mysterious phenomenon was simply unexpected.

Long Yi shook his head to come to his senses from this dizziness, however, he discovered that his eyelids were increasingly getting heavier, and his consciousness was also slowly fading away.

“Sleep, child, you are already very sleepy. Now you are lying on a soft big bed, sleep comfortably.” An ethereal sound resounded, ceaselessly reverberating in the ears of Long Yi.

Then eyelids of Long Yi slowly closed, and his consciousness also began to slowly sink into darkness. But just then, Long Yi’s left hand’s palm felt as if burned by fire, pulling back his consciousness from the darkness with a start.

“Hypnotism?” Long Yi exclaimed secretly in his heart, and his whole body soaked with cold sweat. Then he immediately used his spirit power to seal his six senses. After that, the feeling of dizziness really decreased by a lot, and at that time, he also felt that his body had become fatigued and weak without any strength. It seems something was being continuously pouring into his body. Now his body was paralyzed, and his sea of consciousness had also become empty. Moreover, he wasn’t able to feel any magic elements, so Long Yi roughly knew that he should be trapped in a strange magic formation.

Long Yi didn’t open his eyes, and under his control, the internal force within his dantian began to circulate rapidly and transmitting the true qi to all of his limbs and bones, he began to expel those strange things. Moreover, he constructed a solid barrier on the surface of his body. After that, his body slowly began to regain the consciousness.

Long Yi was relieved in his heart, sensing Xiao Yi had just struggled free from the binding of his spirit power and was motionlessly standing beside him.

“Long Yi, I don’t want to hurt you, merely want to borrow your body, nothing more.” Looking at Long Yi who seemed to be completely in a coma, Xiao Yi muttered.

“Borrow my body? Don’t tell me that she wants to borrow my sperm to give birth to a baby?” Long Yi was stunned in his heart. Did this girl make such a big activity only for this?

At this time, Xiao Yi patted the stone platform two times, then the stone platform unexpectedly split open. And Long Yi immediately fell down and landed on a soft big bed with a bang.

“Damn, is this for real, I was only thinking casually.” Long Yi took a deep breath in his heart.

Xiao Yi also came down and sitting on the bed beside Long Yi, she looked a little hesitant.

Feeling no movement from Xiao Yi for a long time, Long Yi slightly opened a small crack in his eyes, but just happened to see Xiao Yi looking towards him, so he immediately closed his eyes. Pretending to be asleep was not a challenge for him at all, as this however was the most basic training of his past incarnation’s Dragon Group.

Long Yi merely heard Xiao Yi softly sighing, then her little hands reached out to his chest and unexpectedly began to undress him.

“Not good, unexpectedly drugging and then raping me? Should I resist or continue to pretend asleep? Mhm, wait a minute, now I still don’t know what she wants.” Long Yi thought in his heart, and he was actually a little bit excited. His charm was so great that it was troublesome ah.

The undressing skill of Xiao Yi was somewhat clumsy. She took a long time to completely take off all the clothing from the upper body of Long Yi. And looking at Long Yi’s that vigorous and graceful male body, she blushed.

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“This big pervert, his body is pretty good.” Xiao Yi muttered making Long Yi feel proud of himself in his heart.

The eyes of Xiao Yi moved swiftly, sizing up the body of Long Yi. Although she knew that Long Yi was unconsciousness, she still acted like a thief. After a long while, Xiao Yi took a deep breath again, then her somewhat trembling little hands reached out towards the belt of Long Yi. Then untying it, she pulled down and took off Long Yi’s pants, leaving behind only skintight underpants. And that lump between his legs that was bulging towards west nearly made the heart of Xiao Yi to jump out. But since she had already reached to this state, Xiao Yi gritted her teeth and pressing on to the finish without letup, she pulled down the final cover of Long Yi. And that sturdy little brother immediately flaunt his talent and skill, making Xiao Yi feel embarrassed and she immediately covered her beautiful face then and there.

Long felt cool in the lower part of his body as he was shouting desperately in his heart, and especially when Xiao Yi had taken off his underpants, she accidentally touched his little brother, making him nearly rise up due to evil fire. Fortunately, he had received a special training, and he was able to immediately suppress that evil fire.

Xiao Yi covered her face for a while feeling shy, and finally she put her hands down, then gathering her courage, she concentrated her gaze at the lower part of Long Yi’s body and muttered: “Really embarrassing, why is men’s thing so ugly?”

Long Yi slightly opened his eyes again and saw Xiao Yi with red face standing up, then her little hand reached out to her robe’s belt and lightly pulling it, plain and white silk robe slipped to two sides, revealing thin silk bra inside……

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